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    Taofikat Oduola

    Employer: Blue Bird Body Company

    Job Position: Data Entry Clerk

    Job Type: Contract (6 – 12 months)

    Work Hours: Full Time

    Salary: Not specified

    Location: United States of America

    About the Employer

    The employing agency, Blue Bird is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer which aims at providing a dicrimination-free or harassment-free environment for all its employees. Their ability to respect, celebrate, encourage and embrace each employee’s unique perspective has formed the basis of their winning culture. At Blue Bird, employment decisions are strictly dependent on business needs, applicant’s qualifications and job requirements, irrespective of applicant’s race, colour, nationality, sex or religion. Applications are accepted from all and sundry including expecting mothers, the young & old, the disabled, single & married as well as other status protected by the laws or regulations of our work locations.

    Job Requirements

    • Adequate experience of 1 – 3 in Accounts

    • Candidates for this position must be legally authorized to work in the United States. By implication, the applicant must be a Green card holder or possess a US working visa.

    Job Roles/Responsibilities

    The Data Entry Clerk will be responsible for the following:

    • inputting data;

    • making changes to existing data figures in digital databases;

    • inputting data from paper documents into digital spreadsheets;

    • updating order statuses for customers;

    • double-checking their work to make sure they inputted data correctly.

    • Create spreadsheets to track important customer information and orders;

    • Transfer data from hard copy to a digital database;

    • Update customer information in a database;

    • Organize existing data in a spreadsheet;

    • Verify outdated data and make any necessary changes to records.

    Job Benefit

    • The job is a contract which means you will be placed on a stable salary for the specified period of time.

    Click here to apply.

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