Best Football Cities In Europe

Europe is a football crazy continent. The love for football in Europe can be compared to how Americans love Soccer. The hype around football in Europe is fever pitch and it spreads all across the continents from form the biggest countries to the smallest of them. 

There are football crazy cities that stand out in Europe. Their fans show enormous passion and support for their team. 


Marseille is home to French Ligue 1 side Olympique De Marseille. The Magnificent Stade Vélodrome hosts the team. Marseille is a city located close to the mediterranean sea in southern France with a population of over 2 million people. It is the third-largest city in France. The city is also renowned for its research industry and commercial port that provide over 50000 jobs. The locals pride themselves in being a one-club city and the fact that they are the only French club to win the UCL is another thing of pride for them. If you walk on the street of Marseille and discuss football with a few locals there, you will often hear this expression.

“ A Jamais les premiers” (forever the first)

Marseille unites the whole City. It regulates the atmosphere of the city. It is their identity. 

The Stade Velodrome called the Temple is a 67000 capacity stadium in history and for 90 minutes every matchday the city standstill to herald their own. 

Marseilles provides serene weather, with a solid choice of french cuisine and a gorgeous coastline. The city is an underrated city that should be on the bucket list of every football tourist. 

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Dortmund is the third-largest in North-Rhine Westphalia after Koln and Dusseldorf. Dortmund used to be known for its production of steel and coal. The city is also home to the German Football Museum where you see the great moments in German football history. 

In the last decade, conversations about the city have been heavily influenced by the progress made by Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund is home to over 70000 people. 

The City is known for its cultural heritage with historical buildings spicing up the city’s cultural history. Borussia Dortmund enjoys a lot of support from the locals. The Signa Iduna park is almost filled to the brain every matchday, for a stadium that boasts of a capacity of 80,645 (largest in Germany) that is a huge number.

If you are looking for a football city to visit as a tourist for football reasons, Borussia Dortmund should be high on your bucket list.

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Madrid is home to four la Liga clubs. The most popular of them are Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. They also host other sports teams, including the Real Madrid basketball section and Estudiantes. The city hosted the final phase of the 1986 and 2014 editions of the basketball world cup. The city is immersed in sports, and a mention of Madrid to hearing of anyone who is a football fan immediately triggers memories of the exploits of Madrid. 

Famed as one of the oldest capital cities in the west. It is a popular site for tourists. Madrid is a haven for international students with 14 universities spread across the city, so if you love football ad you want to study in Spain, Madrid could be your best bet. 

On nights when Madrid’s two biggest clubs clash, the city stands still with numerous activities leading up to and after the game. 

Madrid is also famous for having the biggest bullring in the country ‘las ventas’ It is known as the cornerstone of the Spanish bullfighting tradition. It is the third-biggest bullring in the world and has a capacity of over 2300 people. 

Wanda Metropolitano (Atlético Madrid) is one of the most modern stadiums in Europe

Hemingway describes Madrid as the Spanish city in Spain, and that assertion aptly describes Madrid. Madrid is one of the best football cities in Europe. 

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Milan is a city that breathes football. It is home to two of Italy’s famous clubs. Inter and AC Milan. The energy of the fans is unrivalled in Italy and with an absolute giant stadium shared by the two clubs in the city, you can only imagine how deep the rivalry between the two clubs will be. The rivalry is multilayered, with political and social elements that only add to the discord between the two sides. The two clubs started as one before a disagreement in 1908 led to the formation of Inter Milan. 

The Derby Della Madonna, Milan’s rich football history, makes it one of the best places to visit. 

Inter Milan has won the Serie A title 19 times, while AC Milan has done so 19 times. AC Milan has the European cup 7 times to Inter’s 3.

Inter have won the UEFA cup, whilst AC Milan has none.

Milan is one of the best football cities to visit. 


A city spanning two Millenium and of the world’s greatest cities. London is home to more than 17 professional clubs. The most popular ones are Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea. London is a grisly city that intrigues and delights tourists.  The love for football is seen in young, old, men, women and anyone in London. Football overshadows every other sport in London, football is the main course meal. The sports pages are dominated by football stories. Depending on the result of each game, fans either go home happy or dismayed. Life goes on till the next match day. There is hardly a night during a football season that a football match won’t be played in London. 

The pubs in London are also a good place to watch a match, as they have scenery that makes you feel like you are right in the midst of the action. It is safe to say that London is the football capital of the world.

Interest in football can also help you understand a country better, as the local clubs are often integrated into the city’s fabric. In a diverse continent like Europe, the culture is reflected in the day-to-day interaction of football faithful as they jostle to show how passionate they are. 

If you are relocating to Europe as a student, content creator, scout or on an official engagement that requires you to be in a football-crazy city that relates to football that requires you to be in Europe then this article will be helpful to you.

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