How to Become a Professional Football Player in Europe in 2022

Football is the most profitable sport, followed by Basketball, Cricket, and Tennis. This has increased the desire among young players to contemplate how to become professional football players. It is well-known that Europe is the home for football and to make it big, you must think of Europe. Many talented football players have been asking questions like “How can I become a professional footballer in Europe?” If you are interested in becoming a professional football player in Europe, this article will guide you.

This article will serve as a guide on the steps you need to take to become a professional football player in Europe. Even if you live in a country where football development is slow, you can still reach your goals in a relatively short period. Becoming a professional football player in Europe is highly possible if you take the proper steps.

Start Young to Train to Become a Professional Football Player in Europe

The ideal time to start your path to professional football player level is while you are young. Develop yourself through constant practice and regular training. Presently, the majority of Europe’s best teams rely on young football players. The advantages of relying on young football players have helped major teams to develop young talented players. Football clubs send scouts out regularly to look for players. These scouts frequently choose players who are both young and talented. Another benefit of starting while you are young is that it allows you to adjust to the game. You will rapidly grow a love for the game.

Every football club in the world understands the value of developing players because it allows young football players to understand the club’s ideology from an early age. If you start young, the likelihood of becoming a professional football player is high. This may seem like a little too late advice but if you have a young person who is interested in playing football professionally, you can encourage them to train for it.


Master a Position

Football has different positions like goalkeeper, midfielder, and defender. If you want to become a professional footballer in Europe, you must master a position. Choosing a specific playing position will assist you in focusing on your interest and becoming a master at it. You cannot begin your career in one role and then transition to another later on. If you follow it correctly, it has several advantages. You become an expert in your field, gain self-assurance and give yourself the chance to be the best wherever you go. You become a professional football player by mastering a position.

Get scouted to Become a Professional Football Player in Europe

This is the most popular way for talented football players to get tryouts in Europe. Scouts will be watching you if you play for one of the best teams in your home country and your team makes the finals of every single tournament they enter. The majority of top athletes earned their initial chance this way. A talent scout can show up at any time to evaluate your football team. It means that you should always be on your best behavior.

A scout’s judgment of your performance may lead to a move to a bigger team. A scout will look at your team spirit, your ability to play with concentration and composure under pressure.


Join a Football Academy

Joining a full-time football academy can be an excellent stepping stone to professional football. They not only give you the opportunity, but they also prepare you for the task, increasing your chances of success on your journey. Unfortunately, joining a football academy may be financially demanding. If you can afford it, it is the best way to become a professional football player abroad. Here is a list of top football academies in Europe.

Join a Local Football Team

If you are unable to afford a football academy at this time, you can improve your skills by joining a local football team. Just like when you join a football academy, a great team will work to promote you.
You may wonder how joining a local team can help you become a professional football player in Europe. Joining a local football club/team allows you to hone your skills and get the attention of scouts by playing with a team. If your team isn’t up to par, you can switch to another team to give yourself a better chance.

Remember that the aim is to play football professionally in Europe. You can’t get noticed if you don’t put yourself out there. Join a team that is always in tournaments. This will give you a better chance of getting spotted by European football scouts.


Contact European Football Clubs via Email

Contacting clubs on your own is a challenging option to take, given how difficult it is to establish trust while speaking for yourself. Every day, clubs receive thousands of trial request emails. The vast majority are overlooked because many clubs feel that their scouting department is aware of every single excellent player available in a given market. Because it is a challenging method does not mean it cannot work. There is a slim chance of success if your email stands out from the crowd.

When contacting via email, attach a video of you playing, preferably in a team. Also, attach a professional presentation of yourself; keep as short as possible. Finally, consider attaching a CV in which you list your basic soccer information. You can incorporate this strategy alongside others mentioned in this article to increase your chance of becoming a professional football player in Europe.

Maintain a Good Relationship with your Coach

When it comes to getting international opportunities, speaking to your coach can be beneficial. Your football coach will have a wealth of knowledge about opportunities that are well suited for you. Your coach is aware of your skills and limitations and will very certainly be able to connect you with a few other coaches. If your coach truly believes in you, he will go above and beyond to offer you opportunities to make your dream come true. Maintaining a great relationship with your coach entails that you work hard and be respectful to them. This is a great step in your path to becoming a professional football player in Europe.

Apply to study in Europe

Playing as a professional footballer in Europe is easier if you are actually in that country. There are scholarships offered to talented students in foreign institutions. Find opportunities to apply to schools that promote football and offer talented football scholarships. As you apply to these institutions, find befitting scholarships for talented football players. This way, your institution will help you get recognised by football talent scouts and speed up the process of you becoming a professional football player in Europe.

Attend Football Development Camps in Europe

If you have recently graduated from a football school and are between the ages of 15 and 21, this is a great idea for you. You should begin visiting football development camps, particularly well-organized ones in Europe. If you can get into a football camp, prominent scouts and agents will see you play, and if your skills impress them, you could be accepted into one of the top-flight young teams. When European teams uncover a talented but inexperienced player, they often make a contract with the player.


Get a Licensed Football Agent

This method is for players who already play for a professional football team in their home country. You only need to find a middleman, also known as a Players Licensed Agent, who will represent you and assist you in obtaining invitations to trial tests with teams abroad. It is much easier if you already have professionally produced and edited video footage of the best performances in your local team. Agents can then show your video clips to clubs and convince them to invite you for tryouts. This way, you stand a chance to become a professional football player in Europe.

Build a Connection with Professional Football Players

Do not underestimate the value of relationships as an aspiring professional football player.
If you want to become a professional footballer abroad, you must connect with the right people who would introduce you to a decent club. Many of the players you’re playing with now will become well-known and may make worldwide contacts faster than you. It is best to connect with them so that when they become well-known internationally, they can assist you as well. Also, If you have contacts or social media profiles for top professional footballers from your home country, you can ask them to connect you with their agents or club scouts.

Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social media has made it possible to reach people with ease. You can promote yourself on social media by posting videos of you playing football. Ask people in your social group to share and tag the social media handles of the clubs you are targeting. You need luck here but you can’t rule out this option. It has worked for some players and may work for you too. You never know when your video will reach the right audience. If you are very talented and display your skills in the videos, chances are, there will be a buzz around it and scouts may see it. This way is great if you don’t get a chance for scouts to watch you play. After all, before you can be known, you must be seen. Therefore, use social media to promote yourself into becoming a professional football player in Europe.


Accept that becoming a professional football player is a gradual process.
You’ll keep learning, improving your talent, expanding your football knowledge, and meeting new people. It may seem like it’s taking too long but if you are consistent, you will get results. You can become a professional football player in Europe through hard work and dedication.

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