Things to know before Studying in Poland

A Polish street

Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe with a very good history; a country full of life, excitement and enthusiasm, and they welcome foreigners from different places and countries across Europe, Africa, and other continents. Poland offers fantastic education at moderate tuition fees and affordable cost of living.

The country is highly favourable to every international student studying or that have studied there. Studying in Poland offers international students much more than the beauty of the country – students will benefit from the good quality of life available there too.


Poland is the eighth-largest economy in the European Union. It is up to date, very good, and offers all the social and cultural opportunities available elsewhere, but the cost of living in Poland is still much cheaper than in other counties in Europe, and international students are still gathering there.

International student can also study in public universities in Poland at a very low cost of 2,000 Euros yearly for a first degree, while fees for higher degrees and professional programs average at 3000 Euros yearly.

English language is the language of instruction in most of the universities in Poland and there are many programs, field, and courses that are all taught in English at various degree levels.

As we all know, English language is accepted almost everywhere around the world, and Poland is one international and culturally diverse society, a great per cent of the people in Poland speaks English fluently.

 Tuition in Poland is cheap and free for Polish citizens and some foreign students as well under some unique protocol. All the same, tuition is very cheap in general, the cost to study in Poland is one of the lowest in Europe.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Poland is very low, which favours all the students in the country. The general cost of living for the average student is considerably cheaper and the typical student life is exceptionally beneficial.

Most universities in Poland are free for Polish citizens and foreign students pay low amounts.

Living cost for international students varies between 350­­-550 Euros monthly. However, students can adjust their budget depending on the city or area they wish to study in.

A guitar player on the street of Poland

Student Life

International students speedily find a pleasant life in Poland, and as a student, it is very thrilling and immersive to find a good place. Polish people are very good, and they accommodate the newcomers.

Student life in Poland is like any other European experience but with a Polish style. Student clubs and congregation are very popular as they have been known to support cultural and social exchange.

Sports and fair activities are promoted in several institutions in Poland. Sports facilities in many universities are very advanced and always available to all students.

Student jobs

Students are permitted to work temporarily alongside their studies in Poland. One of the ways to find part-time jobs in Poland as a new student is to ask questions around. Students can inquire for employment in the student’s faculty or department or volunteer in one of the student associations, or work on campus.

People in a Polish bar

Post-graduate students can also get jobs as delivery boy, library assistants, translator, customer service jobs, restaurant jobs, waiter job, marketing jobs in the international division of student services or as athletes in any of the university’s sports teams.

Students in Poland can also earn up to 350 Euros in a month in those kinds of job mentioned above.

These are some important things you should know when considering studying in Poland.

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