Best Places to Live in Canada in 2022

The best places to live in Canada is a frequently asked question. There are many exciting things about living in the country, of Canada. Some places have become the choicest and best cities in Canada, attracting many visitors and migrants. We have categorized some cities as the best places to live in Canada looking at the cost of things there, tourist attractions, etc.

Canada is one of the countries on the world map today. The Canadian government in recent years has built a sustainable economy that has fostered enormous growth. These are some reasons you may have seen people choosing to migrate to Canada. Have you begun considering relocating to Canada too? Then you’re on the right page.

Where is the Best Place to Live in Canada?

Ontario is currently one of the best places to live in Canada in 2022. The list of best places to live in Canada has been keenly selected considering low crime rates, affordability, tourist attractions, and proximity to town/locations and elitist environments.

Places With Minimal Crime Rate in Canada

A part of Ontario has a very minimal crime rate. Stony Creek, Southern Ontario is relative without crime rates. Let us not forget that this is where the Canadian depot is and cadets are trained. So, it can count as protection to that environment because that is the base of the Hamilton-Niagara detachment.

Living around Sussex can assure you of security since that is the environment of the Prime minister. While the Canadian government is working towards effective security, living in elitist environments such as this, will assure you of a little safety. Armen men would have a consideration to do before deciding to attack environments like this.


Ottawa is also relatively safe because of the official Governor General’s residence in Rideau Hall. If you also want to go extreme or for maximal security, then you can go for Canadian Army bases like Alberta in Western Canada.

Canada is a beautiful city, attracting quite a several people. It is then not wrong to expect fraudulent activities like every other city. You can also be assured that the country is working hard to fight crime. Security agencies are well equipped in their different areas of responsibility for this course. However, some places will be more secure than others.

The crime rate in Canada as of 2017 had a 34% reduction since 1998. The Correctional Service of Canada is successful in its attempt to reduce the crime rate and register offenders in federal custody.

Canada offers an unmatched advantage. See the average cost of living in Canada here.

Best Places to Live Near Tourist Attractions

There are parks and conservation areas in Stony Creek that make living there more attractive. Living in an environment like this is as though you are living in the heart of town. It exposes you to the beauty, that is Canada.

If you’re a natural environment kind of person, there is an absolutely lovely park in Quebec City. Whether you’re going on a visit or completely relocating, you might want to visit La Taiga Trail, Forillon National Park, Québec.


British Columbia also has a tourist attraction. Is that your fancy? Then you might want to live around Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites in British Columbia.

One interesting thing about living in this part of British Columbia is that asides from the National Historic Sites, there are other advantages. The ecosystem here is very plant-friendly. So, imagine living in an environment as a lover of agriculture and you can easily cultivate every kind of plant you want for feeding.

Still, in British Columbia, you can easily enjoy the excitement that comes with living around more national parks. So, there is Paget Fire Lookout Trail, Yoho National Park in British Columbia. Here, you are very close to experiencing sky-bathing and forest-bathing as often as you want. Do you want to know more about hiking in Yoho National Park? Here you go, it has been made very easy for you.

Also, there is the Wapusk National Park. Do you want to stay close to an ecosystem that harbours wildlife? At Wapusk national park, there are a variety of mammals, birds, and outdoor spaces for Aerial tours. This is near the northern Manitoba community of Churchill. You might want to consider living around here for that attraction.

Laval is an interesting option. It comes off as not only a place with attractions but also meets the criteria for one of the cheapest places to live in Canada. It is part of the Greater Montreal Area. Laval is on Île Jésus, on the Prairies River.

In case you are wondering what other cause for attraction there is to Laval, don’t overthink it. Laval has waterfront trails. Laval also has a Nature Center with gardens, ponds, and farm animals. The University of Montreal is here and of course, as an ancient city, there are historical buildings too.

In Atlantic Canada, there is a golf course in Fundy National Park. If having a balcony overlooking a golf course must be pretty nice, then, why not? You can have a view of the hundreds of people visiting Canada for reasons like this. There are just too many tourist attractions that you can locate to build your tent in Canada.

What is the Most Affordable Place to Live in Canada?

Some of the best places to live in Canada in terms of affordability are Quebec City and Ottawa. In the city of Ottawa precisely, the government has launched 374 affordable housing units. Considering the cost of housing, British Columbia and Ontario are very expensive places to live in Canada.

In Quebec, you have an opportunity to choose from a variety of cheap options to settle. Sherbrooke is described as the cheapest place to live in Canada by Numbeo considering the cost of taxation and other parameters. Sherbrooke is in Southern Quebec City.

Laval in Quebec City is also one of the most affordable places to live in Canada. The overall cost of living for single people is $965.94 as against $66,070 for an average income. There is also a not-so-large population and the environment is driven by technological, pharmaceutical, and other occupations. It is over 50% lower in rent than in Toronto.

Saint John in New Brunswick is also one of the most affordable places to live in Canada. While Toronto is on average cheaper in cost of living, the cost of housing in Saint John is over 60% lower than in Toronto.

In Eastern Canada, there is Halifax. Halifax on the other hand is in Nova Scotia. It is one of the cheapest places for feeding in Canada. Although grocery shopping costs a little more, the cost of feeding generally is very affordable in Halifax. You should also know that housing here is not exactly on the low side.

Alberta province has also been categorized as one of the cheapest places to live in Canada. Lethbridge precisely is a much more affordable option of places in Canada. Lethbridge is one of the most affordable places to live in Canada because the cost of rent for accommodation is quite cheap. There are over 150 parks in Lethbridge and very fertile land for cultivating farm produce.

Top Ten Places to Live in Canada

·        Toronto

Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario. The city is famous for its many tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. Toronto is an actual metropolis in Canada with skyscrapers, waterfronts, and what have you. You can also pay a visit to the famous Toronto on your next trip to Canada.


·        Laval

We saw exhaustively above how Laval affords you a   reduced cost of living, especially housing, and at the same time many attractions to the city. Laval is a place you can nearly have it all in.

  • Montreal

We will not be entirely wrong to categorize Montreal as the life of Quebec City. It might not be such a fantastic choice for the elderly ones who are looking out to enjoy their pension living in Canada. Montreal is the life of Canada. Are you young and looking out for everything music, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, arts, etc.? There, you have Montreal.

Montreal has the headquarters of leading banks in Canada. Again, both the cost of living and housing is far cheaper in Montreal than in the famous Toronto.

·        Abbotsford in British Columbia

Abbotsford is two good things in one. Abbotsford is the cheapest and largest city in British Columbia. So, if you are a fan of crowdy environments, there is no need to add that Abbotsford affords you that busyness and also affordability. Oh well, I just added it there. Here is on the West Coast of British Columbia so there is also the luxury of a warmer temperature.

·        Ottawa

Living in Ottawa is another great housing choice to make. It is another elitist option as the majority of people living here are involved in governance. However, you must know ahead that Ottawa is not a place to look out for cheap housing and feeding options. So, be prepared to live in the environment.

·        Alberta

This is one of the cheapest provinces to live in Canada. In Edmonton in Alberta province, there is a booming oil sector. Also, there is an assurance of security since it is also a place where the Canadian Army has one of its basements. Even if you are not in the oil and gas sector and getting the money, you obviously will have an elitist client base if you are into entrepreneurship.

·        Ontario

There are quite a several cheap places to live in Ontario. London, Kingston, Thunder Bay, Barrie, Windsor. For affordability, you can consider these places in Ontario to live in.

·        Nanaimo

Nanaimo is in British Columbia. You may have realized that some of the openings you have encountered for international scholarships have been in British Columbia. Nanaimo is an affordable place for international students and is also situated on the east coast of Vancouver Island. You can have information on applications in Canada here. 


·        Sussex

Sussex is basically on the list as an elitist option. If you are fascinated by an elitist environment, you can look out for a place in Sussex. Of course, you can also expect minimal covering from the security of the Prime minister’s residence.

·        Newfoundland and Labrador

In case you are looking for places to retire in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador have the point. You have just found an affordable place to live in. Why this might not suffice for younger people is actually because of the lack of jobs here. If you love quiet places like this, then click here to know about IT jobs you might want to do remotely.

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