Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

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Volunteering is a potent way to broaden your perspective on the world, learn new things, build stronger communities, and develop empathy and understanding. Therefore, by choosing to participate in the best volunteer abroad programmes, you’ll be able to both experience the excitement of going abroad and make a difference in the world.

When you arrive home, your loved ones will be eager to learn more about your volunteer experience, starting a chain reaction that encourages others to take part in international volunteering.

Not only high school and college students can volunteer abroad. Working professionals also have a lot to offer international projects. Find out which international volunteer initiatives need your specific expertise.

Individuals of all ages are welcome to participate in volunteering as a lifelong activity. However, while selecting a volunteer programme, it is important to take into account the particular abilities and needs that different age groups bring to the table.

It will ensure that you and the community profit from and enjoy the experience if a project is matched to your education and professional expertise. Young professionals can contribute a lot to international volunteer programmes; pick the best one for you!

Benefits of volunteering abroad as a young professional

Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

Young professionals who volunteer benefit both themselves and the community. Here are a few ways that volunteering benefits all parties involved.

How volunteering abroad is beneficial to the community

  • Whether you’re a skilled web designer or a trained medical practitioner, your particular education and talents will provide precise, usable expertise to your selected project.
  • Leadership skills: If you’ve ever worked, you’ve probably had to either observe your superiors or perhaps manage your own staff. Things will move more easily if you enter a project with organisational and leadership skills.
  • All those brainstorming sessions you’ve sat through over the years will be useful when volunteering abroad for ideas to steer or improve programmes. Your suggestions for improvement, ability to solve issues, and original ideas could help your project operate more effectively.

How volunteering abroad is beneficial to the volunteers

  • Enhanced CV: Volunteering abroad in your industry can showcase the breadth and depth of your knowledge and skills. You’ll show your ingenuity and inventiveness whether it involves working with patients in underserved areas or educating kids using only a blackboard.
  • Working with regional authorities and other volunteers can help you build your professional network. This is not only a priceless learning opportunity but also a method to establish contacts abroad.
  • Personal fulfilment: Being of service to others can make you happier. While volunteering, it’s crucial to keep others in mind, but it’s perfectly fine and expected to feel a sense of satisfaction on the inside.

Where are young professionals most needed?

Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

Young professionals from a variety of fields can contribute their valuable knowledge and skills to volunteer programmes all over the world.

  • Medical and healthcare projects strongly appreciate the expertise of nurses, doctors, physical therapists, emergency medical technicians, and other healthcare professionals with the necessary training and licence.
  • Teaching: Teachers are essential for a range of courses, including the teaching of English as a foreign language and the teaching of practical skills.
  • Veterinarians and vet techs educated in leading and assisting procedures are helpful for wildlife initiatives, inner city dog and cat rescues, and other animal welfare organisations.
  • Tech: The advantages of programmers, database managers, and network specialists are immeasurable for nations with increasing IT infrastructures.
  • Community development: People working to support people locally, such as social workers, international development specialists, and community planners, can contribute to creating stronger, more equitable communities.

Which volunteer programs are the best volunteer abroad programs?

The greatest volunteer abroad programmes allow you to actually create an impact in the community while also learning new skills. The finest volunteer abroad programmes, in my opinion, should be focused on a significant global issue that also captivates your interest. Because of this, picking a programme that emphasises one of the 17 sustainable development goals set forth by the UN is a smart place to start. The 17 goals seek to combat poverty, advance health and education, lessen inequality, promote economic growth, combat climate change, and protect our forests and oceans.

If you’re not familiar with the objectives, you can read about them below or here.

1: No Poverty

2: Zero Hunger

3: Good Health and Well-being

4: Quality Education

5: Gender Equality

6: Clean Water and Sanitation

7: Affordable and Clean Energy

8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

10: Reduced Inequality

11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

12: Responsible Consumption and Production

13: Climate Action

14: Life Below Water

15: Life on Land

16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Best volunteer abroad programmes

  • Volunteer abroad with Angloville

Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

Angloville organises year-round language immersion camps for adults and children all throughout Europe. On this volunteer trip, native English speakers interact with locals who want to sharpen their English at the week-long programmes. You can really help the participants develop their English abilities and learn about the local culture through a variety of casual talks, workshops, role plays, games, and entertaining activities – all in English.

For the duration of the camp, all volunteers are provided with free lodging and meals at beautiful hotels in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Malta, and Slovakia.

  • One-week minimum commitment
  • There are no fees, but you must cover your own travel costs.
  • Age restriction: 18 years old
  • Must be a native English speaker; no further requirements

Visit their website for more information.

  • WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms)

Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

Food, accommodation, and opportunities to learn about organic and self-sufficient lives are provided by WWOOF hosts. Volunteers, or WWOOFers as they are known, assist with daily tasks on a farm or in a home in exchange for food, lodging, and the chance to learn about organic and self-sufficient farming from hosts.

Volunteers work on a host farm for four to six hours while studying organic farming and sustainability. No prior volunteering is necessary because this is a learning opportunity. The stay can last for a day, a weekend, a week, a semester, or even longer on a local farm.

You can volunteer anywhere in the world as a WWOOFer because host farms are spread throughout every industry and are located all over the world.

  • Between a day and a year
  • A $40 annual fee is required.
  • Age requirement is 18

Find national groups today if you want; each country operates its own website.

  • Volunteer abroad with Workaway

Workaway is a network for volunteers that offers over 50,000 global volunteering opportunities in 180 different locations. These options range from working on sustainable farms to training sledge dogs in Norway to teaching English to local families. After creating a profile, volunteers can examine all of the possibilities and apply for any that catch their attention. While you are responsible for your own travel expenses, the host will often provide free food and accommodation in exchange for 4-5 hours of work per day. Some hosts also provide a small stipend.

  • Programs might last from a day to a year.
  • Although the minimum age is 18, children may participate with their parents.
  • Workaway membership costs $44 USD per year.

Find more information on their official website.

  • Volunteer Girls Teaching Program Ghana is a good volunteer abroad initiative

Young, underprivileged females living in urban settlements near Tamale are the focus of the Girl’s Education Project, which is being run by international volunteers. Volunteers will assist with fundraising efforts in addition to teaching classes in English, math, computers, and general knowledge.

  • Minimum commitment of one week
  • Starting at $399
  • The minimum age is 17
  • Staying with a local host family

Their official website has more information.

  • Volunteer with Animal care in Costa Rica

With the help of local animal welfare organisations and veterinary clinics, volunteers can help take care of stray and abandoned cats and dogs in Costa Rica. While helping to remove abused animals from the streets, treat them for illness, and find them new, devoted homes, volunteers gain experience in animal care.

  • Every Monday, new programming begins.
  • Costs start at $380 for a week, which includes food, lodging, and airport pickups.
  • Age of majority 16 without a parent or legal guardian

Their website has more information.

  • India Medical Volunteer abroad Program

For college or university medical students or student nurses looking to obtain practical experience in the real world, this is one of the greatest volunteer abroad programmes.

The primary project for medical volunteers in India is to support mobile clinics and medical camps in slum areas with poor access to healthcare. You will get the chance to visit many other medical facilities as a medical volunteer in India. This can involve anything from sitting in on doctor consultations to shadowing in clinics.

  • starting at $360 for two weeks
  • consists of meals and lodging at volunteer housing.
  • The minimum age is 17

Official website

  • Volunteer in Kenya as a sports coach

You will primarily assist with two tasks as an outdoor volunteer on this Kenya sports programme: teaching sports education in a nearby school and assisting a local team with training and coaching. Numerous neighbourhood football teams gather for the afternoon or nighttime training and are frequently in need of some coaching. Even if you are not a certified coach, it will be very helpful if you are willing to give coaching advice, exercises, or workout routines. On this volunteer trip, the training sessions are always a lot of fun, and you can always join in for a laugh as well.

  • Prices begin at $775 for two weeks.
  • Consists of meals and lodging at volunteer housing.
  • The minimum age is 18

Website for more information.

Is it possible to volunteer abroad for free?

Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

Absolutely, free international volunteer opportunities are available. Many international volunteer opportunities don’t charge any additional programme fees in addition to covering your travel and lodging costs. Peace Corps, Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), and United Nations (UN) Volunteers are a few of the free foreign volunteer programmes available. They do, however, need a large time commitment, for example, 27 months for Peace Corps and six months for UN Volunteers, which disqualifies many potential volunteers even if they are normally free to join.

There wouldn’t be any costs involved, and you might even receive free lodging or meals if you simply choose to pick up some local volunteer work while you’re on the road, perhaps at a farm or school nearby.

There are programme fees associated with many of the top volunteer abroad programmes, but this is not always a bad thing. They might use this to pay for service costs, marketing, recruitment, and programme organisation. It’s important to learn what your fee actually buys you and how much of it will be donated to the group you’re volunteering with. Typically, the cost per week decreases the longer you stay.

Best places to volunteer abroad

Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

The best location to volunteer abroad is one that has a programme that fits your interests, objectives, and values. If you need details on this topic, then you should read this.

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