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    When planning a trip, one of the things that we take into consideration is the level of safety in the area as well as how friendly the locals are in the city or nation that we will be visiting. These are the three countries in Africa that are safest to visit.


    According to a survey conducted recently, Rwanda was ranked as the sixth safest country in the world for solo travelers. Because of this, Rwanda is widely considered to be the safest country in all of Africa and the locals are very welcoming.


    There have been no major conflicts in Namibia, and the country is fairly stable. Since Namibia has a low crime rate overall and very few problems are experienced by tourists who visit the country, it is an excellent destination for anyone who are looking for secure locations to travel in Africa.


    There are very few issues that arise for the vast majority of visitors while they are in Zambia. It is widely held that Zambia is one of the safest countries in which tourists can travel on the continent of Africa due to the country’s generally stable political climate.

    PS. This is not to imply that other countries in Africa that are not featured on this list are not safe to visit.

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