Cheap Universities for International Students in Norway

Why study in Norway

It is said there is nothing free, not even in a free town, but it is also said that studying in Norway is free and Norway universities are ranked among the world-ranked institutions with high educational standards. It is recognized globally in terms of quality of life, security and environmental quality. To study in Norway, you need a Schengen visa. Norway’s economy is likewise big. Norway universities provide opportunities for internship and graduate career chances, In cities like Oslo and Bergen, where English is so extensively spoken, it’s feasible to obtain employment even if you don’t speak Norwegian after schooling in Norway, due to the fact that public colleges in Norway offer free tuition, many overseas students choose to study in Norway. Nonetheless, there are a lot of cheap universities in Norway but for international students, the high cost of living in Norway must also be taken into account, this lowers the hurdles for many people. Note: Before you travel to Norway, you should apply for study permission. You might be able to submit your application for a permit from Norway if you are already in Norway. Click here for more information

Cost of studying in Norway

The number of cheap universities in Norway accounts for the reason why international students choose to study in Norway. However, beware that even though Norway’s universities are affordable but not that Norway is a high-cost country, and as an international student you must be able to cover your living costs in Norway during your studies. Norway is one country you can study for free In summary, the cost of studying in Norway for both local and international students is all included in the cost of living in Norway, which means that international students have to deal with the high cost of living which can range from NOK 10,000 (USD 1,100) to NOK 20,000 (USD 2,000).

Quality Education

Even though universities in Norway are cheap and some will say almost free. International students have access to cutting-edge instructional techniques, cutting-edge facilities and technology, and high technological standards and services on campus. Norway is regarded as a safe society where people can feel secure practically anywhere. Teachers are personable, classes frequently consist of small groups, and students are encouraged to cultivate a critical mindset. This, in our opinion, is the finest method to get you ready for the future. Within universities in Norway, whether cheap is expensive (private), the Higher education system in Norway is split into three levels, called tiers. They are;

The First Tier:

The undergraduate level is this. Typically, it takes three or four years to acquire a bachelor’s degree. Normally, specialized majors like engineering and medicine will require an additional year.

The Second Tier:

This is the level of a postgraduate. Normally, it takes two years to complete a master’s degree. Some degrees, including teaching credentials, can be completed in as little as a year.

The Third Their:

The doctoral level is this. Typically, three to five years are needed to earn a PhD. The length of a PhD increases to five years if a student chooses to teach alongside their study.



International Students applying to one of these cheap universities in Norway are welcome, but they must adhere to high language standards, which frequently call for a one-year language study before beginning studies in any of these universities in Norway. The fact that the universities listed in this article are cheap doesn’t mean they only teach in the Norwegians Language. A good number of degree programs and courses are taught in English in these cheap universities. Non-native-English students will see that their English skills improve during their studies in Norway. A high level of English in society, in general, makes it easy and affordable to both study and live in Norway.

Top Cheap Universities in Norway for International Students

The University of Oslo

The University of Oslo was founded in 1811 and is based in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. This cheap University is one of the best universities in Norway, At the University of Oslo, there is no tuition fee which makes it one of the affordable universities, except that you will have to pay a small semester fee of NOK 860 (USD $100). It is the oldest university in Norway and has produced many excellent scholars from many different countries since its founding. Even though this University is very cheap for international students, you are responsible for paying your own living expenses while you are studying in Norway. The university Is very affordable and It has various faculties and several departments which offer courses in, Natural Science, Architecture and Design, Economics, Management, Medicine, and Health. The university is free/cheap because it is a publicly supported institute.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

While there are a large number of cheap universities in Norway that are primarily responsible for offering Engineering and Information technology courses. This cheap university of Science and Technology has a wide range of programs in the areas of Natural Sciences, Architecture & Design, Economics, Management, Medicine, Health Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Education. The Norwegian university of science and technology has 3 campuses and It was established in 1996. Local and foreign international students in this free and cheap university enjoy the metropolitan life and cultural diversity. NTNU does not charge tuition because it is a publicly sponsored institution. There is semester tuition of NOK 580, or $68 for foreign students, who make up about 8% of the school’s 36,000+ enrolled students. This includes support for student organizations as well as services for the welfare of students.

University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a free/cheap university for both Norwegian citizens and foreign students in Norway. This cheap tuition institution is located in the western coastal city of Bergen, Norway. Founded in 1946, with over 2,000 international students enrolled out of 18,000 students. The institution has several main faculties which are humanities, law, medicine, social sciences, and psychology. Even as a free and cheap university, it is widely referred to and acknowledged as a research university and it offers degree programs for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD studies. As much as it is a cheap university, due to its high outstanding academic standards it has consistently ranked among the top 150 to 200 universities in the world. However, this university is affordable but there is also a little semester charge of NOK 590, or $65, which goes toward supporting the Student Welfare Organization of the institution.

Nord University

Nord University, which was founded in the year 2016, is the next on the list of free/cheap universities in Norway. Nord University is based in the country of Nordland and Trond lag. Nord is affordable for international students just like other state and government own higher institutions in Norway, but international students will also be required to pay a semester charge of NOK 725 which is about $85 dollars. It has its main campus in Bodo and Levanger, as well as satellite campuses in Steinkjer, Rana, Namsos and many other towns in Norway. With these locations, these cheap university attracts over 11,000 local and foreign students and offers them to study in different departments such as business, nursing, social science, education, and the arts, as well as biosciences and aquaculture. Note: to study at Nord university, you are required to show proof of financial ability through a statement of account and other information. So even as a cheap university foreign student, you must have NOK 123,519 in the record of your financial statement which is about $14,432.

The Arctic University of Norway

Another very cheap university in Norway that you might want to consider is the Arctic University of Norway. This university is located in Tromso. This free/cheap university currently offers degrees in the fields of Health Science, Science & Technology, Humanities & Education, Bioscience & Fisheries, Fine Arts, Law, and Sports & Social Work. The Arctic University of Norway was established in 1972, and even though it is a free and cheap university in Norway, it is the most significant public institution in the nation. It is also among Norway’s affordable universities and biggest research institutions. International students have to pay a small semester fee of NOK 625 ($73) which covers procedures like enrollment, testing, student ID cards, counselling, and membership in student institutions. Imagine studying in one of the nation’s most recognized and cheap universities and also being entitled to a student discount for public transport and other cultural events. Interesting right!

Career Prospects

Despite Norway’s modest size, cheap universities and colleges offer a high standard of instruction that benefits both international exchange and degree-seeking students. After studying at these affordable universities, your employment prospects at home and abroad will improve as a result of your studies in Norway. The reason why you should study in Norway is that Norway is among the richest countries in the world, and she also proudly boasts of rising employment rates and a renowned education system with excellent standards.


In Norway, state and government-owned universities are free for both local and international students. No matter where you are from or what you are studying, Norway typically does not charge any tuition fees which makes educational pursuit affordable. Remember, these very cheap or free universities only apply to public schools that are supported by the state. Nevertheless, if you wish to study in a private school in Norway, Note that private schools often set their own fees. These can vary from 86,000NOK (US$9500) for undergraduate programs to 103,000NOK (US$11,300) and higher for postgraduate study. Nonetheless, there are many cheap private universities in Norway to study in as an international student if your budget can not cover the private university tuition fees.

Applying for a Residence permit

Unless you are a Norwegian citizen, you will require a residence visa if you intend to relocate to Norway with the intention of living, working, or studying. The granting of a residence permit is generally based on two factors: your nationality and your capacity to support yourself and yours financially. You must submit your application to a Norwegian embassy or consulate in your country, or in the country where you most recently resided, in order to obtain a study permit for the first time. However, if there aren’t any Norwegian consulates or embassies in your nation, kindly get in touch with the nearest one. Norway works with Swedish and Danish embassies and consulates in some places.

There are a large number of them, but this there you have a few to get your interest picked. Norway has so many cheap universities for international students and the global academic and educational community hold these universities in the highest regard. There is so much so gain so start making your plans

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