The Easiest Countries to Get a Work Visa

Working abroad can be perceived as an effective means of developing oneself and one’s career. Seeking solace in a foreign country is a great opportunity to explore the outside world and experience the life of a global citizen. Who knows? The place you see as your comfort zone might not be the most comfortable after all.

Thanks to the digital era, the world is getting more interconnected by the day, with people seeking work outside their home country. However, getting a work visa in a foreign country could be a hassle as the easiest countries to get a work visa are relatively few. 

The process of obtaining a work visa is similar for most countries. More often than not, you will be required to land a job first, after which your employer sponsors your work visa. Still, a lot of other countries offer diverse visa options, such as digital nomad visas and visas for freelancers. This makes it easier for self-employed individuals to get a work visa, irrespective of qualifications or skills.

What is a Work Visa?

A work visa is a permit that grants you the right to be identified as a resident and worker in a foreign country other than your country of residence. The process of application usually varies with respect to your nationality and destination, and so do the conditions that need to be met.

The Easiest Countries to get a Work Visa

How Can One Apply for a Work Visa?

The most widely adopted method of getting a work visa is online applications. Once you have decided on the country to work in, information on the visa application requirements can be obtained by contacting the consulate or embassy of the said country. This can also be done online. Otherwise, your employer (if you have been offered a job) may complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. 

How Long Does a Work Visa Last?

The validity of a work visa usually ranges from five to ten years. However, this also depends on the host country and the type of job you have been offered. In most cases, work visas and your work contract often have the same duration.

In the process of getting a work visa, deciding on the host country comes with a lot of indecisiveness. Your country of choice could be the stepping stone or a major stumbling block. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t hinder you from forging ahead. Explore this list of the easiest countries to get a work visa!

The Irish Work Visa

One of the fastest ways to land a work visa to Ireland successfully is by applying via a working holiday visa. This type of work visa is only available to citizens of the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. The visa validity is 12 months except being a Canadian, as the latter allows you to stay for up to 24 hours. While there are no age restrictions attached to the Irish work visa, one of the eligibility criteria for obtaining the working holiday visa is that you have to be a student or a recent graduate. Other types of working visas available in Ireland are:

The General Employment Permit.

The Critical Skills Employment Permit.

The German Work Visa

Owing to the fact that the percentage of aged people in the population is high, Germany is suffering from a labour shortage. This makes Germany one of the easiest countries to get a work visa. As a result, immigrants are being welcomed to fill in strategic positions in the labour market. The major criterion for applying for a work visa in Germany is being skilled or having some relevant work experience. 

The Easiest Countries to get a Work Visa

Also, having a job offer in Germany isn’t compulsory, as you have the option of applying for a job seeker visa. This allows you a temporary stay in Germany while searching for a job. You can always apply for a regular work visa after securing a job. The German freelance visa option can also be explored instead for people who want to work on their own.  

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The Australian Work Visa

Luckily, Australia has put in place several work visa programs. As such, you can be certain (to a reasonable extent) to get at least one work visa. The turn-off, however, is that meeting the eligibility criteria for each one is not an easy feat. Some criteria include: 

  • being between the ages of 30 and 55 years old;
  • having a higher education;
  • exhibiting expertise in your chosen field;
  • having relevant work experience.

You also have the option of having your employer sponsor or support you for the work visa. This, of course, can only work if you have secured a job. You can apply for any of the following visa categories depending on your situation:

Australian Employer Nomination Visa 

Skilled Employer-Sponsored 494 Regional Visa 

Skilled Independent Visa

Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa

Business and Investment Visa

Work Visa in New Zealand

With a wide range of work visa options and the absence of age and language restrictions, New Zealand is no doubt one of the easiest countries to get a work visa. For citizens of other countries which have an agreement with New Zealand, it is possible to apply for a 12-month working holiday visa. Depending on your country, you can apply for a working holiday visa that has a validity of almost two years. What’s more? The friendly nature of the Kiwis coupled with the beautiful scenery is definitely a plus!

The Cambodian Work Visa

Cambodia is often referred to as a home for expats. This is due to the low cost of living, great work-life balance and the popular long-term business visa which is not only easy to get but can also be renewed indefinitely. The country also encourages freelancing, remote work and teaching. Teachers with a TEFL certificate particularly live very comfortably with an average salary of about $700—$1000 per month, which is a big deal considering the low cost of living. Thus, as a digital nomad or freelancer, you just might want to consider this location as it is very easy to connect with people of like minds and build a global network.

Easiest countries to get a work visa

The Estonian Work Visa

As far as Europe is concerned, Estonia remains one of the easiest countries to get a work visa, especially for digital nomads. The Estonian work visa allows you to live in the country for a whole year as a tourist while working remotely.

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Work Visa in South Korea

South Korea offers foreigners a type of visa known as the E2 teaching visa, which allows native English speakers to teach the English Language in Korean schools. To qualify for this visa, you must have a bachelor’s degree and also be a native of the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, and South Africa. South Korea has always been an ideal place to teach English as a foreign language, and the teachers are usually well-paid. 

One major turn-off about working in Korea however is long working hours, which remains unmatched by those of other countries.

The Dutch Work Visa

Getting a work visa in the Netherlands could be the easiest of them if you have a thriving business or futuristic business idea. One of the fastest ways to achieve this is by applying for a one-year residency visa, which can then be replaced with a self-employment visa or a regular residency visa upon expiration of the former. The one-year residency period is meant for foreigners to start a business and ensure that the business succeeds in the competitive market. For non-European citizens, a company sponsor will be required to enable working in the Netherlands. Although the cost of living there is high, the country boasts of a healthy work-life balance.

Work Visa in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a popular destination for freelancers. Migrants who enter the Czech Republic with a tourist visa will not be able to secure work afterwards. That being said, if your purpose of travelling to the Czech Republic is work-related, it is most advisable to obtain an employment visa and the best way to achieve this is to secure a job before entering the country. The “Zivno visa” is a long-term visa whose basis centres around a trade licence. As an international worker, you get the opportunity of securing jobs across various sectors: hospitality, health, food service,  information and communications technology, social work, and education.

Easiest countries to get a work visa

The Canadian Work Visa

No doubt, Canada is a very popular choice among migrants and due to the increasingly large population, Canada cannot get over new residents to form an integral part of the workforce. Thus, there are quite a number of working visa options for foreigners to explore. One of such is the Express Entry Program which assesses your skills, level of education, relevant work experience, age, training, and language skills. It is a points-based program, which you can qualify for only if you score enough points. Other options include the temporary foreign worker program and the postgraduate visa, which is meant for international students who nurture the idea of working there after their studies are over.

Easiest countries to get a work visa

Apart from the country’s focus on a good work-life balance, Canada also offers many job opportunities spanning across various sectors of the economy and as such is a great place to start a career, find short-term work or even apply for internships. 

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