Jobs for international students in Poland

Students are permitted to work part-time alongside their studies in Poland. One of the ways to get a part-time work in Poland as a new student is to put yourself out there and ask questions.

In line with the new regulations of the Government of Poland, it has become simple for international students to get part-time jobs. Truthfully, international students move to far places for the sake of education. This is the interest and zeal of studies and higher education that bring them to the places where they can find a better chance.

But at the same moment, students have to manage with the expenses of their studies. In addition, students also need to follow a basic standard of living style. To deal with these problems, students require part-time jobs.

According to the new regulation, students do not need to seek for special permission. Despite that, the resident card is required to apply for a part-time job. Likewise, non-EU students are freely allowed to work within the months of July, August, and September – the summer holidays.

Following further discussion for students’ part-time jobs in Poland, there is a common misconception when seeking a job in Poland as a student; it says the individual must be able to speak Polish. This is true in some cases, however, there are many jobs that do not require Polish.

To be honest, student jobs in Poland pay just enough for the students’ living expenses and not so much for their tuition or major academic costs.

Jobs in Poland for foreign students include

Teaching Jobs

In Poland there are different types of teaching jobs available for students, you can teach in Nursery/Pre-School, Public and Private Schools. In addition, the average salary and work schedule for teachers give you plenty of opportunity to earn, live comfortably, and save while studying in Poland.

The scheduling can vary depending on which type of job you take, but for almost every academy job, you will work afternoon and evenings; a good student job option for someone studying. You can see some ideas about student tutoring jobs in Germany here; maybe it will give you a comparison idea, just for knowledge’s sake.

Jobs in Restaurants

In hotels and many other reliance service areas, like cafés, eateries etc., jobs as waiters and servers are gettable for foreign students and do not need any serious skill. These jobs sometimes do not require a high level of knowledge of Polish, individuals with just vital knowledge of the language are very employable as well.

Also, with the opening of many foreign restaurants and shops in Poland, students from such countries readily find employment in those places.

A lady making coffee as a student job

Jobs in call centresUtterers of foreign languages like English, French, German or Spanish can sweep up jobs in many companies as customer care operative or customer call centres. Poland is one of the major centre where companies do a lot of outsourcing, these jobs are only available to expert speakers of foreign languages.

Work and Travel

During summer, foreign students can apply for a program called ‘Work and Travel’. This program allows foreign students to travel to the USA and work for three to four months as a cultural exchange system.

Students journey to many major cities in the US and work in different job establishments, this program is very beneficial, and it fosters international relations.
Learn Polish and be energetic, use the internet to search and be very active in your local university community in Poland.

How to Get Jobs While Studying in Poland

Here we provide some tips to know the best ways of finding a part-time job in Poland.
1. Browse on the internet; there are a lot of opportunities through the internet you can find.
2. You can contact any senior students for this purpose. They have got much experience, and they can share with you their experience in finding a better job in Poland.
3. You have to associate yourself with the native people and take help from them. This is because they are aware of the living standard of their country.
4. Big cities like Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław are outstanding in providing students jobs. So, try to make one of these cities your target.

What advantages do a part-time job provide?

The following are the major advantages of part-time job for international students:
1. While studying in Poland, you can learn to budget skills by working part-time.
2. Part-time jobs enable you to earn money to help pay for your studies and living expenses.
3. While working part-time, you can make positive connections with employers that will help you in the future. Working with foreigners can give you an exceptional level of communication.
4. You can gain experience while studying at the same time.
5. Part-time jobs can help you and your employer build a good working relationship; an important step to a better career path in the future after your studies.

This article is of course not exhaustive, but we can continue the discussion and talk about the missing important points.

I am excited about studying in Poland soon. Are you interested in studying in Poland too? Let us get connected and prepare well to get lucrative students jobs in Poland.

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