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    The tech industry has been on the rise and Europe seems to be the leading continent because of the number of big tech companies that exist there including startups that are on the increase. There is a high demand for developers due to this growth.
    Salaries in Europe might look less impressive at first, but considering their lifestyle, work culture, and new experiences, the pay is not as small as it looks at all because all of these play a part in the quality of life and overall happiness of an individual.

    1. Zürich, Switzerland.
    Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country. Zurich, being the largest city is known as a global finance centre and is increasingly becoming a tech hub. It is home to several startups especially those that focus on fintech, crypto, and blockchain technology. Notable companies there include GetYourGuide, Beekeeper, Ava, and Analytics. An average full-stack developer’s salary is $152,320 while a single person’s estimated monthly cost is

    2. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
    Luxembourg is a prominent financial centre in Europe today but has an industrial history of steelworking. The tech scene is thriving as it has one of the highest levels of investments in startups in Europe. An average full-stack developer receives $63,100. A single person estimated cost is $3,092. Notable companies: Talkwalker, JobToday, Doctena. One must have a job permit or have their employer apply for them before one can get a resident permit.

    3. Oslo, Norway
    Norway is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It is known as the land of the midnight sun because certain areas of the country get 24 hours of sunlight for part of the summer. It is home to a bustling tech startup scene, due to technological innovation driven by government programs. The average salary of a full-stack developer is $62,400 with a single person’s estimated monthly cost of $3, 070. Notable companies: Telenor, Opera Software, Kahoot!, Schibsted Media.

    4. Copenhagen, Denmark
    Copenhagen is the capital and largest city in Denmark. The city is home to several billion-dollar tech companies: Zendesk, Unity, Sitecore, Tradeshift and Trustpilot. An average full-stack developer’s salary is $73,050. A single person’s estimated monthly cost is $3,090. Notable companies include: Sitecore, Momondo, SYBO Games

    5. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    Being the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is home to a third of all startup jobs in the country. Leading US technology companies like Tesla, Uber and Netflix have established their European headquarters in the city. Notable companies include Booking.com, Philips, TomTom, and BTC.com. The average full-stack developer’s salary is $63,900.

    See tech opportunities in Europe.

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