Affordable Universities in Europe to Study Medical Courses, Part 2


Many students from both within and outside of Europe are always in search of affordable medical universities as they have chosen to study their dream medical courses in Europe.

People who have been debating about attending one of these less expensive medical universities in Europe will learn more about these institutions here so they have a variety of possibilities. One may have a variety of opportunities as a result of studying in Europe. in summary, we throw light on affordable universities in Europe to study medical courses.

This is a continuation, you should go through part one, your dream school might just be there.

Affordable medical universities in Europe

Affordable medical universities in Estonia

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University: University of Tartu

The oldest, largest, and top-ranked university in Estonia is the University of Tartu (UT). It was first established as Academia Gustavia in 1632, during the reign of the Swedish Empire. It underwent several changes before becoming the University of Tartu (UT) in 1919.

The highest ranked university in Estonia is UT, which holds the 301st spot in the QS World University Ranking. There are buildings all across Tartu, including botanical gardens, museums, and other sports facilities.

Four large faculties—medicine, science and technology, arts and humanities, and medicine—make up this inexpensive university in Estonia. These faculties are affiliated with many schools and institutions.

Course:  Medicine

Tuition Fee: 12,000 EUR/year

Minimum Requirements:

  1.  Higher secondary education
  2. BMAT – The BioMedical Admissions Test. The next BMAT test will take place on October 18, 2022. The final registration deadline is September 30.
Clinical Nutrition (Masters)

Tuition Fee: 5,000 EUR/year

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in the field of health sciences.
  2. English language proficiency.

University: Tallinn University of Technology 

One of the top universities in Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), founded in 1918, is placed between 601 and 650th globally by the QS World University Ranking.

TalTech offers two branch colleges in the cities of Tartu and Kohtla-Järve in addition to its main campus in Tallinn. Business, engineering, information technology, and science are the four divisions of TalTech.

Course: Medical Engineering

Affordable medical universities in Latvia

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University: University of Latvia

Latvijas Universite, also known as the University of Latvia, is a public university in Riga, Latvia. It began as the Higher School of Latvia in 1919. Before receiving its current name in 1990, the university had undergone several other names.

The University of Latvia offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, math, optometry, business, economics, management, education, psychology, the arts, geography, earth sciences, history, philosophy, law, medicine, humanities, social sciences, theology, and computer science, in addition to other subjects.

Course : medicine, Dentistry


Medicine: 66938 EUR total and about 11550 EUR yearly

Dentistry: 75000 EUR total and 15000 EUR yearly

Minimum Requirements for Nigerians
  1. Senior School Certificate (WAEC or NECO) (with a result of pass for at least five subjects, including the mandatory English and Mathematics for the minimum result of 6) or;
  2. National Diploma + Higher National Diploma.

When applying for a Master’s programme, applicants have to present the following documents:

  1. Attestation of Results/Degree Certificate
  2. Transcript of records/ Academic transcript

The University of Latvia accepts students from the First and Second Division (upper class) only.

For students outside Nigeria, this will help.

University: University of Daugavpils

The University of Daugavpils, usually referred to as Daugavpils University, is a public university. It was founded as a teacher’s college in 1921. Currently, the campus is situated in Daugavpils, a city in southeast Latvia.

“Scientia Vinces,” which means “with knowledge you win,” is the school’s motto. These five faculties—Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Music & Arts, and Education & Management—show this kind of drive.

Course: Nursing

Tuition: About 2569Eur yearly

Minimum Entry requirement:

  1. Secondary school diploma/certificate and transcript of grades in original language and a notarized copy in English (applying for Bachelor’s degree). The document must be legalised.
  2. Bachelor’s degree diploma and its supplements in original language and a notarized copy in English (applying for Master’s degree). The document must be legalised.

Affordable medical universities in Lithuania 

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University: Klaipeda University

The multidisciplinary Klaipeda University provides a range of courses with concentrations in the arts, social sciences, engineering, and applied sciences. This makes it a top choice for many international students.

Courses: Nursing

University: Utenos Kolegija

This university in Lithuania also charges reasonable tuition. It is known as the Utena University of Applied Sciences and is situated in Utena. It was established in 2000 and provides the 14 study options listed below.

It offers higher education courses, the majority of which are focused on real-world applications and applied research. For students from outside the EU/EEA, the average annual tuition is 2,600 EUR, ranging from 2,300 EUR to 3,700 EUR.

Courses: Dental care, Nursing, Cosmetology, Dental technology 


Dental Care: 3840 Eur

Nursing: 3300 Eur

Dental Technology: 3840 Eur

Minimum Requirement

  • Foreigners who have no less than a high/secondary school graduation certificate authorized in Lithuania by the determinate order confirmed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania have the right to be admitted to the University.

Affordable medical universities in Greece

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University: University of Crete

Off the coast of the mainland, on the historical and culturally rich island of Crete, is where you’ll find the multidisciplinary research university known as the University of Crete. The university, which was established in 1973, is one of the most well-known colleges and universities in the nation.

Despite being relatively new, the university has developed into the best organization that is both globally renowned and frequently listed among the top 100 universities in the world. It now serves as the centre for education and keeps up a strong research edge.


At the University of Crete, there are currently NO tuition or bench fees for any registered undergraduate student.

Course : Medicine

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Two passport-sized photos
  2. The original school leaving certificate ratified by the competent educational authority of your home country
  3. A certificate of the total grade point average (GPA). This is the average grade point you obtained at upper secondary school in combination with the results you obtained at the entry examinations in your home country. Please, observe, that you must have a minimum grade point of 10 out of 20 according to the Greek grading system to be eligible for higher education studies in Greece.
  4. To learn how you would score in the Greek system, you may check the information about the Greek grading system or the European grades comparison chart.

All application procedures are highlighted here.

University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki also referred to as the University of Thessaloniki or the A.U.Th, was established in 1925. It is one of the top institutions of higher learning in the nation and is situated in Thessaloniki, a renowned city that also happens to be the second largest city in the nation.

The university maintains the rank for also being one of the largest universities in terms of student enrolment, with over 40,000 students enrolled in its academic programmes. Approximately 3000 of the students in this cohort are foreign-born.

Eleven schools of study make up the university’s academic profile, which is made up of 36 smaller departments.

Courses: Medicine, Dentistry

Tuition: About 700 EUR/year for foreigners.

Minimum Requirement

  • You can be eligible for higher education studies here if you have successfully finished upper secondary studies, hold a valid school leaving certificate, and are eligible for higher education studies in your home country. You must, however, demonstrate your proficiency in Greek as well as any other foreign languages you may have studied, such as English.

University: University of Patras

In 1964, the University of Patras was founded as a public institution of higher learning. The institution, which is located in the western Greek city of Patras, currently has over 35,000 students enrolled, making it the third-largest university in terms of population in the nation.

The university’s five schools make up its academic structure, which also includes departments for engineering, humanities and social sciences, economics and business, health rehabilitation science, and natural sciences. These schools have 24 sub-departments as well.

Despite its youth, this low-cost institution of higher learning in Greece has a strong reputation for academic excellence and has continuously been ranked among the top 200 institutions worldwide in fields like healthcare sciences.

Courses: Medicine, Pharmacy


Medicine: 998.78 EUR for international students

Pharmacy: 998.78 EUR for international students

Minimum Requirements

  1. A recognized secondary school certificate
  2. Minimum GPA (grade point average)
  3. English language certificate for English-taught Bachelors (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, C1 Advanced)
  4. Greek language certificate. Greek language proficiency is a requirement for all undergraduate students at Greek universities. To enrol in a Bachelor’s programme if you don’t understand Greek, you must complete a one-year preparation programme.

Affordable medical universities in Portugal

University: University of the Azores

Courses: Nursing

Tuition: 4 000 EUR yearly.


The University of the Azores accepts applications to its undergraduate programs/ integrated masters from non-European citizens who:

  1. a) hold a qualification giving access to Higher Education, meaning any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority in the country in which it was awarded;


  1. b) hold a diploma of Portuguese secondary school or equivalent degree, following Decree-Law 227/2005, of December 28, and applicable Orders.

Additionally, applicants must check the following a), b) and c) cumulative conditions:

  1. a) have specific academic qualifications in the areas of knowledge required for the cycle of studies they are applying for, that is, have admission exams carried out in the calendar year or the three calendar years before the application, which may be one of the following:
  2. admission exams established for the cycle of studies in question within the scope of the general access and admission regime (National Access Competition);
  3. homologous courses of the admission exams1;

iii. admission exams to foreign higher education recognized by the University of the Azores (ENEM, Vestibular, Gaokao, Unified Access Exam, Ser Bachiller, State Exam) or who have completed the International Baccalaureate – Diploma Program (DP);

  1. written exam(s) held at the University of the Azores, in the language in which the study cycle is taught, and incident on the subjects of the entrance exams established for the study cycle in question within the scope of the general access and admission regime;
  2. b) have a level of knowledge of Portuguese equivalent to level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR);
  3. c) meet the prerequisites established for each study cycle in the National Access Competition.

University: Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Politécnico de Leiria)

A public institution of higher education, The Polytechnic of Leiria (IPL) offers training programmes for undergraduate, master’s, and post-graduate, technology specialisation, and preparation for access to higher education levels.

It started operating in 1980 and has five campuses spread over the cities of Leira (School of Education and Social Sciences, School of Technology and Management, and School of Health Sciences), Caldas da Rainha (School of Fine Art and Design), and Peniche (School of Tourism and Maritime Technology).

IPL offers courses leading to undergraduate and graduates degrees in the following disciplines: art and design, law, education and communication, engineering and technology, tourism and health, and law studies.

Course: Nursing

Tuition Fee: 3000 EUR

Minimum Requirement

  1. Hold a secondary school leaving certificate that was taken within the last two years in the subjects needed for the course you want to enrol in;
  2. Complete any prerequisites the higher education institution has specified for the course you want to enrol in;
  3. Have an overall application score average that is at least as high as the minimum application score required by the higher education institution.

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