A Complete Guide for Chevening Scholarship 2023/2024

The Chevening Scholarship is one of the most prestigious and recognised international scholarships. Besides offering fully-funded master’s degrees, this scholarship program presents a special chance for the upcoming group of young leaders, innovators, and decision-makers to establish ties with the UK that will strengthen throughout the development of their careers.

Chevening Scholarships, which are funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and affiliated organisations, are given to those with good academic qualifications and a track record of leadership. The scholarship provides complete financial assistance for master’s degree studies at any UK university that is eligible, as well as access to a variety of premium educational, professional, and cultural opportunities.

Since the program’s inception in 1983, Chevening has provided more than 50,000 exceptional experts with the chance to advance in the UK. For the academic year 2023/2024, there are more than 1,500 scholarships available worldwide, highlighting the UK’s continuous dedication to fostering the next generation of leaders.

I will share answers to frequently asked questions and all the necessary information you need to get started.

Source: gov.uk

Chevening Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Chevening scholarship and win, you must be eligible. Below are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Chevening scholarship.

  • Be a citizen of a nation or territory that qualifies for the fellowship.
  • Show that you have what it takes to advance to a position of influence and leadership.
  • Show the interpersonal, academic, and personal qualities that are indicative of this potential.
  • possess a minimum of two years’ worth of work experience.
  • Apply to three (3) different qualified UK university programs, and by July 13, 2023, accept an unconditional offer from one of those programs.
  • Be ready to go back to your home country at the completion of the scholarship program. This will be for a minimum of two years.
  • possess a postgraduate degree at the time of application (or comparable professional training or experience in a related field).
  • Meet all the qualifying conditions for fellowships relevant to a given program.
  • Not possess British citizenship or dual citizenship.
  • You are not a beneficiary of a UK government scholarship in the previous five years (including Chevening). After five years have passed since the completion of your first scholarship financed by the UK government, you will be qualified to submit an application for a Chevening Fellowship.

Find additional requirements for your preferred programme here.

Scholarship Summary

    • Degree Level: Master’s degree
    • Eligible Institution(s): UK Universities
    • Eligible Countries: The scholarships are intended for citizens of countries that are qualified for Chevening.
    • Host Country: United Kingdom
    • Courses Offered: Full-time taught Master’s Degree Program in any field. Check out the Chevening Course Guidance.
    • Program Period: One year max.
    • Chevening Scholarship Application Deadline: November 1, 2022

Scholarship Benefits

  • Fully paid University tuition fees.
  • A monthly allowance.
  • Air ticket to and from the UK.
  • Visa application fee.
  • A travel grant to attend Chevening events within the UK.
Source: greatbritishmag.co.uk

Application Timeline

After you have submitted your application, you are expected to wait at least eight months before the final selection of scholars. Below is the timeline for the Chevening scholarship application.

  • August 2, 2022: The application window opened
  • November 2, 2022: The application window closes
  • November 2022 – February 2023: Application assessment and shortlisting of qualified candidates.
  • February 28 2023 – April 29 2023: Interview of shortlisted candidates
  • June 2023: Announcement of scholarship result
  • October/November 2023: Successful candidates commence studies in the UK and fully become Chevening fellows.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Chevening Scholarship

Many Chevening scholarship applicants have a lot of questions on their minds. They want to know some answers to aid them to understand the application procedure better. I will answer some of the frequently asked questions about the Chevening scholarship below:

How Does the Chevening Scholarship Work?

This is a frequently asked question. When you apply, you will undergo a thorough screening process. The best candidates are then specially selected by British high commissioners and embassies around the world.

If you are selected, you will receive tuition or program costs, living expenses, and round-trip airfare to the UK as part of a fully-funded scholarship. Additionally, you will have access to special networking functions, seminars, lectures, internships, and volunteer opportunities, providing you with a broad exposure to working abroad.

What is Expected of a Chevening Scholar?

Chevening Scholars are expected to have the drive and ability to take on leadership roles. They must also have a proven track record of excelling in their countries to achieve prominence in a variety of disciplines.

Chevening Scholarships offer the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed at the highest levels while fostering long-lasting partnerships with the UK in the future. They are designed to enhance Britain’s diplomacy abroad. A Chevening Scholarship might be right for you if you’re an aspirational leader in the making and want to have the best possible postgraduate education to set you up for success.

Do I Need IELTS to Apply for a Chevening Scholarship?

The Chevening English proficiency requirement was dropped in. There is no English proficiency requirement for Chevening. However,  you must still fulfill all requirements set forth by the university of your choice.

What does Chevening Expect from My Work Experience?

Having a minimum of two years of work experience is one of the eligibility criteria to become a Chevening fellow.  It’s not required that the field of your job experience match the master’s program you are applying to. However, keep in mind that if the fields differ, you will have to justify your decision to change your career path.

Mentioning your work experience is enough for the application. There is no need to have a certification or proof of your work from the hiring/hired company. However, expect that you may receive questions about your work in case you reach the interview stage. 

Based on your mentioned working experiences, the system will automatically calculate your worked hours. Note that it’s not necessary to have the required hours of work in one workplace. You can accumulate the required minimum by combining all your previous experiences.

Source: chevening.org

Do I Need a First Class Degree to Apply?

Most people wonder if they need a first-class or t least a second-class upper to apply for a Chevening scholarship. This is because the requirement is for people with outstanding academic qualifications. If you don’t have a first-class or second-class upper degree, you can still apply. Granted, the Chevening scholarship is for people with good academic records. 

However, that is not the only requirement. If you can prove to the admissions board that you have leadership qualities and meet other requirements. This LinkedIn post tells the story of somebody who won the scholarship with a 2:2. It should allay your fears and inspire you.

Why Can’t I Use My Old Account from Last Year?

You will have to sign up as a new user once more. Account information from prior years is not retained by our online application system.

Should My Reference Letter have Official Letterhead?

No official letterhead is required for reference letters, but the British embassy or high commission may still get in touch with your referees to confirm their authenticity. Also, your references should be sent to the British high commission or embassy in your home country.

I Failed the Eligibility Questionnaire but I’m Eligible. What do I do?

You have three attempts to fill the eligibility form. If you are still unsuccessful after three trials, you will have to apply again the next year.

What Academic Documents are Required?

Provided it is an authentic document from your university that verifies your degree and grade, you can upload either your degree certificate or degree transcript. The original documents written in English are what is expected.

Can I Apply for the Chevening Scholarship with a Deferred Admission?

Yes, as long as the university offer is for a Chevening-eligible degree, you may apply to Chevening with a deferred university offer. In your Chevening application, you must still include three university courses, and by the deadline, you must have accepted an unconditional offer from one of them.

How Do I Know if My Application is Successfully Submitted?

You will need to log in to the online application system to see if your application has been submitted. Applications in ‘Submitted/Under Review’ have been successfully submitted. Applications in ‘In progress’ have not been submitted.

Can I work While on a Chevening Scholarship

As a Chevening Scholar, you are expected to prioritise your studies. However, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) recognises that having some job experience in the UK can be advantageous for your career and overall experience. 

In a case where you desire to work, you must make sure that any job you undertake complies with your visa’s requirements and won’t interfere with your academic work.

What if I Make a Mistake in My Application?

Your concern may still be resolved after the application window has ended if it relates to a problem that won’t prohibit you from submitting your application. Make sure to submit your application as soon as you can, and they will take care of your problem as quickly as we can.

Once you’ve completed your application, contact them with information on the necessary modifications. Note that these changes only affect personal information and do not affect your application’s content, such as your essays or course selections.

Do you want to apply? Read these tips on how to win a Chevening scholarship and apply here.


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