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    IT skills have been in demand and have attracted so much attention as a result of the covid 19 pandemic. This is due to its advantages even during the heat of the pandemic. As one who is interested in IT and tech, one must know what skills are in demand and how much these skills mean to their career in the field of IT and other fields that require its application. Employers have said that having IT skills is part of the requirements for any employee to be recruited.

    The following skills are 5 of the most in-demand skills for tech personnel and even those in other career fields. In no particular order.

    1. Programming
    Programming can be said to be the most in-demand skill in IT because it is an area that is needed in most areas of the field. Programming basics is a skill that is demanded even among non-tech jobs. With programming basics, you’ll be able to read other people’s code, write your simple programs and algorithms, and have a deeper understanding of an IT project lifecycle. The knowledge of programming is like building blocks which means you can learn new technologies based on your knowledge of previously learned languages. Besides, programming helps develop abstract and concept-level thinking, which is a must-have for many jobs. 5 common programming terms are C, Python, Java++ and C#.

    2. Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tech skill that has the potential to transform all manner of industries. AI-based skills are of great importance and the need for them is on the increase. The skill’s importance lies in its use to track trends and create solutions that would not always require human force. And as AI’s importance for the economy grows, so will the number of jobs involving its use and development. It is also used to improve endpoint security and safeguarding of data and devices connected to the corporate network. Given its huge potential, it’s not surprising that it is amongst the most sought-after skills by employers.

    3. Cyber Security
    The need to secure the information and infrastructure of businesses and organisations is on the rise as their reliance on computers and computerised data increases. It is therefore one of the most lucrative skills to develop for an IT career.
    The need for cyber security professionals grows as the frequency of cyber security breaches grows.

    4. UI/UX design
    UI/UX design deals with thorough research which includes an understanding of the target audience to create meaningful and easy-to-use digital products. The basics of UI/UX design are to keep up the conversation with professionals. Most marketing strategies are based on digital products like landings, websites, mobile apps, and social media.
    A user interface or experience designer is vital today because they create the user experience and design interfaces customers will enjoy using. The work profile includes collaborating with engineers and product managers to understand user requirements and work on design approaches to meet those needs. In addition, UX/UI designers are proficient in coding tools like Javascript to generate effective personalised data-based visualisations. Given its visualisation and graphic applications, the skill is also at the forefront of the metaverse, digital twins and virtual avatars.

    5. Data Science
    Data science is an interdisciplinary field of computer science, machine learning, statistics, social science, and whatever else you can think of that relates to big data, so this requires very broad knowledge about many topics.
    The value of data in the EU member states and the UK in 2020 was estimated to exceed 440 billion euros. Data science is a highly desired IT skill and consists of a mix of programming skills, machine learning, data wrangling and more. Understanding data science is not just for specialists, it’s a valuable addition to any professional toolkit in the 21st century. Data scientists work with AI engineers to create more innovations that can make life much easier.

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