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    African Grocery Stores in Finland

    So, being a new arrival in Finland, one of the most challenging things is getting what to eat, another is getting to eat what you feel like eating. Often times as a newbie, it’s no longer news that there is this need to satisfy one’s cravings and being an African, particularly a Nigerian, some foods might just seem like a dream because unlike one’s native land, where such foods are found and can be bought easily, being able to buy such good items or eating such food might seem like an impossible mission.

    African restaurants find it difficult to get a foothold in Finland. Even though food from African countries is often tipped to be the next fashion after Asian cuisine.In most countries, it is legal to bring at least some types of food over the border. But there often at least some restrictions. Most commonly, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat are banned. Also included a lot of the time are fish, seeds, and grains. Non-perishable processed foods are more likely to be allowed unlike the perishable food items.

    However, I bring you good news, apart from being able to satisfy your cravings at nearby African restaurants, you can also get your groceries quite easily as well.

    If you are in Finland, you might want to check out these grocery stores:

    – Mini Ethio Market

    – Solu Afro Asian Market

    – Afro & Asian Market ABI

    – Afro & Asia Food Shop

    – Maharaja Afro Asian Market

    Click here to discover more amazing African local stores, as well as their opening and closing hours.

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