Best Destinations for Affordable Vacation in Europe

You can have an affordable vacation in Europe. You don’t have to wait to make a lot of money to be able to afford a vacation in Europe. Taking a vacation when you can is really important for your well-being. You get to rest and have time for yourself. It is even better if you travel abroad for a vacation. If you are wondering how to afford European vacations or if you can ever take them, this article is for you. In this article, I share the best affordable European destinations for vacation. These destinations are budget-friendly and with proper planning, you can afford to take a vacation in Europe without breaking the bank.

Affordable European Vacation Destinations

Europe is a fantastic travel destination since there is so much diversity, temperature variation, and culture to discover. Another advantage is that travelling from one location to another usually takes no more than a few hours because everything is very close to one another! However, some destinations in Europe are more expensive than others. Below, in no particular order, is a list of affordable European vacation destinations.

Budapest, Hungary: 

Budapest is by far one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe, as it relies heavily on tourism to generate revenue. Everything is reasonably priced, so you won’t be shocked at the price of a dinner, or anything else for that matter. Of course, some locations are fancier than others, but you can afford not to go to those places and still have as much fun! Many lodges in Budapest have affiliations with locations like spas, boat parties, and bar crawls, so if you volunteer, you’re likely to get a significant discount or maybe get to go for free! Hungary is definitely a destination you should consider for an affordable vacation in Europe.


Porto, Portugal

This low-cost Portuguese location is becoming incredibly popular, so go while it’s still affordable. You can currently catch the train from Porto to Lisbon for as little as 27.74 one way. When you arrive in Porto, you’ll be pleased to learn that several of the city’s best sites, including the Dom Luis I Bridge, the Porto Cathedral, and the Crystal Palace Gardens, are free to see. The city has inviting waterways, magnificent colourful buildings, and a pleasant ambience, making it feel like a luxury yet without the exorbitant price tag.

Overall, it’s a fantastic balance of fun and relaxation. It doesn’t really matter what you choose; you’ll have a nice time either way. The best part is that you won’t have to give up any of your fun when on a budget, making it one of the best destinations for affordable vacations in Europe.

Prague, Czech Republic

You won’t have to spend much money to enjoy Prague. Many of the city’s most prominent sights, like Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, and Petrin Hill, are free to visit. There are dozens of solid three- and four-star hotels at very affordable rates. Furthermore, the city is noted for being one of the cheapest places in Europe to drink, with wine and beer averaging a couple of bucks per beverage at most cafés.

Zagreb, Croatia

This destination is an enticing, low-cost trip because the majority of its best attractions are easily accessible and pleasant on foot. In fact, you’ll only need to walk roughly a half-mile to see the Zagreb Cathedral, Lotrscak Tower, and Stone Gate, three of the city’s most important sights. Dolac Market, a big market in the city centre, is a great place to find cheap food. If you appreciate visiting unusual sites, make time to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships, which honours and documents breakups from around the world. The museum’s admission charge is only roughly €5. Zagreb is undoubtedly one of the destinations for affordable vacations in Europe.


Athens, Greece

For a low price, you can get delicious Greek salad, fresh seafood, and small plates. These discounts will leave you with plenty of money for lodgings.  Furthermore, because all of the city’s major attractions are less than a mile apart, walking will save you a lot of money on public transport. All you have to do is take a short walk to tour the city’s finest areas and locations without spending a dime on transportation.

Seville, Spain

Although it is one of Spain’s largest cities, Seville is reasonably affordable. Admission fees to top monuments such as Real Alcázar, the Catedral de Sevilla, and the Museo de Bellas Artes are ridiculously low: you can visit all three for less than 25. And because Seville is so walkable, you’ll rarely need to use public transportation. You should consider this Spanish city if you like to visit museums and take walks. It has proven to be among the destinations for affordable vacations in Europe.

Grenada, Spain

Granada is not as easily accessible as the other destinations, but its affordability and grandeur make the trip worthwhile. Aside from the Alhambra, the city’s greatest attractions are all free to explore and tour. The majority of these sites, including the lovely Albaicin district and the Plaza de San Nicolas, are all within walking distance of one another. If you do need to take the bus, keep in mind that a one-way ticket costs roughly 2.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana has attractive streets, historical buildings, and scenic green spaces of bigger Eastern European cities, but for a fraction of the price. Hotel costs in this Slovenian city are lower in the spring and fall, while sites such as the Dragon Bridge and Prešeren Square are free to explore all year. Plan on getting a Ljubljana Card to view more popular landmarks such as Ljubljana Castle and the House of Illusions. The pass costs less than 32 and includes admission to more than 20 attractions, 24-hour Wi-Fi access, city bus trips, a guided walking tour, a four-hour bike rental, and a river cruise. 

Galway, Ireland

The best times to visit Galway are in the spring and fall, when you can avoid the summer crowds and cold weather. In this little Irish city, free cultural attractions abound, so you can see must-see monuments like St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church and Galway City Museum without spending a dime. A visit to Galway, however, would be completed without enjoying the area’s natural beauties. While Connemara National Park is free to visit, getting to the Aran Islands and seeing the Cliffs of Moher will cost you a few euros.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, which overlooks the Baltic Sea, entices visitors to Estonia with its lovely ambience and historical monuments. Begin by strolling through the capital’s Old Town, which is teeming with cobblestone streets, old-world architecture, and all manner of medieval delights. Then, have a look around the city’s museums, which cover everything from naval history to the KGB. If you intend to visit numerous museums, consider getting a Tallinn Card. The cards vary in length and cost – the longest option of 72 hours costing around  €55 – and offer access to museums and public transit, as well as discounts on excursions, shops, and restaurants.


How to Afford European Vacations

Now that you know affordable vacation destinations in Europe, it is also important to know how to afford them. Below are tips on how to afford European vacations.

  • Save Money for Vacation:

You can’t truly enjoy a vacation if you have to come home and spend weeks paying for it; also, while on the trip, you’ll most certainly be stressing over money. You can truly relax and enjoy spending your money if you have it all paid off ahead of time. The best way to go about it is to save money for the vacation. You can go as far as opening a vacation savings account. Pay into this account on a regular basis in the same way as you would any other expense. While this is an investment that may have to be cut during difficult times, it is tremendously pleasant to witness the results of frequent payments to a vacation account. Also, this way, you will not have to stress about money during your vacation because you have saved up specifically for it.

  • Search for bargains and discounts: 

Always search for bargains when planning a European vacation. Off-season travel is fantastic, and by avoiding flying during high season, you can save over 40%. Check for cheaper flights and cheaper hotel accommodation. You may also need to opt for travel products and services that are at a discount. 

  • Avoid big and popular cities

Things are more expensive in big cities like London and Paris. Food, hotel, attractions, transport, and so on. In smaller cities, you may visit excellent attractions for less money, dine affordably, and stay in modest accommodations or hotels for considerably less than hotels in larger cities—plus you’ll truly immerse yourself in the culture.  You won’t miss the bustling of the big city when you’re viewing the sunset from the walls of a château while sipping a bottle of wine.

  • Travel off-season: 

It should come as no surprise that travelling to these destinations in the summertime is usually more expensive. What makes travel expensive is usually the number of tourists present. It’s a simple case of demand and supply. Because tourists are willing to pay, therefore prices are raised. You’re guaranteed to save a lot of money if you’re clever about when you book and how you travel.

There you have the list of some of the best destinations for affordable vacations in Europe. It is up to you to save, make plans and pack your bags and enjoy Europe on a budget!

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