How to Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in Canada

How to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for a permanent residence card is something many people want to know. Living in Canada exposes you to various opportunities and a quality lifestyle. If you are looking on to get an invitation to apply for your permanent residence card, you’re on the right page.

ITA Canada is the desire of every applicant. So, after applying, be sure to check your mail or portal as often as you can to ensure that you start your application process if your profile meets the cut-off point of profiles in the pool.

How do I get an ITA invitation?

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Getting an ITA in the Express Entry System

If you want to know how you can get an invitation to apply, then it is safe to think that you have already gone through the process of creating a profile on the express program. The express entry program is just one of a couple of options for you to migrate to Canada. Click here to know how you can create an Express Entry profile.

Permanent residence is a major determinant of your status in Canada. There are criteria that the comprehensive ranking system use as a yardstick before people get an ITA Canada. Alongside the criteria, there are also added advantages, depending on the individual’s profile. The first step is to create an Express Entry profile, and you are just one step ahead of getting an ITA mailed to you.

In the Express Entry pool, there are four different programs, and your profile must identify one program that you can work with to add value to Canadian society. If the documents that you attach to your profile meet the requirements of that program, then your profile is sure to get into the pool of many other profiles. You are another step away from being issued an ITA.

Remember we stated earlier that your profile can be an added advantage for you? This is the case of some candidates, nominated from a territory or province. Attaching their nomination certificates adds over 600 points to your profile. So, when the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) calculator is scoring your profile, your bonus of 600 points will help you rank.


Also, if an individual’s profile is eligible for more than one program, the ITA will have such an individual apply for their permanent residence card under his preferred program from the options available. It is very important to know that you cannot apply for a permanent residence card outside the program stipulated in your invitation.

There is a 60 calendar days window for candidates to apply after their ITA has been issued. You must adhere to this timeline strictly. In your best interest, check your portal regularly to know when you are issued an ITA. If you reconsider your eligibility for the application, after your ITA is issued, you must decline the application to be immune to the timeline.

Candidates who fail to submit their Application for Permanent Residence within 60 calendar days will have to recreate another profile the next year, as the ITA will become invalid. A study on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has revealed that most ITAs are gotten via the Provincial Nominee Program. This means that being nominated by a territory or province is another certain step to getting an ITA.

Getting an ITA in the International Experience Canada system

The International Experience Canada (IEC) also invites you to apply. Just like in the Express Entry system, in IEC, you must also create a profile and your profile will be in a pool. It is after the assessment that you are then issued an ITA. The IEC program is built specifically for those who plan on staying temporarily in Canada. Here, your ITA is for a work permit and not a permanent residence card.


Some things needed in the IEC profile that differentiates it from the Express Entry program is the document to show a temporary job offer or evidence that you are a student. If you are issued a work permit, you will submit a profile, and pay fees and other necessities with your account. So, you’re creating a profile does not guarantee the issuance of a work permit.

ITA Canada

An invitation to apply (ITA) is what you get when you have submitted your profile, primarily through the express entry program. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) then access your profile and scores you with the Comprehensive Ranking System calculator. Your rank with the CRS calculator will determine whether you will receive an invitation to apply.

Your permanent residence card is very important to your living in Canada. If you are travelling out of the country, on your return, your permanent resident travel document will be required. This is why you must pay attention to every detail when expecting an invitation to apply for a permanent residence. There are documents required to process your ITA.

Remember, Canada is a bilingual country with English and French as its national language. If you have received an invitation to apply, your application must be in English or French language. If it is written in any other language other than these two, including a translation from an interpreter. Also, you must attach the original document written by you in your language.

You can either apply online or with paper documents. Whichever way you are disposed to submit your application, follow the stipulated guidelines. If your application is done online, your photos will be uploaded but if done on paper, include your photos as will be requested in an envelope. Stapling of any sort is highly discouraged.

It is preferable to carry out your application online. For online applications, you are certain of their submission, but by paper, there are certain mistakes you may make that cannot be corrected. So, if you have any constraints that will disenable you from submitting an online application, you can as well pay to use online services to guarantee the safety of your applications.

Your previous travel documents or passports you may have had over the last five years from when you are applying will be requested. Also, other identification cards and personal documents are needed for your application. If your application is not online, ensure to recheck that you do not submit any original copies of documents, as they will not be returned. In fact, after submitting the necessary documents to the closest Visa Application Centre (VAC), you will still have to mail your completed application for a permanent resident card.

The Canadian government has improved its system with IRCC. Just in case you have lived for many years in Canada without your permanent resident card, you might want to apply for it already. Now, a permanent resident card is required on every commercial trip into the country. This means that your return to Canada can be restricted if you do not have your travel document to present on a trip.

Documents for ITA Canada

It will be a great feeling to know you have been issued an Invitation to Apply. This can also mean that your profile was ranked, and you scored a high cut-off. It is important to have soft copies of each of these documents. So preferably, you might want to scan them before you submit them. You must have deduced that the IEC and Express Entry programs are systems under the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada that issue an Invitation to Apply.


One distinct difference between these systems is that while the Express Entry program issues an ITA for permanent residence, the International Experience Canada issues an ITA for a temporary permit. This means that the IEC is for students in need of internships and temporary job experiences of that sort. You need the following documents in applying for your permanent residence card or work permit.

  • Firstly, endeavor to fill out and submit your online form carefully.
  • You will also need your offer of employment letter for the work permit. Let this be ready and handy too.
  • You also need to have your bank statement. Your bank statement from your bank must have been received not more than a week before your travel date. This is important to prove that you are financially stable to stay in Canada for at least three months. The bank statement must reveal that you have at least an equivalent of CAN$2,500.
  • Medical test results. The reason for this is quite explanatory.
  • Language test result.
  • Of course, your passports are needed.
  • Police certificate is also important for applicants in IEC. Do you want to know about police certificates? Visit here.
  • Your curriculum vitae, especially for the IEC.
  • Fill out and submit a family information form to provide details of your spouse (if any) and other contact information.
  • For your work permit, you can apply for a visitor visa or use the electronic travel document that will be processed for you with your ITA.

You already know that additional points increase your chances of getting an ITA. Some people take advantage of the fact that they can have additional points based on the information their profile carries. Click here to learn more on how to increase your scores on the comprehensive ranking system calculator.

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