How a Student Can Join a Professional Football Club in Germany

Joining a football club in Germany can be a tasking act. It takes determination and focus. It requires you to be armed with the right information and take action when the opportunity calls.

As a scholar studying in Germany, you can’t just walk into any football club and pitch to them, expecting favourable feedback. It does not work that way. 

Clubs rely on scout’s recommendations and expert’s recommendations from coaches and other persons involved in the day to day running of the football club. 

While studying in Germany, you can study and as well join a football club progressing your career on both fronts. Football in Germany is very lucrative and this makes it competitive, you have to give everything.

Search For Sports Developments Programs 

Germany is a footballing nation, and almost every week the government and the private sectors are constantly on the lookout for fresh talents. They organize sports programs, camping programs, and open-air training where scouts and other decision-makers in club football watch, to see young footballers show their talents and convince them that they are good enough. Cities with high football activities include Munich, Dortmund, and Hamburg.


Football clubs are on the lookout for young players. Football clubs in Germany have identifiable philosophies in the club that run through all the tiers of team in a football club. Football clubs in Germany pride themselves on their ability to churn out talents that play football that suits the culture and identity of the club. Young players easily adapt to the system and philosophy. Football clubs also invest heavily in young players with the expectation that they will gain huge transfers in the long run. Chances are that clubs won’t look your way if you do not meet their required age range. It is easier to start early.

Get a Football Agent 

This is very important as football clubs won’t deal directly with you, they will rather deal with your agents. Your agent will represent your interest and protect your interest. 

You will have to sign an agreement with your agent and, in turn, your agents will search for clubs and make recommendations when necessary. They can also send your videos to clubs for consideration.  This will enable you to concentrate in school and also when you are on the pitch, you will focus on your football. Well, established and trusted agents will hasten your chances of joining a football club. You should also know that many fake agents are out there to swindle people. Some agents will pretentiously offer advice to you whilst ripping you apart. Agent fees differ depending on how much they charge and since you are a student. It will be difficult for you to afford such agents. Before choosing an agent, do a background and make a good decision. 

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Join a local football team

Local teams give you a head start since it is not a club, you can join a local team in your neighbourhood, you can go to school in the morning and the evening, and you go for training. The local team could occasionally attend regional and national competitions that attract top scouts from all over the country. Football coaches and club decision-makers during their off-season relax by visiting local teams around their community to look out for talented players. 

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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool today and if you want to make it in football, you have to explore it. Clubs have active social media handles, and they post-club activities every day to the public. You must be on the alert for new information regarding the club’s youth development system. 

Stay updated with the social media handles of clubs in the Bundesliga 2, Bundesliga 3, Liga youth teams and academy, this will keep you abreast of opportunities if any comes. You can also upload your videos on social media and tag your favourite clubs and decision-makers, you might be lucky. 

Establish contact with insiders

You don’t want to be on an island, go out there, meet people, interact with people and if possible introduce yourself to club scouts. Keep a steady line of communication whilst going about your day-to-day activities. 

Consider joining a lower division club

Clubs in the lower division can be a good starting point for your career. Once you are talented and focused on your football, your growth will be rapid. Nigeria’s number 1 goalkeeper got his breakthrough at a fourth division club, Fortuna Düsseldorf II. Today he is not only the goalkeeper for the Super Eagles, he is a player of Watford FC, England. Starting from a lower division club is an option you should consider.

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Join Football Academy 

Football clubs in Germany’s main football divisions all have an academy. These academies help you increase your chances of being offered a professional contract. 

Football academies were established as a pathway for young players to develop, learn and be ready for full-time careers in football. 

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Attach yourself to a scouting network 

Scouting networks are a group of scouts that discover young talents from the grassroots. They work with modern and digital gadgets that make their scouting work easy. You can ask about one in your locality because they can also link players to professional clubs. 

Register for football camps 

Football camps are avenues you can use to impress scouts that are looking for players for the team they represent.  The football camps are run by already established clubs, and they are a little expensive. As a student, you can still go to the least expensive football camps. 

Football camps will also give you a different level of exposure as you will get to mix with diverse players from different backgrounds. 

Learn the Language

Learning Deutschland shows that you are eager to make an impression. It helps you push your narrative, and it also helps your interpersonal relationship with the people around your environment. The journey to becoming a professional footballer as a student is already a difficult one, so it helps that you do all you can to get your foot closer to the door.

Germany is a land of opportunities and while you are studying in Germany as a foreign student, a football career is an option you should consider if you have the talent and courage. 

The sky is your starting point.

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