Top Football Academy in Germany

Football is a culture in Germany.  It is a sport that drives the spirit and soul of the German faithful. Germany is known to have produced prominent football stars like Jurgen Klinsmann,  Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller, and Miroslav Klose are all well known and respected in Germany. The above-mentioned names came to the limelight as a result of the football training they received while growing up. Football academies are set up to provide football development for young people. It is a sort of football school. 

It is an open secret in football that nurturing young talents is key to the success of any football crazy country. Each country finds out what for them in terms of talent development and sticks to what works for it. 

The top ten football academies in Germany are as follows: 

IFX Soccer Academy

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The IFX soccer academy is an academy that teaches young aspiring footballers football. They pride themselves on their ability to optimally combine school and football. The academy is open to both German players and international players. The age bracket of the players in the academy is between 13 and 18. Players live in the club’s residential hostels with access to amenities. The players attend a local german high school during school hours. 

The academy has a relationship with Bundesliga clubs and players from the academy have an opportunity to attend trials and gain exposure. 

BVB Evonik Football Academy 


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The BVB Evonik Football Academy is an academy open to young people that want to take football as a career. It is open to both genders. The players train under the tutelage of BVB youth coaches trained by the BVB youth Department with the sporting concept and ideology of the Borussia Dortmund. The ideology has helped improve the football performance of these players. 

The Strobelallee training centre is just a stone’s throw from the famous Signa Iduna Park. The training centre has the necessary training facilities for the football development of young people. The Academy is famed for producing club hero Marco Reus. 

Bayern Munich Youth Academy 


The academy was opened five years ago to nurture the next generation of superstars for the record hilding Bundesliga champions. The 30 hectares campus is four times the size of Bayern’s senior team training pitch. The academy has 8 football pitches, a multi-purpose hall and a clubhouse. The academy also has a 2500 seater stadium that is open to the public. The academy is home to all your team cadres of the Bayern Munich team from the under 9 to under 21 teams of both genders. The investment made in the state of the art facility makes it one of the best in the country. The Bayern Academy has produced the likes of David, Alaba, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Muller and the zeal of the decision-makers at Bayern Munich to repeat this feat is the driving force behind the academy. 

RB Leipzig Academy

The Red Bull youth training centre is famed to be the most modern and most beautiful youth football Academy in Europe because of its facilities. Located a stone’s throw away from the Red Bull Arena, across the Elsterbecken River, the academy provides a subtle reminder to the students of what awaits them if they perform well at the academy and secure a professional contract with RB Leipzig. The Academy has scouts that scope talents from inside and outside Germany. In addition to football education, the academy also provides basic school and social skills education.

FC Koln Academy

FC Koln ply it’s trade in the German Bundelsiga. The academy is located at the heart of the city of Koln. The Academy is highly rated in Germany and only recently it was adjudged to be one of the best football academies in Germ ay by the Deutsche Fußball Liga, a feat many academies can barely boast of. The Academy prides itself on the integration of academy players into the main team. Currently, the likes of Jonas Hector, Noah Katterbach, Iso Jacobs, and Timo Horn are all regular players of the first team that emerged from the academy. FC Koln might not have a rich history like other prestigious clubs in Germany, but it sure has a path for the development of young players. 

 Fussballschule Kantenwein International Soccer program 

Fussballschule Kantenwein in Germany offers an intensive training program and boarding school. The school offers training programs for boys and girls from 12 years to 22 years. The school provides accommodation for players with access to basic amenities. The school runs throughout the years. They also offer personal coaching management in cooperation with parents, management, and FIFA agents. Players in the school get opportunities for trials with German clubs depending on the level of assessment of the coaches. The players also get the chance to attend German language clinics depending on their level of interest. If you are looking for a place to improve your football skills and ability Fussballschule Kantenwein could be the place for you. 

Hamburger SV Academy

This is the academy of Germany’s foremost club Hamburger SV. The Academy is run on the principles of established encompassing concepts and philosophy of Hamburger SV. The academy helps players grow at their own pace at an optimal level. The Under and under 21 is the link between the academy and the main team while the development of youngsters starts from the under 9 cadres.

The academy has the structure, personnel and interdependent working system that make it the best place for the development of your football skills. The Academy adheres to FIFA international standards for a football academy. 

TSG Hoffenheim


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The TSG Academy places great value on academic achievement in addition to the sporting ones. They also engage in the personality development of the Athlete. The Academy consists of three centres ( U 12 and U 13), Academy Arena ( U 17, U15 and U16) and performance certs ( U17 and U 19). TSG is an academy for German and international talents. They are in partnership with small clubs in the surrounding areas. The TSG academy made the semifinal of the UEFA Youth League in 2019 and the academy’s reputation for developing talents means it is a choice destination for anyone looking to develop his football talent.

There are other Academies in Germany that can give your football career the lift it needs to take off. Always give your best because the competition is stiff and only the person that is prepared survives.

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