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    The President’s Scholars of Excellence at the University of Toronto The President’s Scholars of Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the top secondary school applicants for the first year of direct entrance, undergraduate studies.

    The first year of their studies will include a $10,000 entrance scholarship; the second year will include a guarantee of part-time, worthwhile employment on campus; and the final year of their time at the University of Toronto will include a guarantee of access to an international learning opportunity.

    Scholarship Summary

    Host Country: Canada

    Category: Secondary School Scholarships | Undergraduate Scholarships

    Eligible Countries: All Countries

    Reward: $10,000 | Part-time employment offer
    Deadline: Not Specified

    Scholarship Information

    The admitting Faculty may provide extra benefits; these will be made clear in the admissions letter. Outstanding secondary school students from all over the world and in the United States are automatically considered for these scholarships based on their Grade average at the time of admission. Applicants who have already attended a post-secondary institution are not eligible for consideration as President’s Scholars of Excellence.

    Only the Faculty offering the scholarship may accept it. Payment of the award is contingent upon full-time enrollment at the University in the autumn term of the award year; continuation of full-time enrollment in good standing is required for the student to retain the higher-year options associated with the award.

    Conditions for Scholarships

    In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

    • Entering UoT for the first time straight out of high school.
    • Having a Canadian study permit and enrolling at UoT as an international student (student visa). Your eligibility for the IMES may change if your citizenship status changes.
    • Show intellectual promise and great academic accomplishment, as well as an outstanding level of extracurricular and community commitment.
    • Not be selected for an International Scholars award based on merit and need.

    Scholarship Duration and Compensation

    • A first-year admission scholarship of $10,000 (non-renewable).
    • Having access to worthwhile part-time jobs on campus throughout your second year. After their first year of study, PSEP recipients will get a notice from the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx)(external link) asking them to apply for Work-Study employment with priority for PSEP beneficiaries.
    • Access to a global learning experience when you’re an undergraduate. Please be aware that this guarantee does not cover funding; nevertheless, if you can prove that you need it, financial aid might be made available.
    • The admissions department might offer extra features. For more information, please see your letter of offer.

    Method of Application

    Candidates who meet the requirements should submit an application directly to the university using the link below.

    Outstanding secondary school students from both domestic and foreign countries are automatically considered for the President’s Scholars of Excellence Program (PSEP) upon entrance (i.e. a separate application is not required).



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