Highest paying jobs for foreigners in Canada in 2022

Finding the highest paying job for foreigners in Canada or any other country in the world is a challenge and even more so when pursuing a profession that pays a good sum. But consider this: if you have specialised knowledge, you might as well take a high-paying job! Randstad Canada, a recruiting and HR services firm, has done research on the top occupations in Canada 2022, as well as the best-paying jobs in the country.

Meanwhile, we looked at high-demand jobs in Canada in a previous article, particularly for you. Let’s look at some of Canada’s highest-paying jobs for foreigners in 2022. 

Which are the highest paying jobs for foreigners in Canada?

Dentists: Perhaps you already know the function of a dentist. Your dental health is in the hands of dentists. Dentists provide diagnosis, precautions, and oral medications to prevent potential problems with your teeth, mouth, and oral cavity. Is it your intention to practise dentistry in Canada? You are in good shape if you have completed at least one to four years of pre-dental university education. 

You must also have a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), or DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) degree, as well as an NDEB Certificate or the necessary certification from The National Dental Examining Board of Canada. In addition, dental professionals must have further training and education.

Average income: CA$93,600

Health Care Manager: The demand for additional health care providers has increased due to the current global pandemic crisis. Although many hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical firms or organisations want professional services from nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals, the medical industry seeks health service managers to monitor these professionals and different types of services. 

So, what exactly does a healthcare or healthcare services manager do? In a medical hospital or facility, this job is in charge of staff recruiting, supervision of other health workers, and oversight of daily chores and various operational functions. A health services manager also plans, organises, and oversees clinical teams and provides quick solutions to any problems that occur. As a result, a manager must research pertinent laws, procedures, rules, and other requirements specific to the hospital or facility to which they have been appointed. 

Median Salary: CA$94,994

Health care Manager in Canada
Source: lovebelfast.co.uk

Petroleum & Chemical Process Engineer: Engineering is undoubtedly another highest paying job for foreigners in Canada. 

Petroleum engineers are responsible for locating oil and gas reserves to meet the country’s needs. They are often in the field, visiting and evaluating probable oil and gas locations. They also devise novel designs and develop sophisticated technologies for extracting oil and gas beneath the Earth’s surface. Their solid grasp of mathematics, chemistry, and physics aids them in organising strategic plans for these jobs.

On the other hand, chemical process engineers supervise, test, and execute innovative processes that create commercial products such as oil and gas. These engineers alter and improve these techniques based on the obtained data throughout the evaluation process. They work with project engineers and specialists to select, purchase, and install equipment while guaranteeing safety and functionality.

Median Salary: CA$115,565

Utility Manager: A utility manager’s primary responsibility is to plan, direct, and organize ideas to monitor and evaluate utility services and systems for commercial and industrial customers or utility businesses. Natural gas, water distribution, electrical power, and waste systems are examples of these services.

A bachelor’s degree or college diploma, depending on the field, is required to be considered for this role. Managers in charge of water supply, for example, need to study water resource technology, whereas managers in charge of electricity or power systems need to study electrical engineering.

Median Salary: CA$114,000

Business Executive: Being in this position entails being in command of a business or organisation. However, that nicely wraps it up; typical functions and responsibilities for this position include pursuing ideas and proposals that will lead to potential commercial alliances and excellent client connections.

The positions, however, may differ depending on the company or management. Generally, what is expected of you as a business executive is to come up with new ideas, do research, create strategic plans, and coordinate these ideas with the rest of the team or other employees. Executives are also responsible for coordinating financial activities, implementing rules, and defining corporate objectives to ensure that the organisation follows the norms and regulations.

Median Salary: CA$114,000

Business Executive personnel
Source: cimtcollege.com

Health & Community Service Manager: If you get a job in this field as a foreigner looking for the highest paying job in Canada, you will first need to learn how to deal with the people or groups of people you will be responsible for. This job, sometimes known as healthcare executives or healthcare administrators, has responsibilities similar to those of a health service manager.

This means that in a medical facility, clinic, or hospital, you will be responsible for leading, planning, and coordinating a group of physicians or medical staff in a specific field or department. You may also be responsible for managing funds, organising working schedules, and keeping track of operational duties and operations to maintain accurate records. 

You will supervise activities and provide services that will improve the welfare of clients as you lead your team and direct them to work on health-related projects.

Median Salary: CA$109,866

Scientific Research Manager: Suppose you have a master’s degree in biology, chemistry, physics, or a related discipline, and you have managed research teams before. In that case, a scientific research manager could be the next step for you. This role requires you to supervise and oversee the efforts of research scientists working on laboratory experiments and trials.

A scientific manager’s job description may include:

  • Gathering data and samples.
  • Analysing results.
  • Authorising scientists to execute appropriate procedures and trials, depending on the tasks and experimental studies provided by an organisation or corporation.

They supervise these activities and make sure that all safety rules are followed to avoid accidents and other mishaps in the lab.

Median Salary: CA$102,003

Scientific Research Manager
Source: hemophilia.org

How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria

Canada is a popular destination for foreigners due to its culture and economy. Despite the large influx of foreigners, the country still has a large number of job openings, indicating that it is willing to hire professionals from other countries.

 Many private companies aid Nigerians and immigrants from other countries in relocating and finding jobs in Canada. Sadly, many of them are swindlers who vanish as soon as they have the requested funds. This is why this guide has been curated to assist you in knowing all of the peculiarities of how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria.

Here is how to find a job in Canada from Nigeria 

Websites/Online: Numerous trustworthy websites connect employees worldwide—websites like Indeed, Workopolis, and eluta.ca post job postings across a wide range of industries. Start your search with the keyword “immigration,” choose a city, and the system will display all of the options where employers are looking for employees who are willing to relocate.

JOb BankThis service, which provides employment information, is quite popular in Canada. The platform works in a similar way to online job boards, but it also allows you to search for open government positions. With the help of this application tool, you can acquire a job offer in Canada from Nigeria.

Social Network: Social media sites have evolved into much more than just a means of communication. This is yet another useful tool for locating job openings in Canada. One of the popular platforms where you can find job opportunities and connect with the community is here on Setlinn. LinkedIn is also another platform where you can quickly publish your CV, work history, qualifications, and feedback from former employers and coworkers. Many businesses utilise these sites to recruit new personnel.

How to get in Canada from Nigeria
Source: cimmigrationnews.com

How to get a Canada work permit

A temporary work permit is required for anyone who intends to work in Canada. For Nigerian citizens living outside of Canada, the process usually takes about 16 weeks. The best part is that you may upload practically all of the appropriate documentation to the Government of Canada’s website.

Written Job Offer: A documented work offer is required as the first piece of paper in the permit application process. This means that your Canadian employer provides you with a paper that outlines the specifics of your job. Salary, bonuses, and any deductions will be included, as well as a list of tasks and job requirements (at least 30 hours a week).

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): The following step is to obtain an LMIA, and an employer is required to perform this task. LMIA is a document that gives Canadians the ability to recruit temporary workers. Your potential boss should file a request with the Employers Portal, which will examine the labour market impact of hiring a temporary employee. 

Following that, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) will undertake an analysis and notify the employer of the confirmation or rejection. The LMIA is valid for a set period, which corresponds to the work visa duration. When an employer receives approval, they must send you a copy of the LMIA.

A solid CV and a well-written cover letter are the keys to landing a job when looking to get the highest-paying job in Canada. A resume is a presentation of your professional capabilities; a cover letter is a crucial document that provides additional information about your attributes, qualifications, and talents. Most employers admit that if a candidate’s application does not include a cover letter, they are unlikely to be interested in it. As a result, using a professional online service’s quick and convenient help to write a superb copy can be a good idea.

Meanwhile, these articles below will help you with more information when looking to relocate to Canada. 

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