Best Places to Live in the USA as a Foreigner

New York, Boston, and Washington DC are some of the best places to live in USA as a foreigner. Our choice of cities and places in the USA is carefully selected based on their proximity and road network, cost, access to power supply, and of course security. The actual first step before you can live in the USA is getting a US permanent residence permit.

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For foreigners living in the USA, we must also pay attention to how hospitable the environment is. This is a major reason that makes these places habitable. Finding out the best places to live in the USA before actually traveling is the right decision to make. This will certainly guide your choice of the institution if you are relocating to the USA for study reasons.  Also, the information you will get here will help your budget planning.

The Best State to Live in the USA

The best states to live in the US are New York and Washington DC because of their peculiarities in accommodating an international workforce.

Best Cities to Live in the USA

We have curated a list with a variety of options to suit the taste of different people since we cannot all want the same thing but a mix of some things.

  • San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a famous city in California. It is the second most populated city. With this, San Francisco is a marketable option for foreigners in business and household companies. The cost of accommodation here is also on the high side especially because of the population and demand for living. However, the city has a record of above minimal crime rate. This is explainable because of the congestion and high population. So, if this is your choice, you must make personal attempts for your safety.

  • Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America that has at least been able to maintain its ancient culture. It is a good place for ex-pats to start their life in as there are hospitable people who can walk you through till you are family with living in America. Some of the most prestigious universities in the US are located in Boston. This is one of the reasons why the city attracts the young. It is a place you can network and connect with youth social entrepreneurs and professionals in their different endeavors.

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The weather in Boston during the winter is also quite extreme so, ex-pats from warm cities must plan enough to stay heated up. Also, the accommodation is quite pricey here. The city has one of the best healthcare outlets in America and also offers many good institutions for postgraduates. Statistics show that the employment rate is actually on the high side (with high competition) in Boston even though there are high-paying international jobs.

  • New York City, New York

New York City is the most populated city in the US, just like Lagos is in Nigeria. The city has a record of a high employment rate. It is also in the heart of the United States with elite residents. There are also a blend of people living in New York from all over America and the world at large, so, it is rated one of the best options for foreigners to live.

Private businesses and those owned by the government have enough resources to be sustained as the government pays attention to the running of New York. As a foreigner, you have products that you need within your reach as a result of the density of New York. To show the bubbling activity of New York City, it was nicknamed The City that Never Sleeps. There are landmarks and tourist attractions recognized all over the world in New York.

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New York City is the local home of the United Nations. This alone emphasizes the status of the job market in the city. A lot of international affairs are run from New York so, there are unlimited opportunities here. The city is also a home of commerce, technology, entertainment, etc. young professionals can certainly blend here amidst other geniuses in the game. There is also linguistic variety in New York with hundreds of languages spoken. New York has also made a name with some of its globally-recognized tourist attractions and attempts at preserving history with the museums.

  • Jersey City, New Jersey

New Jersey is the third most populated city after San Francisco in the United States. Just like in New York and San Francisco, there are many job opportunities here and also easy access to different necessities like grocery stores, malls, restaurants, etc. The cost of accommodation in Jersey City is cheaper than it is in New York with a higher cost of living than in Massachusetts. Foreigners can consider living here and still enjoy a bit of the luxury as in New York and San Francisco on a budget.

  • Ashburn, Virginia

Ashburn is a good place to live in because of its location. It is in the same environment as Washington Dulles Airport and not a very long drive away from town. Migrating to the US as a civil servant? Be sure of not only good roads but a good travel network if you live in Ashburn.

  • Sammamish, Washington

Washington is already known as an elitist environment because of the involvement of its residents in governance. Washington is a place in the UK where you can be assured of a generating job market. As a foreigner, it is not difficult to get a job in Washington as there are opportunities and a need to integrate more people into the job market, especially people in education, healthcare, and of course, openings in the malls, grocery stores, and restaurants.

There is a controlled crime rate in Sammamish. Also, as established above, there is enough vacancy to integrate foreigners into the workforce in this city. it is not only that there are job openings but that there is a future of generating jobs here because of how developed the state is. It is said that Sammamish was recorded as the richest city in the US as of 2019 and is now on the list as the third richest city in Washington. This goes a long way to say that foreigners can start in a job market like this.

  • Irvine, California

Irvine is a beautiful city that can accommodate families at a very low cost. This means that if you are considering relocating to the US with your entire family, you can consider Irvine. There is a huge landmass for traveling abroad in groups. It is also not overpopulated. Irvine is on record as one of the cities in the US with some of the best public schools. So, there is also a guarantee that you will be giving your children a quality education without necessarily breaking the bank.

  • Plano, Texas

Plano and Irving are two cities in Texas that share a lot in common. Plano is largely a family-oriented city. Are you planning on relocating to the US with your family? Plano is a spacious and very affordable city. you can give your children a solid work foundation by leveraging their stay in the new environments to volunteer abroad.

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Currently, there is enough land in the city to own a property. So, housing is not so much of an expense here. Also, Plano city life with outdoor social and sporting activities can fuel the bond in your family.

  • Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas ranks as one of the best places to live in the USA. Irving is one city that is big on sporting activities. As such, a lot is happening in the health and wellness sector and foreigners who are experienced in these areas are useful to Irving.

Where is the Safest Place to Live in USA?

The best places to live in USA, just like every other environment are safe places. The security in Washington DC is quite tight. This is not only because it is the capital city of the country but having residents in government and politics also contributes to this. A greater number of the residents take responsibility for their security.

However, living around the White House is a safe environment as security is steadily on the ground making the area impenetrable. It is important to add that this living around the presidential villa) definitely will cost a whole lot. For cheaper alternatives, you can as well identify the environments where the US army is located in different states. This can guarantee your safety to some extent.

Living in the USA is the dream of many people because the US has long been recognized on the world map and has over the years, maintained a visible status around the world. If you have intentions to live in the USA, then the best places to live in USA that we have listed in this article are very important for you.

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