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    Taofikat Oduola

    Employer: Abbey Road Programs

    Job Position: Summer Group Leaders

    Job Type: Contract (2 – 4 weeks)

    Work Hours: Full Time

    Salary: Not specified

    Location: Italy

    About the Employer

    Abbey Road is a voluntary organization which organizes summer study abroad programs for American and international teenagers. The programs are usually slated for the month of July in various locations across Western Europe, Canada, and the United States.

    Abbey Road needs strong and experienced Group Leaders to oversee the overall operation of the program, manage the staff and serve as the primary liaison with the parents, the local partner school, and local host families in Florence, Italy.

    Job Requirements

    • Fluency in Italian.

    • 3+ years of experience in teaching or administering educational programs.

    • 1+ years experience in leading educational travel programs for teenage students, such as study abroad or summer programs.

    • Demonstrated ability to manage and lead a team.

    Job Roles/Responsibilities

    • Direct the planning, coordination, and execution of the program, including academic, recreational, social components as well as student safety.

    • Oversee the entire academic process.

    • Act as primary liaison with the local partner school and local host family (if applicable).

    • Work closely with instructors to monitor the overall academic process and student progress. Directors are responsible for conducting student observations and student evaluations.

    Job Benefits

    • Accommodation.

    • All-expense paid travels.

    • Attractive salary.

    Apply here.

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