Top Ten Nightclubs in Canada for Foreigners

Canada, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, also has a well-deserved reputation for being amongst the most welcoming places on earth. The air is good, the living standards rank very high amongst other very prosperous countries, and the streets are largely safe. These are only a few of the reasons why ex-pats and migrants from just about every corner of the world find it an attractive destination. It has now become home to many unique and amazing cultures. I have curated the top ten nightclubs in Canada for foreigners to get a taste of home and meet & mingle with the locals.  As a foreigner who recently moved to Canada for study, work, or secured permanent residency, you might want to explore the delightful scenery that makes up this stunning country, but given that it is covered in snow for almost half the year, it would as well be a great idea to unwind in its nightclubs and bars. The nightlife in Canada can be described as vibrant and fun. It offers diverse avenues for nighttime enjoyment whether you wish to bar hop or settle for one spot to enjoy a drink, dance, listen to electronic music or enjoy live music jam sessions. Keep reading to discover some of the best nightclubs and bars to visit in Canada to make the most of your trip. 

1.    Ariius Nightclub

Ariius Nightclub

Ariius is an upscale nightclub located around Windsor, Ontario. Commonly described as the closest thing to Las Vegas outside Las Vegas, It is one of the largest nightclubs on this list. Covering over 10,000 square feet, it boasts over 30 private VIP areas, 3 bars, an LED ceiling on the dance floor, over 100,000 watts of sound delivery, a 16-foot LED screen, a state-of-the-art DJ booth and many more unique perks. They spare no expense where luxury is concerned. It also prides itself on exceptional customer service and quality of entertainment. Ariius nightclub is the first business to receive the Best Bar None (BBN) Ontario designation in Windsor, Ontario. This recognition speaks to their high standards of service to customers from around the world. It should certainly be one of your first stops as a foreigner if you’re after an exclusive and regal experience on one of your nights out. 

2.    Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill

Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill

If you happen to be visiting Montreal, you should definitely not miss an opportunity to check out Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill. It is a small, cosy and intimate club in the downtown area of Rue Mackay, ideally located near some of the area’s business hotels. With candle-lit tables in the sitting area, the atmosphere can almost be described as romantic. Vintage records decorate the walls to remind you why this spot is popular amongst jazz music devotees. This nightclub is legendary and largely considered one of the world’s most important jazz bars. It is recognized as one of Montreal’s best live jazz venues and it is not uncommon to find top jazz acts and local legends dropping by to perform as well as listen. It offers reasonably priced options for food and drinks and the club’s staff are gracious and make you feel at home. Upstairs is a terrific spot to take a date, hang out with friends, or just enjoy an evening of quality live music.

3.    CODA


Coda is a medium-sized nightclub for night party goers looking for a world-class experience.  Located on the corner of Bloor and Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, It has quickly grown to become one of the best nightclubs. in Canada. It is known for being a music-first nightclub. This means it places great emphasis on giving music lovers the best possible experience with top-of-the-line sound equipment that permeates the throbbing, high-tempo beats of electronica, techno and house music throughout the room. Four dance floor stacks covering 9000 square feet mean there is ample space to let loose and express yourself without unwanted contact with a stranger. Coda commonly plays host to some of the best of both underground and international electronic talent. Artist bookings span the dark tones of Nicole Moudaber to the deep sounds of Lee Burridge. Coda prides itself on being a designated safe zone with a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment, hate speech, or violence. 

4.    The Dome

The Dome, one of Halifax’s premier nightclubs, is a great option if you are seeking an exhilarating discotheque experience. It can be found on Grafton Street, Halifax. This nightclub hosts some of Halifax’s most sought-after DJs and bands and promises a very energetic night out. It is quite a large space covering about, 12000 square feet (ca. 11 a) featuring a live music stage, multiple dance rooms, a mezzanine for thrilling views of the dance floor and a DJ and a proscenium. The Dome has 4 fully stocked bars serving until 3:30 am. This legendary nightclub has been around for a very long time and continues to play host to throngs of people from around the world seeking a taste of the best of Canada’s nightlife.

5.    Cook County Salon

Cook County Salon is yet another nightclub that welcomes crowds from around the world. It’s a mellow spot located at Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, Alberta. It is a popular nightclub among country music enthusiasts and its famous stage has been graced by well-known artists like Keith Urban, and George Strait. It is a relaxed spot with a relatively smaller venue size that allows for socialising and creating unforgettable experiences with the performing artists. When there is no live music you can dance to country tunes and top 40 hits from the in-house DJ while enjoying a drink. Cook county salon has an impressive list of beverages to choose from so there is always something to fill your cup. It is one of Canada’s best country clubs so make sure to pay it a visit if you are big on that kind of music.

6.    The Piston

The Piston

The Piston is a nightclub with an intimate space where you can enjoy great live Indie music. You can find it on Bloor Street, Toronto. A lot of effort has been put into the lighting and the sound to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests. Few venues take out their time to really tune and insulate a room correctly for an amazing sound, and this is one of the hallmarks of this nightclub. You feel like you are one with music as every subtle nuance or riff pulses through you.  It has a front bar section where you can take a break from dancing, socialize, and drink in hand. The place fills up quickly and the fun and vibes continue through to the early hours. The Piston is open every single night of the week, so you have no excuse not to pop in for a great nightlife experience whenever you visit Toronto.

7.    The Drake Underground

Drake Underground

When it comes to the top nightclubs and lounges in Toronto, The Drake Underground is a well-known name. Its West Queen West outpost is a perfect and hospitable spot for travellers, neighbours, and revellers to connect and have a great time. The Drake as it is commonly called is an intimate venue that hosts local and international DJs and musicians of every genre. It is also a multifaceted performance hub for visual and performance art. Of course, food and award-winning cocktails are on offer to make the experience wholesome.

8.    Bar 244

Bar 244

In the heart of downtown Toronto’s Entertainment District, Bar244 best known for its affordable drinks is a nightclub for everyone. Normally, it’s a traditional bar where people may go for a drink with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, but on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, it switches things up and turns into a nightclub. Bar 244 has two stages, one main stage for socializing and the other for partying at full throttle. With a sizable dance floor, you can let loose to music ranging from hip hop and rock to dance anthems. Bar 244 is the best place to go on a weekend night out on a budget and still have a memorable time.

9.    Onyx Nightclub

Located in the historic 1859 building with a view of downtown Guelph, Onyx nightclub is a unique and creative space. The setup, the sound, and the ambience are nothing short of top-notch. This bar has a lot of positive reviews from nightclub goers, particularly because of how much effort the staff put into ensuring that you have a great experience. The atmosphere is calm and almost romantic, the interior is plush and stylish, and the service is excellent. They feature a variety of live acts and DJs and have a rich drinks menu to keep you amped up as you party through the night.

10. Noir Inside Rebel


Noir is one of the best-known and most sought nightclubs in Toronto.  Overlooking the Toronto skyline, this one-of-a-kind nightclub is nestled on the second floor of the Rebel Entertainment complex and at the edge of Lake Ontario. It is a luxurious nightclub featuring live music performances and DJs from around the world to create the ultimate nightlife experience. Noir provides premium drinks and cocktails, hookahs and the best of EDM, Techno and house music. This, along with theatrical lighting and video production, helps transport you into a surreal realm of excitement throughout the night.

If you are planning to move to Canada soon or just to visit as a tourist, the above-listed nightclubs are guaranteed to deliver the best taste of Canada’s high-spirited and vibrant nightlife. Their doors are open to revellers from every part of the world, provided you are not underage and stay in keeping with their stated dress code.

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    1. Gladly. About time Nigeria and I went on a break in this relationship.

      Yes, it’s really a friendly country. I’ve heard that much from family members living there.