Athletic Scholarships for International Students in 2022

Athletic Scholarships for International Students in 2022

If you have a passion for sports and wish to pursue to a professional position, this composition is for you. All over the world, piecemeal from the fact that sports promote the general well-being of the mortal body, it’s also a fact that it promotes fellowship amongst different personalities anyhow of gender, race, religion, or what have you. It’s true some are natural; still, it’s also true that some get trained and get really good at it with or without any in-born gift.

 According to World Athletics, the sport’s governing body defines callisthenics in six disciplines. They’re track and field, road handling, race walking, cross country running, mountain handling, and trail handling. 

 As at 2021, there’s a rough estimate of about 200 sports that are honored internationally through a transnational governing body. Some of these calisthenics include Soccer/ Football, Badminton, Field Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Table Tennis, etc. There are different governing bodies overseeing each of the sports worldwide. 

 Athletic Scholarship 

An athletic education is a type of education to attend a council, university or a private high academy awarded grounded generally on the existent’s capability to play in a sport. Athletic literacy are common in the United States and also to some extent, Canada.

 Student – Athletes can and do share in study abroad programs to gain global gests . Study abroad provides scholars the occasion to expand their midairs beyond the playing field.

 Some undergraduate courses include 

  • B.Sc in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports lores. 
  • Bachelorette of Physical education. 
  • Bachelorette of trades( BA) in Sports Management. 
  • B.Sc( Hons) in Sports Science. 
  • B.Sc in Sports and Recreation Management. 
  • Bachelorette of Sports Management( BSM) 

 Unlike other European countries, the United Kingdom is known to help realize numerous youthful individualities’ dreams of being athletes with their multitudinous education openings. numerous pupil- athletes also use sports literacy agencies similar as ASM Scholarship to help them gain a sports education. 

 Notable among similar seminaries in The United Kingdom include Certain universities have a strong emphasis on sport, including Loughborough University, University of Bath, Durham University and Richmond, The American International University in London. Some universities may also make bursaries available for top scholars. 

It’s also a known fact that there have been misconceptions that Canadian seminaries don’t offer athletic education openings for scholars. It’s satisfying to discover this isn’t true. In fact, the academic norms for scholars in the United States are lower, which leaves numerous Canadian scholars returning to Canada to take the redundant courses. 

 It’s veritably satisfying to discover that piecemeal from the United States and the United Kingdom, there are several European countries offering athletic education openings to their scholars. As a pupil from any part of the world, you can apply to join the moving train before the end of 2022 with the aid of these education openings. 

Macquarie University, Australia

 This program is open to all transnational scholars interested in bearing a bachelorette’s degree in the university. The Macquarie University was innovated in the time 1964. Its a public exploration university in Sydney, Australia. The university is also popular for its first- class installations. 

This occasion is presently open for campaigners who want to study in the university. The course can be taken online while the award can be entered in Australia. It’s also important for campaigners to negotiate the English language conditions of the university. For more information in for this scholarship, click here

Source: Scholarship Position

University of the West of England, UK 

The University of the West of England, UK is a public exploration university that ranked among the top 25 advanced education institutions in England for its graduate employment prospects. It was established as a academy in 1595. The academy provides numerous backing openings for both original and transnational scholars.

 The program can be taken in the United Kingdom with the mode of tutoring being in English language. In addition, the educational bursary will give a 30 reduction on the education freights and also a comprehensive performance sports support package. 

 Operation is presently open for the 2022/2023 academic session. campaigners of any nation can apply. Click then for further information on applying for the International Sports Scholarships at the University of the West of England, UK.

  • Source: University of the West of England


FIFA exploration Scholarships 

 This entitlement is meant to support football- related exploration which is awarded to scholars, experimenters combined with the institution. No matter where you’re presently in the world, you can apply for this education. The education is for exploration at the International Centre for Sports Studies(CIES) in Switzerland. campaigners can log on to the website of the International Centre for Sports Studies for further information. Source: Shutterstock

 BigSun Scholarship 

This education is handed by BigSun Athletics with the end of helping youthful athletes exceed in their career. This education aims to render help to youthful athletes in their academic pursuit. Anyhow of the type of sport being played by each pupil- athlete, you can apply. 

 The education is available only in the United States and the devisee is awarded several hundreds of bones to help with his or her studies.

 To apply, all that’s demanded to be done is to write and submit a short essay. For further information about the education, visit the sanctioned website of BigSun Athletics. 

Trinity Sports Scholarships 

The Trinity Sports Scholarship is handed by Trinity College of Dublin to pupil- athletes who Excel in both sports and academics. To be eligible for this education award, campaigners have to retain exceptional athletic capability as well as meet minimal admission conditions. 

 NOTE: Scholars can only apply for the education after being admitted to the Trinity College, Dublin. There are different orders of sports literacy give by the council. For further information, visit the official website.

University of Liverpool Elite Athletic Scheme

This scholarship scheme is sponsored by the University of Liverpool to nurture talented young student-athletes. This scholarship, just like others is open to local and foreign students. To be eligible for this scholarship, student-athletes have to show that they possess the ability to compete in sports and also meet the admission requirements of the university. For more information about the scholarship award, visit the official website of the University of Liverpool.

Sports Unlimited Scholarships

This scholarship is provided by Sports Unlimited Incorporation based in the United States. It aims to empower students through higher education. Selection for this scholarship is based on the essays provided by the student-athletes. The scholarship grant covers tuition fees, books, room and board. For more information, visit the official website of Sports Unlimited Inc.

University of Kent Sports Scholarships

This scholarship is offered to both make and female genders. Scholarship holders have to represent the school at sports competitions. The scholarship isn’t limited to Undergraduates, as Postgraduate students can also benefit immensely from it. The scholarship grant covers funds to cover equipment and other related costs. In addition, scholarship awardees are also provided with free Kent sports membership, supervised workouts, fitness testing and programs. For more information, visit the official website of the University of Kent.

Source: Thomas Smith

Walter Byres Scholarship

Organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the scholarship is awarded to one male and one female beneficiary respectively who has shown outstanding academic achievement. To be eligible for this scholarship, student-athletes have to attain a minimum grade point average in Undergraduate studies, be a graduating senior of an NCAA member institute, be a member of the varsity team and also have the ambition and zeal to apply for graduate studies. For more information, visit the official website of the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA).

Source: Walter Byres Scholarship

Boston University Athletic Scholarships

Just like most of the scholarship grants aforementioned, it is awarded every year to student-athletes who have proved they are unrelenting and focused and are admitted to Boston university for their undergraduate programs. The scholarships are awarded with due consideration of the regulations of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). The scholarship awards range from several hundreds of dollars to full tuition fee coverage. For more information, visit the official website of Boston University.

Some Postgraduate Sport Courses Abroad

At the beginning of this article, I made mention of some undergraduate courses you could apply for in some schools abroad. Below are some Postgraduate courses as well, if you are looking to proceed with your Msc program in any sport course. They include:

– Master of Science in Exercise Science

– Master of Management in Sport Management

– Master of Strength and Conditioning

– Master of Sport management

– Master of Sports Medicine

– MSc Sport Management

– Masters in Athletic Training

– Master of Science in Exercise Science – Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, etc

The truth is there are a variety of courses you can pick depending on your field of interest.

Steps Student – Athletes can Take When Applying for a Sports Scholarship Abroad

  1. Find out all you need for your admission.
  2. Search for ongoing scholarship grants (thankfully, this article has highlighted some ongoing ones).
  3. Consider options without bias against universities.
  4. Find out the details of the application and the full list of documents at the college that provides the scholarship.
  5. Be punctual and prompt in responding to letters and requests from the university and coach, don’t stall.

Overall, it is important to have an outstanding academic and athletic performance in order to impress your university coaches. Plus it would pave many ways for you as a budding athlete. Competition for sports scholarships is presently on the high side, therefore, do not take this opportunity for granted, maximize it to the fullest.

If you are looking to study abroad, these scholarship opportunities are still available. Make hay while the sun shines.

If you have other questions you need answers to as regards athletic scholarship opportunities abroad, don’t hesitate to ask, answers would be provided. Good luck!

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