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    The mere passion for tech and IT is enough to open one up for the necessary knowledge to thrive in the field but the place of obtaining a university degree cannot be overemphasised. One needs to gain needed and recognised degrees to thrive through the ladder of a career in the field. Canada happens for being one of the best places to secure a degree in IT and tech due to its affordable and cheap study options. Here are some of the best IT universities

    1. University of Toronto: According to World university rankings 2021, the University of Toronto was ranked 18th, and 34th in Impact rankings 2021. Founded in 1827, the university has excelled in ideas and innovation. It has 11 areas of study for ICT for the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.

    The topics offered include computational linguistics, natural language processing game design, human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence, neural theory, cryptography, artificial intelligence and robotics. one of the achievements of the university is the development of insulin.

    2. University of British Columbia
    The University of British Columbia ranks 13th on the impact rankings in 2021. The university was formerly known as McGill University college of British Columbia. It was founded in 1908 and has launched over 1,300 research projects. It has 8 1CT courses at the degree level.

    3. University of Waterloo
    Being one of the largest universities in the world, the University of Waterloo ranks world’s top 250 in the times higher education rankings 2021 and has also produced the third woman in history to win the Nobel prize in physics. The courses offered include computing algorithms and programming, bioinformatics, networks, databases, scientific computing, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, graphics, security and software engineering. It also has 2 years of the internship included in its program for students to gain relevant work experience.

    4. University of Ottawa
    Founded in 1903, it is an affiliate of McGill University. It is the world’s largest bilingual university with 400 programs and opportunities to work in Canada.

    5. University Of Victoria
    It is a public university that was founded in 1963 and is notable in research work. It has hosted a lot of leading research institutes and offers more than 120 undergraduate programs and 160 graduate programs with students taking minor programs alongside their degree programs.

    See schools in Canada that offer IT courses here.

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