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    5 Tech Jobs for Extroverts in Singapore

    Extroverts are outgoing, sociable and concerned with outer affairs. The following are some of the most common tendencies of this personality type include being sociable, outgoing, prefer oral to written communication and often have a large group of friends. The best tech jobs for extroverts require professionals to meet with clients, collaborate with other tech professionals, and make presentations to management and stakeholders. Below are some jobs extroverts would find appealing. They are:

    1. Digital Marketer

    Digital marketers manage organizations’ digital marketing campaigns. They oversee the search engine optimization strategies, social media accounts, and web and email activities.

    2. User experience (UX) Designers

    UX designers manage a digital product’s user experience side, studying user needs and designing the product’s look and feel. They test usability and the human-computer interface.

    3. Web Developers

    Web developers design and create websites for people and organizations. They maintain websites, monitor traffic, and create content when needed.

    4. Tech Recruiter

    Tech recruiters work with management to identify needs, research potential candidates, and screen applicants. Recruiters may also have a hand in creating job postings and working with candidates throughout the hiring process.

    5. Scrum Master

    Scrum masters manage IT teams and projects. They plan project details, monitor performance, and coach team members. They also resolve problems that pop up during the development.

    To find out more tech jobs suitable for extroverts in Singapore, click here

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