Best places to volunteer abroad

One of the best ways to experience a new culture and make a difference is to volunteer abroad. You’ll get the opportunity to interact with locals, visit locations that most tourists never get to visit, and support initiatives that could have a good impact on people and the environment. You’ll have a thrilling and rewarding experience if you approach it with the proper learning mentality and of course, a good knowledge of the best places to volunteer abroad.

As you get ready to volunteer abroad, there are a few things to think about. You must make sure that the hours are convenient for you in addition to selecting a reliable volunteer abroad programme that fits your interests and budget. The process can be challenging and time-consuming, as is obvious. To assist you in focusing your search, we’ve put together a list of the best places to volunteer abroad. conducted an extensive study, the process was as follows:

  • In order to identify the best places to volunteer abroad, volunteer and tourism data was examined as well as professional sources.The best countries to volunteer abroad were chosen.
  • Within each country,  outstanding programs were selected in different areas.
  • From medical volunteering to English teaching to marine conservation, a range of volunteer abroad programmes kinds were featured.

The list of the best countries to volunteer abroad span different countries and a wide range of interests. Keep reading to get started on your ideal volunteer abroad vacation sooner than you thought!

Volunteer abroad  in Thailand


Thailand is the Asia Pacific region’s most popular tourist destination, according to data from MasterCard. It’s not difficult to see why: With its spectacular beaches, vibrant cities, serene temples, stunning countryside, and welcoming people, Thailand amazes and thrills visitors. A good alternative is to volunteer in Thailand to help with challenges like poverty, unequal access to healthcare and education, and deforestation. There are many different ways you can make a difference as a volunteer in Thailand. In favour of safeguarding hill tribes and elephants.

Volunteer abroad programmes in Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand: Volunteer as a Teacher

Would you like to volunteer abroad as a teacher? Consider this initiative with Love Volunteers. Love Volunteers was established in 2009, and since then, it has gained the trust of volunteers, thanks to its openness, commitment to affordability, and desire to change the world. In Bangkok, you’ll work as a volunteer in the education sector, instructing poor children in English and other subjects. By arming the children with information and confidence, you can improve their chances for the future.

Also, when you are not teaching, Bangkok is available to you. you can visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Phra Kaew, unwind on Khaosan Road, and shop at Chatuchak Weekend Market. The programme appears to be perfect. Apply through Love Volunteers’ website.

Krabi, Thailand: Marine Conservation Volunteering

Organization: Projects Abroad

Join Projects Abroad, a company that annually sends more than 10,000 volunteers abroad, on a trip to southern Thailand. During your first week there, you’ll receive your PADI certification as a volunteer for marine conservation. After earning your certification, you can participate in conservation initiatives including coral propagation projects and underwater surveys. The marine ecosystem will significantly benefit from your work.

The fact that you’ll share a bungalow in Ao Nang, a chill beach town in Krabi Province, with other volunteers abroad is also fantastic. Imagine yourself floating underwater in the Andaman Sea while wearing dive gear. If you think that sounds wonderful, register right away!

Volunteer abroad in Costa Rica


“The most biologically intense place on Earth” according to National Geographic, is Costa Rica, no wonder it is on the list of the best places to volunteer abroad. Costa Rica offers magic at every turn with its lush jungles, misty volcanic peaks, and golden coasts (on both sides!). 

Naturally, Costa Rica has grown to be a top destination for volunteers who want to volunteer abroad; whether you want to work with marine turtles or teach English, you can find a volunteer program that suits your needs.

Volunteer abroad Programs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Caribbean or Pacific Coast: Turtle Conservation

Organization: International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

Two stunning coastlines can be found in Costa Rica. Four gorgeous beach locations are available for you to choose from when you volunteer for sea turtles with International Volunteer HQ:

  • Ostional (Pacific Coast)
  • Matapalo (Pacific Coast) (Pacific Coast)
  • Junquillal (Pacific Coast)
  • Parismina (Caribbean Coast)

You may support campaigns to safeguard green, leatherback, olive ridley, and hawksbill sea turtles by volunteering for conservation causes. Building hatcheries to safeguard eggs, tagging sea turtles for counting, cleaning up beaches, and night patrolling are among the responsibilities.

No matter where you travel, you’ll have free time to laze on the beach, go snorkeling in the ocean, go on a forest excursion, and more. That sounds like a lot of fun. Know that your efforts will benefit others as well. Over 99,000 volunteers have been sent to volunteer abroad by IVHQ since its founding in 2007. Their programs adhere to strict quality, safety, and dedication to good change requirements. You can learn more about volunteering with IVHQ to assist sea turtles if you want.

Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest: Organic Farming Volunteering

Organization: Maximo Nivel

Visit the vast, tropical Monteverde Cloud Forest, which offers fantastic hiking opportunities and a wide variety of creatures to see. If you volunteer there, you can help local farmers and sustainably produce coffee there. Picking, weeding, roasting, and even packaging are among the tasks. The entire procedure will be shown to you. Additionally, you’ll support reforestation efforts by participating in a variety of community events.

This program is run by Maximo Nivel, a prominent volunteer abroad organization in Latin America, and is ideal for coffee enthusiasts and people who want to protect our fragile environment. Their initiatives are centered on sustainable growth and education, are transparent, and are reasonably priced. Do you want to learn how to get what you sow? Sign up today.

Volunteer abroad  in India


India envelops you in a world of varied cultures and scenery, from the magnificent Taj Mahal to the lovely beaches in the tropical south. Bring a willingness to try new things and an open mind (like all the tasty food). The greatest delight is ensured.

There are a lot of volunteer abroad possibilities in India because of the size of the nation and the need to address problems like gender inequality and poverty. One of the many volunteer activities that can match your interests and abilities is working with homeless children or in the medical field.

Exciting volunteer programs in India

Delhi, India: Special Needs Volunteering

Organization: Plan My Gap Year (PMGY)

In Delhi, the nation’s capital and location of well-known historical landmarks like the Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb, special needs children in India are cared for. You’ll give disabled kids crucial education and assistance as a special needs volunteer. Since there are obstacles for children with disabilities (they are five and a half times more likely to not be in school), your role could be crucial in ensuring that the children have access to high-quality services and education. 

This program is supported by Plan My Gap Year. Since its inception in 2011, PMGY has garnered a lot of appreciation from its participants and has gone above and beyond to ensure that your work has an impact and you have a great experience. Need more information on this program? Visit PMGY’s website!

Kerala, India: Volunteer for Women’s Empowerment

Organization: Global Vision International (GVI)

Girls and women in India face barriers to equitable access to education and employment opportunities. Volunteering for women’s empowerment will help you fight social injustices by educating girls and women about their rights, running skill-building programs, and teaching classes at a school. This volunteer abroad program is provided by Global Vision International and supports several SDGs, including good health and wellbeing, decent education, and gender equality.

With significant partners including Save the Children and The Red Cross, GVI has been around since 1998. Knowing your service work will be very helpful. And when you’re not volunteering, relax in Kerala, a tropical state on India’s Malabar Coast. Visit Athirappilly Falls and the stunning beaches while you’re there. Join the GVI website if you think this is for you!

Volunteer abroad for rural development in South Africa


There are many different volunteer abroad options in South Africa. You’re likely to discover the ideal project in South Africa if you’re looking to work in conservation, education, rural development, or youth development. You might work with a variety of animals in the national parks, including large cats, birds, and even aquatic life. There are many options to work in community development in rural areas, including helping to build buildings or empowering young people through after-school programs and educational projects.

Popular Volunteer Programmes In South Africa

IVHQ, which has gained the confidence of more than 120,000 volunteers in South Africa and more than 50 other countries, provides the most well-known volunteer programmes in the world.

Choose from ten valuable and educational projects, from teaching and sports development in Cape Town to wildlife conservation in the renowned Kruger National Park.

Airport pickup, orientation, housing, food, and round-the-clock help are all included in your fully hosted holiday in the host country. Together with other international tourists who share your passion for making a difference, you will lodge in a volunteer home. Thanks to IVHQ’s multi-tiered support system, you’ll get great help from your programme manager even before you leave and have special access to volunteer training and preparation materials.

Visit their webpage if this is for you.

Volunteer abroad in Cambodia


With its breathtaking beaches, intriguing towns like Phnom Penh, and picturesque countryside, Cambodia makes the perfect setting for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Without a doubt, the country is among the best in Southeast Asia for international volunteer work. You can help the country advance while you eat, travel, and unwind.

Cambodian volunteer programme Organization for the Clean Water Project: Globalteer

If you are still thinking of the best place to volunteer abroad, then this should be a option. You can travel to Siem Reap with Globalteer and assist in providing villagers with access to clean, safe water. Because they lack sufficient access to clean water, poor Cambodians who reside outside of urban areas incur the danger of developing water-borne diseases. Duties include installing and building filters, as well as assisting with routine filter and well maintenance.

The focus of Globalteer is primarily on projects for morally responsible community development. Know that every day, your effort will directly affect someone. Enjoy Siem Reap when you’re not volunteering. Experience a fish spa, browse at the Old Market, and more. On the Globalteer website, you can apply if interested!

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