Shopping in Poland for students

As a new student in Poland, we understand that things can be a bit different, and it might take a brief time to work out some things. We have put together relevant information that may help make the mixing into your new environment quite perfect.

Looking to shop in Poland as a foreign student? Then there are a some Polish words and expression you ought to be conversant with, and they include;
‘Ile to kosztuje ?’ which means how much does it cost in Polish.
The word ‘to’ can be exchange for the name of a product, for example;
‘Ile kosztuje woda’ which means how much is the price of water?
Other words and expression include;
‘Czy jest sukier/woda’ which means do you have (name of item) available in the store?
‘Wyprzedaź/Promocja’ which means sale or promotions
‘Otwarte/Zamkniete’ which means open or closed
‘Reklamówka’ which means shopping bags.

Popular supermarket chains that are allocated in the country include popular European names like Lidl, Carrefour, Tesco, Leclerc, and Netto. There are Polish supermarket outlets everywhere in the country, they include Społem, Groszek, Stokortka, Bierdronka, Źabka and countless supermarket already created for students and lots of foreigners.

Poland is a country where prices are lower, unlike many other countries in Europe.
Water is sold for 2 zł, Cigarettes are crucially cheaper in Poland and only costs 15 zł. Other items like Beer only costs 3 zł, 1 gram of potatoes costs 3 zł, non-alcoholic beverages cost about 3 to 5 zł.

Students can budget about €100 to €150 for shopping expenses in a month and this can be over enough to sustain them and so some students get shopping discounts at different less-priced supermarkets.

Shopping malls and native markets are additional means by which students can shop. Local markets are not expensive, but are barely available in some locations. These markets are like farmers’ markets where many good foods and meat items are sold for cheap but fresh and in good quality and quantity.

Student discounts when shopping in Poland

In Poland, students receive 50% discount on public transportation, and long-distance trains. Please make sure you have a valid student ID if you wish to benefit from a student discount, otherwise you may receive a fine.

Also, most cinemas, theatres and treasury as well as hairdressers, some restaurants, clubs and cafés offer special prices for students. To induce a reduction, your student ID should be shown to staff when making payment.

One of the primary thing all foreign students seek is where they will do food buying for reasonable prices.
In general, the prices for groceries in Poland don’t seem to be very high. The best thing is to go shopping in Lidl, which is known to be the cheapest grocery shop in Poland. For a few people, such big grocery supermarkets as Tesco and Auchan are a decent choice for locating quality products for nice prices.

Such shops as Kaufland and Biedronka even have good quality price rate. For each day shopping, it’s better to buy from local supermarkets than from the small table and shops such as Carrefour or Zabka.

In all the cities of Poland, there is a sort of restaurant, which is called “bar mleczny”. It’s a pleasant place to taste Polish typical specialties for a really low price. Therefore, if you see one, stop by, and you will never regret!

Studying in Poland comes with an excellent benefit, if you have got an ISIC card, you will be able to have discounts up to 50% on travels, hotel prices, restaurants, and pubs. Being an ISIC cardholder allows you to possess some discounts on clothes too, just search for some deals in molls or ask a store assistant. Over 5000 places in Poland offers those discounts to ISIC cardholders.

It would be a pity to come to Poland and not visit some beautiful cities and see its oofy culture. For that, it might be interesting to have the IYTC card for students aged up to 25 years old. It provides travel insurance, transports discounts, discounts on treasure and galleries’ tickets, and also educational services, together with your student card and if you are under the age of 26, you benefit from several other discounts including libraries, cinemas, and train tickets.

Being a student doesn’t mean that you just should be wearing old-fashioned clothes, mostly if you have the opportunity to buy new clothes without surpassing your budget. Within the city, you can find such brands like H&M, Zara, Cropp, House of nice quality and different style. You should seek for Polish brands too. Such brand as Reserved, for example, got modern clothing items for men and ladies for very interesting prices.

There is also a store called Pepco where you will be able to get everything you wish. Dishes, accessories, clothes, cosmetics, and lots of other affordable necessities you will be able to get there. If you are searching for excellent brands and low prices, you ought to definitely try TK MAXX and find your rare pearl.

A shopping center in Poland

For shoes, such shop as CCC and Deichmann are recommended; there you will get all sort of shoes for men and girls with very superb quality and not attractive rates.

We believe that each student, mostly ladies, are also trying to find great deals for skin and face care cosmetics. Cosmetic products in shops like Sephora or Douglas are excellent but unfortunately could also be not within the budget of students. Fortunately, there are shops named HEBE and ROSSMANN where you will get a lot of brands of makeup, creams, soaps and other products, which are at the same time of good quality and affordable.

Useful Websites for shopping in Poland

If you would like to buy anything online in Poland, you ought to use allegro. Unluckily, there is no English version for the website but because of technology and Google Translate, everything is possible. Also, do not hesitate to ask your new Polish friends to assist you! There is also another website to match the cost of items sold in internet, which is called ceneo.

Also, you can get many very good restaurants, trips, fitness, various entertainments, and plenty of others using groupon ticket. In general, prices in Poland are reasonable and students can manage them without being on the tight budget.

If you know other useful hints how and where to get the best items in Poland, comment below and let other people know about them!

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