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    Tosin Ayedun

    Genghis Khan is probably where your mind travels to when you hear Mongolia but there is more to this country than its infamous past ruler. Although civilization has come a long way, Mongolia still holds on to its tradition and nomadic lifestyle such tourists have to be aware of things not to do while visiting the country. The importance placed on customs does not make Mongolia any less of a beautiful country to see. It has beautiful landscapes and views that will forever be etched in your memory after a single visit. Here are two of them.

    Tsenkher Hot Springs

    These steaming springs can be found in Arkhangai Province. Soothing and described as the second hottest spring in Mongolia. The springs’ location is quite picturesque; hills and valleys encompass them. Luckily for tourists, there are various resorts that provide easier access to the springs. Also, horseback riding and hiking are other activities available at this location.

    Khongoryn Els

    Khongoryn Els is referred to as Singing Dunes by the locals because of the sound that’s produced whenever the wind blows against the sand. Khongoryn Els is an unbelievably stunning sight with almost unending miles of sand and beautiful landscapes. Its dunes are estimated to be about 300 metres high and although the sands keep shifting, hiking or camel trekking your way through it is a thrilling experience.

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