Offbeat Courses for Students in Australia

Australia is the land of opportunity and development and has constantly deemed itself the top choice for international students who want to study abroad. Rich with different cities and cultures, Australia offers a plethora of different colleges and universities for students to choose from. Australia has become the hub for students to settle down, with various student accommodation options, pocket-friendly restaurants, and inexpensive sources of entertainment. 

With diversity in colleges and universities, Australia also offers many unique courses for students to pursue. From exploring different worlds – ancient, under the sea, technology and between the bubbles of beer, here is a list of some of the most offbeat and unusual courses available for students – 

1. Ancient World Studies

Offered by the University of Melbourne, Ancient World Studies focuses on the broad study of archaeology, culture, and literature of prehistoric Rome, Greece, and Egypt from 3000 BCE to the 4th Century CE. Under this course, you can choose from subjects like archaeology, history, and ancient languages combined with studying mythology, philosophy, society, politics, art and architecture, and material culture. 

2. Ocean Leadership 

Offered by the University of Western Australia in Perth, Ocean Leadership is a multidisciplinary course that involves science, technology, engineering, and environmental management to tackle various issues and situations involving the conservation and utilisation of the ocean and its resources. This course will give you a deeper understanding of the sectors addressing environmental issues. It is offered as a postgraduate course after specialising in a similar course/degree. 

3. Environment and Climate Emergency

Offered by Curtin University in Perth, Environment and Climate Emergency is a course that involves learning about environmental challenges caused due to climate change. You will get a chance to delve into case studies and tackle real-life issues related to the global problem of climate change. This graduate certificate course/postgraduate might need previous experience in related subjects like conservation and environmental sciences. 

4. Aboriginal Cultures and Australian Society 

Offered by the University of South Australia in Adelaide, the Aboriginal Cultures and Australian Society course aims to teach students about the developments and history of Aboriginal cultures in various political, social and cultural systems and how this social group has contributed to the history of Australia. This undergraduate course is offered to students interested in social sciences and culture. 

5. Applied Cloud Technology

Offered by La Trobe University in Melbourne, Applied Cloud Technology is a course specialising in cloud services technology, IT systems and cloud to enhance business growth and agility. Unlike other STEM degrees, this course only focuses on cloud computing and its abilities, and you get the chance to secure industry certifications to accelerate your career in cloud technology. This undergraduate course is offered for students interested in technology and cloud computing. 

6. Brewing 

Offered by the Federation University in Ballarat, the brewing course specialises in the science behind brewing and fermentation of beer. The Graduate Certificate Program is designed for food scientists and students interested in pursuing a career in brewing. You get an in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of malting and brewing. The program covers every aspect of the brewing process, with on-site workshops, tutorials and field trips based on brewing. 

7. Bachelor of Circus Arts 

Offered by the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), accredited by the Swinburne University of Technology, the Bachelor of Circus Arts is a one-of-a-kind course as it offers an intensive and experiential course and insight into contemporary Circus Arts that revolve around arts like dancing, singing, and stage performance. You will get a chance to work with circus arts practitioners and veterans. 

The vivid history and culture of Australia are the main selling point for most of these courses, given the variety of subjects and on-hand experiences you will get that are drawn from the essence of Australian culture.

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