Top Ten English courses to study at Bachelor level in Poland

Bachelor in International Business

This program consists of an international transaction; it is designed to give students a better understanding of how the international business operates and of the business practices required for a successful business. It is for students interested in economic, political, and social relations in the circle of the global economy, foreign trade, international business & management.

This program includes topics like business negotiations, entrepreneurship, international market analysis, international finance and accounting.

Name of school: Kraków University of Economics

The Kraków University of Economics is a top university of economics in Poland and the third-biggest university in Kraków.

It’s the biggest university in Poland in terms of students. This University was the first institution of higher education in Poland to begin studies in English in the early 1990s.

Career opportunities for International Business

Graduates are prepared to work as:

Marketing Manager; Financial analyst; Human resources manager; Executive; Management analyst; Business analyst; International marketing director.

Bachelor in Management

Bachelor in Management is an undergraduate program which gives students the knowledge and skills needed to assume a management position in a broad range of organizations.

This program helps students to get a solid foundation in organizational behaviour and human resource management.

It gives students better knowledge in a specific area of interest; like to understand how organizations work, how they are managed, and how they interact with each other.

Name of school: Gdańsk University of Technology

The Gdańsk University of Technology is among the oldest universities in Poland and currently the biggest technical university in Northern Poland. It was established in 1904, it has 9 faculties and 18 fields of study and specialization in English.

Career opportunities for Management

Graduates are prepared to work in:

National and international companies of diverse profile; Consulting companies; Project teams; Administration; NGOs.

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

This program prepares students for artistic engineering work in machine design, machine operation, and manufacturing processes.

Students will be familiar with basic methods, techniques, tools, and materials used for tackling engineering tasks in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering is one of the widest engineering education. Mechanical engineers are involved in building, developing, designing, and testing mechanical and thermic sensors and devices, including tools and engines.

Name of school: Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Wroclaw Uni Poland

Wrocław University of Science and Technology is a public university in Wrocław which was established in 1945.

Its objective is to build creative and critical personalities in students and define the direction of development in science and technology.

The education offered at this university is strongly linked with scientific research and technologies.

Bachelor of Business Management

This course focuses on all the major aspects of business and management.

A business management program can help you to learn how to interact professionally in a business environment; learn how to manage people and your finances. It also helps you gain the basic skills you need to run a business (or business unit) successfully. Business management imparts to students a better understanding of management practices, ensuring a general overview of the operations of the business and its environment.

Name of school: Wrocław University of Economics & Business

Wrocław University of Economics and Business is a top economic university of higher education in Poland.

It is a perfect centre-ground of science and research. Its activities are designed at sustaining and strengthening the position of the university on regional, national, international levels, improving competitive advantage, and shaping its image.

Career opportunities for Economics & Business

Graduates can work as Sales representative; Marketing manager; Sales manager; Management analyst.

Bachelor in Finance

Finance is a Bachelor’s degree program delivered in English.

The objective of this course is to explain the fundamentals of financial management in the humanitarian sector. Finance represent money management and the process of acquiring needed funds. It also covers the oversight, creation, and study of money, assets and liability consist of financial systems.

Name of school: Wrocław University of Economics and Business

The Wrocław University of Economics and Business is one of the top economic schools of higher education in Poland and an important crucial centre of science and research.

This university is focused on managing and strengthening the position of Education on regional, national, and international levels, and shaping its image as a modern institution.

This university is open and friendly to its employees, students, and the environment.

Career opportunities for Finance

Graduates can work as Financial advisor; Financial Manager; Financial analyst; Risk manager; Bank specialist; Real-estate appraiser

Old town city centre Poland

Bachelor in Economics

This course enables students to acquire a broad knowledge of financial, human and material resources, and the ability to analyse and interpret economic sensation and processes.

It gives students the ability to study current economic and social occurrences, also the ideal knowledge and practical base which are necessary to start and run one’s own business.

This program is based around the system of production buying and selling of goods and services.

Name of school: Polonia University

Polonia University is located in Czestochowa in the very heart of the city, circled by two parks and constitutes a unique complex with the modern building offering a friendly and inspiring learning atmosphere.

Its campus attracts domestic and foreign students and provides the necessary facilities and services needed such as accommodation, canteens, medical and social services, sports centres, pastoral care and many more.

Career opportunities for Economics

Graduates can work as Market research analyst; Financial Manager; Data analyst; Economic consultant; Economists in Polish and foreign enterprises.

Bachelor in English – Public Communication

This program offers an inclusive approach to public communication in such areas as politics, society, culture, business, management, and technology.

Students will learn to communicate excellently using various technologies and to develop their abilities to cooperate with others.

All the courses offered within the program are instructed in English by experts in communication studies, linguistics, mediated communication, and political and social sciences from the Institute of English and the Institute of Political Science.

Name of school: Opole University

Opole University is a public university in Poland. It was the first public university established after the fall of communism and the first one to host a theological faculty. The university mission encompasses both research and teaching.

Career opportunities for Public Communication

Graduates can work as Advertiser; Journalist; Publisher; Business communicator in marketing.

Bachelor in Agricultural Science.

This course is an exciting subject to explore compared to other academic courses.

Agricultural science is impressive, and it is both practical and theoretical; there are many interesting subjects in agric studies such as agricultural science, food processing, water resource management, food chemistry, etc.

Agriculture is the tomorrow of the world, without agriculture, there will be no food and no tomorrow. So by agreeing to study this course, you are contributing to the betterment of humanity.

Name of school: Warsaw university of life science

Warsaw subway

Warsaw university of life science is a top public university in Warsaw, Poland.

It is also the biggest agricultural university in Poland, which was established in 1816 in Warsaw.

Its research and teaching activities are mainly focused on issues related to agriculture, biology, food and nutrition, medicine and other disciplines that support life science.

Career opportunities for Agricultural Science

Graduates can work as Agriculture engineers; Farm manager; Agricultural food scientist; Soil and plant scientist; Agricultural engineer.

Bachelor in Geography

This program enables students to study the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and how human interact with their environment.

It is also the study of life and the description of the earth surface.

Geography is divided into two main branches:

Physical geography: Refers to the study of the earth and its natural elements such as volcanoes, earthquakes, atmosphere, climate, landscapes, and erosion.

Human geography: Refers to How we (humans) interact with the world such as Economics, tourism, population, globalization, and more.

Name of school: Jagiellonian university

Jagiellonian University is a public university, a self-governed university and the oldest institution in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe as well.

Career opportunities for Geography

Graduates can work as Town planner; Cartographer; Climatologist; Hydrologist; GIS specialist.

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