Japa for work: Best Countries with Job Opportunities for Nigerians.


Many Nigerians want to relocate as soon as possible but are limited by uncertainties. It’s difficult to “japa” if you’re unsure of how you’ll meet your daily needs in a foreign country. This is why it’s critical to be aware of the best countries with job opportunities for international workers. Where there is a high demand for skilled workers, there is financial security and hope for a better life. There are many countries that offer meaningful work opportunities to foreigners. This is because they face large and persistent skill shortages within a range of mid-skill professions. This is an opportunity that the youth population in Nigeria can take advantage of as soon as possible!

Five countries with job opportunities for foreigners


Canada is a great place to live and work. It is ranked second in the world, behind Germany, in terms of overall sustainability, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, economic influence, and, most importantly, quality of life, out of 60 countries. Not only does Canada have dependable financial networks and banking systems, but it also has a lower unemployment rate than most countries, particularly among young people. Workers are provided with adequate healthcare, paid holidays, and paid leave, including maternal and even paternal leave! There’s so much to enjoy in Canada. There are many ways to move to Canada, but in order to get a job in Canada, you’d need to have a really good resume, be fluent in English or French, have relevant work experience, and have a work visa.

Jobs in Canada for foreigners without work experience

Even if you do not have work experience or even a university degree, you can still find job opportunities! Here are some jobs in Canada for foreigners without work experience: Cashier: You can live and work in Canada as a cashier and earn between $29,441 and $34,701 per year. Usually, a cashier job requires individuals who are team players with good communication skills and are able to handle customers and cash, assist customers, and support the promotions department. Room Attendant: A room attendant is responsible for cleaning all guest rooms as well as the room attendant carts, service areas, and closets. A typical room attendant in Canada earns about $25,867-$35,526 yearly. On-the-job training can also be provided. Care Giver: Here, on-the-job training is also provided by most companies. A caregiver earns between $27,300 and $34,125 per year. They usually give support to seniors in the comfort of their homes and help them face the challenges of ageing with dignity, care, and compassion. A caregiver needs to have a valid driver’s license, be able to communicate in English or French, and have a clean police record.

Jobs in Canada for international professionals

International citizens and expatriates can find many employment opportunities in Canada thanks to its booming job market. Here are some of the industries with high demand for skilled workers in Canada: Healthcare Jobs: If you want to japa to Canada as a nurse or a doctor, you’re in luck because the country has a lot of healthcare jobs that need to be filled. These jobs are not just for doctors and nurses, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Respiratory Therapists and Cardiology Technologists all have a shot in this great country.  IT Jobs for Foreigners in Canada: These days, you can find IT jobs just about anywhere in the world. And Canada is no exception. If you’re experienced in software engineering, you can work in any industry. Product managers also have great opportunities available for them here. Engineering Jobs for Foreigners in Canada: As older engineers retire, they leave a gap for younger engineers to fill. This also includes international workers with a degree in engineering! There’s a specific demand for chemical, geological, aerospace, and petroleum engineers.

United Kingdom

It’s no surprise that the UK is one of the countries with the most job opportunities for foreign workers. Not only does it boast diverse job sectors and a bubbling economy, but its good working conditions and diverse international communities make working in the UK even more appealing. Earning in pounds is also a huge incentive. Even if you’re earning an average salary, you’re still guaranteed to have a better quality of life and earn more than you could back home. Also, when you work in the UK for at least five years, you can apply for UK permanent residency. You can also receive free medical and educational services. Before you can apply for a work permit in the UK, you’d have to receive an offer of employment from your employer, possess a Certificate of Sponsorship, and pass the point-based assessment.

Jobs in the UK for foreigners without work experience

Fundraiser: Fundraisers work with charities to get new and potential supporters to raise money while maintaining and developing relationships with existing supporters. The annual salary is £23,458. House Maid/Cleaner: The average housemaid/cleaner in the UK is paid £20,475 per year or £10.50 per hour. You can easily get such jobs if you have a pleasant personality and good communication skills. Driver: Drivers earn £28,454 per year or £14.59 per hour. There’s a need for truck drivers in the UK. So if you have experience driving trucks, it might come in handy here. You’d have to get the necessary driving permits before applying for the job.

Jobs in the UK for international professionals

There are currently shortages in the following sectors in the UK: Business services: analysts, market researchers, HR officers Construction: surveyors, planners, and project managers Education: primary and secondary school teachers (particularly maths teachers) Engineering: Electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers, civil engineers, and product and process engineers are all examples of engineers. Healthcare: nurses, medical radiographers, and paediatricians Hospitality-baristas, chefs IT: cyber security analysts, SEO marketers, software developers, and systems engineers. Social care: counsellors, social workers You might need to know what the equivalent of your qualifications from home is in the UK before you can apply for jobs. You can do that by checking the UK NARIC site.


If you didn’t have to learn German to work in Germany, it would have been at the top of our list of the best countries with job opportunities for foreign workers. If you look past the language barrier, you’d be looking at one of the biggest economies in the world with more than 500,000 job vacancies. For skilled workers or career starters from non-EU countries, it is fairly easy to migrate to Germany – as long as you speak German at level B1. Workers are paid above the minimum income they need to cover a minimum level of living.

Jobs in Germany for international professionals

Doctors, carers and nursing professionals: Because of well-trained personnel in healthcare and nursing professions, Germany has a stable healthcare system. That is why hospitals, home care services, and nursing facilities are always looking for qualified professionals. Nurses typically earn approximately 2,900 EUR per month, while doctors earn approximately 5,600 EUR per month. Engineers: Many companies in Germany are looking for competent engineers. This is because the use of digital technologies has exposed a wide range of new perspectives in engineering. An engineer working in Germany usually earns 3,220 EUR per month. IT Specialists: If you work in IT, this is a great opportunity for you. Thousands of new jobs are offered every year in the IT industry. Therefore, experienced or freshly trained IT specialists are always in demand. Skilled crafts and trades: Do you enjoy building, electronics, clothing, or graphic design? Well, you’re in luck because these small and medium-sized businesses make up Germany’s economic engine. There are a lot of sectors in trade, and diversity increases the demand.


Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in Europe. I would simply call it an “ideal” country to live and work in. Not only does Switzerland have exceptional national performance metrics, it also boasts numerous multinational companies which are recruiting heavily for their open positions in the country. This makes Switzerland one of the best countries with job opportunities that you can look into as an international worker. Salaries in Switzerland are the highest not just among EU countries but anywhere in the world. The gross median Swiss wage in 2018 was CHF 6,538. This is roughly equivalent to 2.8 million naira. It would be helpful to note that German is the main language here, and even though English is frequently spoken in the workplace, you’ll still be expected to have a good grasp of German, French, or Italian depending on where you work.

Jobs in Switzerland for international professionals

Craft, Construction, & Engineering: Technical professions, along with craftsmen and construction specialists, are among the most sought-after occupations in Switzerland. They are in demand, and there are many vacancies available to prove that. IT, finance, and pharmaceuticals (service sector): This sector employs the greatest number of people in Switzerland. They require highly trained professionals with a great work ethic. Accountants/financial jobs: such as auditors, accountants, financial analysts Cleaning and housekeeping staff Professionals with advanced degrees: such as project managers, lawyers, notaries, and researchers Health: Nurses and Doctors are in high demand in Switzerland. Foreign workers are welcome to seek employment there.


The final country on our list is a vibrant and prominent business centre situated in the heart of Asia. It’s filled with opportunities and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best countries with job opportunities for people looking for an overseas career. There are plenty of job opportunities for experienced professionals in information technology, healthcare, financial services, etc. The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Singapore Companies in Singapore are also willing to hire overseas talent and are ready to pay high wages and provide attractive perks to the right candidate. Skill is the game and you have to be willing to play. With low taxes, an easy process for work permits and attractive job opportunities, Singapore is simply an opportunity hub and you should not sleep on it.

Jobs in Singapore for international professionals

Financial Jobs: This is a business centre, and as businesses continue to grow and as new jobs are created, the need for financial professionals becomes greater. Financial advisers, directors, controllers, and officers can all find high-paying jobs in Singapore. Healthcare Jobs: Healthcare professionals are in high demand in Singapore, and with high demand comes lucrative salaries. Also, the biomedical industry is expanding so fast that many Singaporean companies even hire less-experienced workers and train them to meet their specific needs. IT Jobs: A $15,000 monthly salary is possible for an IT director with 10 to 15 years of experience. A $12,000 monthly salary is possible for an IT security manager with 8 to 10 years of experience. Even with only three years of experience, an app developer can start earning $6,500 per month. Engineering Jobs: Engineers with experience can earn as much as $9,500 per month. That equates to approximately 3.9 million naira. Also, engineering directors can find work in a variety of industries, with the aerospace and chemical sectors being two of the most popular.

Final Notes.

The countries with job opportunities for Nigerians may not be the most popular options, but they certainly offer a lot more than you might think. If you want to Japa soon, do more research on the best countries with job opportunities in this article, and I guarantee you’ll find the opportunity you’re looking for. I’ll be watching for your feedback, so please feel free to ask any questions. Best wishes on your relocation journey.

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