High Demand Jobs in the UK

The whole essence of wanting to know about high-demand jobs in the UK should be to guide and help you plan. This article will provide information as to which field you should bother taking up skills in. remember, there is really little a low-demand job can do for you. You will not only spend so much time trying to get a job, but you can be underpriced also. Very important is that being financially unstable in the UK or any other foreign country is never a wise decision.

Digital and Tech-related Jobs.

High demand jobs in the UK are a handful. Generally, tech jobs have become high-demand jobs around the world and this is not different in the UK. While there are many jobs in the UK jobs for foreigners, the tech world is still evolving and more knowledgeable people are needed in addition. There are many IT recruitment agencies in the UK to apply for.

The UK has recently enabled a new industry. It is the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports that sponsors the “Building Digital UK” (BDUK) drive. This goes a long way to explain the emergence and need for digital hands. The broadband ensures that homes, businesses, and the entire UK environs have digital connectivity. In this case, both “complex” tech skills and simpler ones are assets to the UK and will aid the building of a digital UK.

For Building Digital UK (BDUK), the department is saddled with the responsibility of its operations to create avenues for other fields. So, while it is a tech job, there is a need for other units to aid its running, like in every other field. There is a data, digital and IT unit, finance unit, risk compliance and governance, local relationships and partnering, shared rural network, human resources, analysis and evaluation, program management, etc. You can stay informed on any opportunity and vacancy that arises.

Tech jobs
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Some skills you can consider in IT that will put you on edge in the UK include, but are not limited to:

  • Web development
  • Service engineering
  • Full stack developer
  • Front-end developer (Client-side developer)
  • Java developer
  • Infrastructure engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Lead Java developer
  • C++ developer/ games programmer
  • Technical writer
  • Data scientist
  • Product description
  • UI/UX designers: They have the highest number of remote job openings in the UK
  • Java engineering manager

Tech and digital skills are the highest-demand jobs in the UK. These are skills in the digital economy that are high-paying and high-demand jobs in the UK. Of course, digital jobs like this can be done remotely, although some will require your physical presence.

Safety and Security Jobs

There are jobs in the UK open for safety and security roles. Safety and security jobs are in high demand practically everywhere. Security and safety are everybody’s business, and that is why the UK government has been keen on making sure that the security sector does not lack anything the government can provide. As such, there is very regular recruitment carried out in the security sector, for instance, the military.

One of many UK jobs for foreigners is the UK army. The UK army is open to foreigners, especially in Commonwealth nations and the Republic of Ireland. The army takes in young and vibrant soldiers every year in defence of the country and fades out senior citizens who have given a better part of their years in maintaining peace and security. So, enlisting in the British Army is done yearly and constantly always in demand.

You can enlist as a graduate or degree holder and also as a school-leaver. The actual exception from joining the Army does not bother foreigners, but people with medical conditions.

There are also different cities and establishments with listings for health and safety manager and also safety advisors. This is a necessary checklist, that the UK does not turn a blind eye to. Things like fire and risk management are catered for here. We can guess a major reason it is a UK job in high demand. Many people will naturally opt for safer options compared to this. With the help of your lawyer, you can look through these safety and security job vacancies in UK.

A major benefit of being enlisted in safety or security-related jobs is job security. You can be assured of having a fixed flow of income and an increase as you keep climbing the ladder. There is also adequate provision for housing, especially if you enlist in the British army. In the military, your family is entitled to death benefits should in case you die while in service. Upon retirement or application for voluntary resignation, you still fade out with some benefits.


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Healthcare is no doubt a very high-demand job in the UK that admits foreigners also. You are on edge to apply if you have certifications in clinical courses like medicine and surgery, medical radiography, nursing, dentistry, pharmacology, human anatomy, public health, social work, etc. Healthcare jobs in the UK are basically for caregivers. Apart from professional roles like those mentioned above, you do not necessarily need to be a degree holder or certified in related courses to take up other menial caregiving jobs in the UK.

So long as your job of interest directly affects lives and human beings, you should consider other menial options that could also be high paying. Visit this page for a japa guide to the UK as a nurse. Working in the health sector may not assure you job security except in rare cases (especially those in government establishments), but healthcare is a high-paying job in the UK.

Business Analyst

You already know that businesses from buying and selling goods and services, including other entrepreneurial activities, are operated all around the globe. The UK has a safe atmosphere and economy for entrepreneurs to thrive. Some of these businesses that you can easily establish and earn from in the UK is the trading of food items and pastries.

You can earn more if you decide to buy cheaper from neighbouring environments and ship legally to the UK. An example is crayfish, a very nutritious protein that adds taste to food and is got more in the Southern part of Nigeria. A Nigerian in the UK can make arrangements on how to ship crayfish and sell them. Selling at wholesale or retail prices can have you earn quite a lot of considering the amount on shipping to the UK. This is just an example of how businesses run.

It is no doubt that the fashion industry is widely a high-demand business. With all of these businesses that are thriving in the UK, it has become even more important that more corporate businesses need business analysts. Entrepreneurs and people who have successfully run businesses can look out for the role of business analysts. Also, if you are certified in economics or other courses in commerce and business management, you are on edge for this job.

The job description here is to understudy a business and help plan for a sustainable organizational structure of the business. Business analysts will look out the staffing, what the business needs, and how to grow the business for the future. Budgeting is also one of the responsibilities of a business analyst. Generally, a business analyst will help founders of businesses corporately run the business more like an executive assistant.

Project Management

If you have been watching closely, project management has become a job in high demand. The UK is not left out on this, as there are as well many nongovernmental organizations busy with community development and the like in the UK. Government-owned establishments also have vacancies that project managers can fill. A project manager will basically develop concept notes, draw out schedules, and manage and lead the organization’s projects.

The task a project manager handles is broad, but their work cuts across helping the organization plan and runs projects in a given time, as explained above. There are over twenty-two thousand, seven hundred and ninety-one (77, 791) job openings for project managers in the UK. That is how high-demand it is in the UK. To want to take up a project management role, a degree in business-related fields is important. You may also start out as an assistant or preferably just take up volunteering roles that will help give you a level of experience and exposure to organizations.

Other high-demand jobs in the UK are store manager, customer service advisor, sales assistant, delivery driver, gardener, etc.

UK jobs are generally high-paying jobs because of the relatively sustainable economic system in the UK. Jobs in the UK can be sustaining and as an ex-pat, it might not take you so long to find your feet financially.

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If living in the UK is your plan, it is good to know what jobs are in high demand in the UK. Imagine spending some time while your documents are being processed to learn fashion designing when you can have a hang of high-demand jobs in the UK. Knowing what the system lacks and will pay hugely to employ experts will certainly help you fit in and gain financial stability on time. Learn about other countries in need of healthcare workers here.

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      1. Dear Mr.Mike ,Thank you to your kind initiative ,I appreciate it ,I am mechanical engineer with skills for morethan 15 years in multiple aspects for this study such as service and maintenance engineer for MEP works for residential and commercial buildings ,Servicing and maintenance engineer for heavy duty machinery ,Industry facilities Operational and Service Engineer ,Agricultural and food production engineer .any other duties can be performed like warehouse management,Administration ,Marketing and sales and Follow Up and monitoring for projects and I possess skills and experiences in dealing and working with UN and NGO’s in Humanitarian Aid and Volunteering work for long period .

        1. @shwansorani really great skills set. So what plans do you have? Do you want to further your studies abroad or are looking for global opportunities? You have great skills that companies are looking for; you just need to put them together in a way that is attractive to a company.