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    If you want to study abroad and the United Kingdom is your dream location, you must be concerned about the costs. Tuition fees, housing, travel expenses, and other expenses can add up quickly when studying in a country like the United Kingdom. However, you will be relieved to learn that many universities in the United Kingdom do not charge application fees. University application fees in the UK range between £50-150, but if you apply to some universities, you may be able to save the entire money.

    Here is a list of ten universities in the United Kingdom that do not charge application fees.

    • Lancaster University: Lancaster University, sometimes known as the University of Lancaster, is an English public research university founded in 1964 in Lancaster, Lancashire. International students applying to undergraduate or postgraduate programs at this university in the United Kingdom do not have to pay an application fee.

    • University of Greenwich: The University of Greenwich is a London-based public research university. It was first established in 1981 as Woolwich Polytechnic, the UK’s second-oldest polytechnic. Business, architecture, pharmacy, education, and engineering are just a few of the degrees available at this university. You must fill out and submit an online application form through an approved in-country representative or directly to the university in order to apply.

    • University College London: In the University College London, both international and domestic students can apply to certain graduate programs without having to pay application fees.
    • University of Warwick: It is a public research university in Coventry, England, that was established in 1965 and is positioned between the West Midlands and Warwickshire. The majority of University of Warwick students live in Leamington Spa and Earlsdon areas.

    • University of Glasgow: The University of Glasgow is a public research university in Glasgow, Scotland, founded by a papal decree in 1451. This institution is one of the top ten universities in the United Kingdom.

    University of Oxford: The Institution is an English college research university with a history dating back to 1096, making it one of the world’s oldest universities.
    • University of Sheffield: The University of Sheffield has waived application costs for several master’s programs in order to promote higher education at the master’s level. As a result, it is yet another great university in the United Kingdom with no application fees. At the University of Sheffield, you can apply for any postgraduate degree course without incurring an application fee.

    University of Leeds: The University of Leeds was founded in 1874 as the Yorkshire College of Science and is a public research university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It has one of the UK’s largest single-site campuses, which is close to the city center of Leeds.

    Imperial College London: Imperial College London is another notable name on our list of universities in the United Kingdom that do not charge application fees. The college charges a flat price of £135 to apply for MSc and MRes programmes, but you can get a waiver if you can provide all of the needed documentation while filling out the application form, indicating that you are financially unable to pay the fees. Apart from that, there is no application cost for other postgraduate courses or PhD programs at Imperial College London.

    University of Cambridge: The University of Cambridge’s aim is to make a positive contribution to society via world-class education, learning, and research. They do not charge an application fee for both domestic and international students.

    I hope this post will prove to be helpful and will inspire you to apply to any of the above-listed universities.

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