Best Places to Live in the UK as a Foreigner

The best places to live in the UK are chosen based on several very relevant criteria.  Many people want to move to the UK because of its wide opportunities. The UK is a fast-growing country with an economy that is open to foreigners to integrate. This is one of the reasons people are eager to live in the UK.

Are you a healthcare professional? Are you interested in joining the British Army? The United Kingdom is always in need of people like you to take up roles for the sustainable development of the country. Do you know this? Deciding to start processing your documents without putting into consideration where is best for you to live in the UK as a foreigner is unwise. Click here for UK immigration interview tips.

We can describe a place as the best in comparison with other cities in the UK when it is relatively safe, the cost of living for a newcomer is not on the high side, there is access to the elitist environment, and of course when it is close to tourist attractions.

Best Places to Live in the UK as an immigrant

London, the country’s capital is one of the best places to settle in the UK. Being the capital of the UK, it is open to a lot of development and of course, there is a focus on growing the city to incorporate every kind of enterprise. There is also the population that is needed to grow individual businesses. If you are an entrepreneur migrating to the UK, living in London gives you a larger number of potential customers to grow your business.


In addition, you also have an elitist environment that every business needs to thrive and stay above underpricing. A disadvantage is that the cost of living in London is actually on the high side. This is an obvious perk that comes with living in an elitist environment. However, you may not have to suffer things like lack of power, there is also the peace and serenity that comes with well-equipped security in the capital city.

Also, London is not only large but has large opportunities for foreigners in the corporate world too. In London, there is a deliberate effort to maintain the culture and history of the United Kingdom. These are some beauties you inhale living in London, not excluding better roads and more allocation of funding.

Top Ten Best Cities to Live in the UK

Asides from London, which we have already examined, other amazing places in the UK are fast developing, and also not with an affordable cost of living. Some of which (in no particular order) are:

  • Bristol

Bristol is a city that has very many growing businesses. It is also known to be a quiet and serene place in the UK. There is a very conducive environment for startups and a competitive spirit. Do you know about startup visas in the UK? You should check it out. Living in Bristol is a fantastic option for immigrants. Bristol has gone ahead to take very healthy decisions for the ecosystem such as controlling waste. Upcycling and recycling are top in Bristol. Carbon emissions and gas consumption are properly handled in Bristol.

Best places to live in the UK

There are also good schooling options in Bristol, a bubbling nightlife, more than half lesser cost of living and accommodation, holds the maritime history of London, and is good enough for young people to grow.

  • Manchester

Manchester has grown to have many job opportunities, especially in the media and manufacturing/industrialization. You can start a career, a family, and what have you in Manchester. The cost of living here has not been intensely affected since after the covid19 year. There are also real estate opportunities to hop on in Canada.

The city is known for its musical life and is the home of two football clubs. It is also known for street life and gyration with many football and music fans living there. The cost of accommodation in Manchester is very affordable. As an immigrant, you can find your feet in Manchester saving more than half of the cost you would spend on accommodation in London.

  • Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city in the UK to live especially if you are a lover of arts and culture. It is also a city with ginger for entertainment and party. The cost of accommodation is averagely affordable compared to living in London. Edinburgh welcomes a lot of tourists daily because of its peculiarity of offering historical themes.

Some environments like Leith can allow you to savor history and also modernized culture with sit-outs, shopping complexes, and malls. Edinburgh is known for very low-crime rates and is safer than many other cities in London. While New Town may be expensive to live in, there are more affordable options to live in and spacious environments that are better for family living.

  • Oxford

Oxford is associated mostly with the provision of quality education. It is the home of the famous Oxford University. The average cost of rent in Oxford is a lot more than in Edinburgh and lesser than in London. Oxford is also the city to live in if you want to enjoy youth and nightlife because it is a student-dominated area. Apart from the university, there are also job opportunities for employment in Oxford.

best places to live in the UK
  • Birmingham

After London, Birmingham is another populated city in the UK. It is the second largest city in the UK. Many people do not consider Birmingham as a place to live but considering the population, the city can contain and grow businesses. It should be an option for entrepreneurial immigrants who are fully business-oriented.

Another important factor about living in Birmingham as an immigrant is the fact that the city is in the heart of the UK and residents can have a feel of different parts of the country as they wish, at a cost. It is also a good city to start a family in because of how affordable the cost of living is given that it is not a high-demand environment. Knowing about high-demand jobs in the UK is important if you are interested in restarting life.

The wages in London are about the same as that of Birmingham with a significant difference in the cost of living. Birmingham has an increasing number of job opportunities and gives room for wealth creation. It is a good place to start because of how easy it is to adapt given that the large population and the location of the city means there is a blend of cultures. There are also good schooling options in Birmingham for people who are migrating to further their studies.

  • Liverpool

Liverpool has been one of the best places to live in the UK for a while now. There is a high level of communal living and the residents of Liverpool are very accommodating. This is one of the reasons Liverpool makes it to the list of the best places to live in the UK as an immigrant. The city is fast developed and also has a minimal and affordable cost of living which is helpful to foreigners.

The city is also known and associated with the famous football club. Lovers of football and fanatics of Liverpool football club are part of the residents of this city. Apart from the overall affordable cost of living, housing is also more affordable than in other cities and the city has a good transport connection system for people living in Liverpool to easily travel and tour the country.

  • Cambridge

Cambridge just like Oxford is known all over the world for the prestigious Cambridge University. The city attracts young people from far and wide for this reason. It is no wonder there is a lot of partying and nightlife in Cambridge as a result of the population of young people. There are a lot of job opportunities in Cambridge also. If you are a foreigner who cannot afford life in London, you can as well consider Cambridge which has a lower cost of living and at least a variety of job opportunities.

best places to live in the UK

Living in Cambridge will help reduce financial demands compared to London. The interesting part is that there are trains that connect London to Cambridge easily so you can also occasionally travel to London to enjoy an absolute elite life. Interesting, right?


There are other nice cities to live in the UK with the same criteria as above like Cardiff, Brighton, Leeds, Glasgow, and Reading. Here is a little thing, you can also join the community of students in the best of schools in the UK. Your grade is not a restriction at all. See how

Where is the safest place to live in the UK?

The safest places to live in the UK are London and Edinburgh.

London as the Capital of the nation has very tight security. There are efforts to ensure that residents are protected together with their properties especially as it is an elitist environment with those involved in the government owning properties there. Edinburgh which is a historical city is another safe place to live in the UK with little or no criminal cases recorded in the city.


The United Kingdom is on the world map for good. Foreigners from all over the world nurture ambitions to migrate to the UK to have a feel of the developed country and also to grow the job market. However, it is a very wise decision to consider the environment in which you intend to live as an immigrant.

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