Cheap Universities for International Students in Poland


It is no news that the expense of pursuing a desired educational degree while studying abroad is one of the biggest challenges for many young ones. There are top universities in Poland and also lots of cheap Universities for international students in Poland with high academic standards and I know this article will be an interesting discovery. So, get excited because you might be saving extra cash after reading this.

Studying in Poland

Studying in Poland has never been more attractive. Are you looking at combining a dynamic student teaching climate and cultural life with top-notch cheap universities and colleges in Poland that have relatively reasonable tuition fees? If the response is a big affirmative YES, then studying in Poland is your best option, and in this article, you will find things to know and cheap universities in Poland to shift your attention to this beautiful county

In Poland, there are more than 1.2 million students enrolled in about 380 universities of which a good number are cheap universities, not only for citizens from EU member countries, but these cheap universities in Poland also extend to citizens from non-EU countries. But in these articles, we will touch on only a few. But click here to explore more cheap universities.

Even more amazing is the fact that there are lots of languages taught in these cheap universities in Poland. In Poland the majority of programs are given in both Polish and English, isn’t this just great? Now to top it all up, there are a lot of cheap universities in Poland, technical institutions, humanities schools, and colleges of the arts, all of which are furnished with top-notch labs and super educational facilities and equipment.

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Poland or the Republic of Poland is located in the Central part of Europe. Poland, which borders both Russia and Germany to the east and west, serves as a link between Western and Eastern Europe. Due to its strategic location, it has been a key player in global trade and relations. This has aided Poland in growing its economy and elevating its level of life to that of one of the richest in the EU.

Two Fundamental Requirements for Studying in Poland

In Poland, there are just two fundamental prerequisites for enrollment.

  • The applicant must hold a high school diploma and
  • The applicant must be able to demonstrate that they are fluent in the language they wish to study. You will need to take IELTS or TOEFL test to study in Poland in English.

Let us answer the question of “can you study in these cheap Universities in Poland in English” of course, the answer is YES!!. Now even though a large number of these cheap universities in Poland teach in Polish, there are also so many cheap universities in Poland that teach courses and programs in English.

Even though Polish is the primary language of teaching, English is also offered in a small number of programs at almost all Polish universities and of course, a good number of these cheap universities are also included.

Cost of studying in Poland

Studying In Poland Is relatively affordable compared to other countries in and out of the EU, and the cost of these cheap universities is the beginning of what interests most international students because studying in Poland accommodates students not only because of the cheap tuition universities but also other factors.

For example, student hostels prices are around 60EUR per month and 80EUR for a shared room, cinema tickets are very cheap, and meals in the cafeteria can go as low as 5EUR. Food might cost from 100 – 150 EUR/month. Transport cost seats around 50 EUR per semester which last for 6 months. I mean, now you wonder why these cheap universities attract thousands of applicants yearly.

Generally speaking, the cost of living in Poland as a foreign student while studying in these cheap universities spreads around 350 – 550 EUR/month.

Also, generally speaking, the tuition fees in Poland may vary from 500 – 6,000 EUR per academic year for Bachelor’s degrees and 1,000 – 8,000 EUR per academic year for Master’s degrees.

But note that there are cheap universities that even offer free programs based on the course of study, so please my friend do due diligence in your research.

Cheap Universities in Finland

1) The University of Wroclaw

Tuition Fees: 2,700 EUR

This is the university with one of the cheapest tuition fees in Poland for international students in both undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Wroclaw is a public research institution that was founded in the year 1945, and tuition here is affordable starting at around EUR 2,700.

This cheap university is a public research institution located In one of the most attractive sites in the country, the city of Wroclaw. Even as the first cheap university mentioned here, it has a longstanding and high reputation in research studies.

The university’s academic portfolio holds ten major colleges and departments that cover different studies, and over 40 different degrees. It is very affordable and has English taught courses which are a few in order to accommodate the inclusion of international students.

2) The Warsaw University of Technology

Tuition Fee: 4,500 EUR

Founded in 1915, the Warsaw University of Technology is one of the cheap universities which attracts international students to study in Poland. It is a very affordable school and tuition fees begin at around 4,500 EUR. This cheap tuition university is one of Poland’s largest and most diversified schools of science and technology. Despite its profile, it’s still leading on the list of universities with low tuition.

This school has around 31,000 students in it, and it has about 19 major colleges which both local and international students can choose from. This cheap university has faculties centred on science and technology, and they encompass anything from architecture to chemical engineering to management and transportation studies.

In case you are wondering about the school’s credibility and global recognition, know that it has been named one of the top 100 institutions in Europe, and because of its exchange programs, it enrols hundreds of international students every year.

3) The Gdansk University

Tuition fees: 3,500EUR

Located in the city of Gdansk in Northern Poland, this public institution is of the most affordable schools in Poland. It has more than 30,000 students enrolled there, ranging in academic standing from undergraduate to Ph.D. More than 200 specialities are given in up to 80 different sectors in this cheap university.

However, you can say it is a cheap university in terms of fees but it definitely isn’t cheap in academic performance and delivery. The university is quite proud of the graduates it produces who have achieved remarkable success in the world of work. It is one of the most affordable universities in Poland and one of the greatest academic institutions It is almost hard to classify it as a cheap university.

There are a variety of fields to study available in this cheap university, with law, social sciences, biology and biotechnology, quantum physics, economics, and oceanography being among the most significant ones.

4) The University of Warsaw

Tuition Fees: 2,500 EUR

There is also one of the cheap universities in Poland with over 50 fields of study for students to choose from, most frequently in the domains of the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. It is one of the largest schools in the country with a population of about 55,000 students.

It has also been listed as one of the top 100 institutions in Europe, and because of its exchange programs, it enrolls hundreds of international students every year. In order to provide students with a metropolitan experience while they are studying, the university’s campus is made up of approximately 120 buildings that are dynamically interwoven into the metropolis.

A significant portion of the campus network is also made up of research centres with a range of disciplinary focuses. Additionally, it continues to work closely with foreign universities and maintains strong worldwide contacts.

5) AGH University of Science & Technology

Tuition Fees: 6,000 EUR

This AGH University of Science and Technology is a world-class technological institution that was founded in the year 1919 and is located in Krakow, one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the South of Poland. It is said to have the largest attraction of the international population of students in the entire country.

These university’s tuition is also relatively cheap and affordable for international students to study. It separates its academic departments into 15 distinct faculties which are centred around humanities, business operations, computer science, mathematics, and engineering

Though it is listed here as a cheap university. This institution has continuously been included among the top spots in the league table of universities and recently, it was regarded as the 4th best university in the nation and the second-best technical university in the whole of Poland.

Why is Poland Attractive to International Students?

Quality of Education

Though we are talking about cheap universities in Poland that do not mean they are not standard and globally recognized. As a result of Poland’s adherence to European standards and the country’s highly esteemed academic practice and reputation such as course specialization and course options after the first year even in these cheap universities, Poland holds a very high reputation as a friendly country for both lives of works and for career development.

Career Opportunities

These cheap universities have strong representation in both local companies and international organizations, and a longer stay might even be advantageous for you if you are looking to remain in Poland and then land a fantastic job with a multinational corporation. Often, graduates from Polish universities are preferred by foreign businesses operating in Poland.

All these contribute to why international students often find jobs after graduating. And whether you want to study in a cheap university or not, the Polish Government allows for a year visa extension to remain in and secure a job in Poland. Personally, I think this is really thoughtful. If you are already studying in Poland and want to open a bank account, you should read this

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Study environment, Scholarships, and Study Perks

The Polish environment is a fuse of rich culture, historical legacy, international trade, tourist attractions, and a good standard of living. So, for every taste, Polish institutions provide a variety of entertainment possibilities.

The Polish government provides financial aid, affordable education, free education, cheap tuition, and several scholarships to overseas students. This means there are not only cheap universities in Poland but some of these universities offer scholarships and the sort of study perks that if pursued determine the amount of tuition fee you will pay.

Final Notes:::

All private Polish universities have the right to charge tuition fees at certain costs to international students, as regarding students from EU countries, tuition fees are rather very cheap and free in most cases.

Poland is a very welcoming and friendly country to international students and these cheap universities in Poland are set up for you to take advantage of the country’s vast growing academic and career opportunities. So, start marking your list and ticking the boxes on your preferred schools, you are on the right track to enjoying the best of learning.

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