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    Isabella Aghogu

    An internship can be a great opportunity to further, change or begin a career. While this is true, some employers only accept interns who are part of an educational program. If this is your reality, there are other alternatives that can give a similar experience.

    Temping: Temporary workers, also known as temp workers, work for a staffing agency that places them with a company for a set length of time. Temps may fill in for missing permanent staff, help with a specialized project during a busy season, or replace a short-term position. It can sometimes lead to a permanent position.

    Volunteering: Volunteering can help you build a network in a new industry, improve your transferrable skills, and connect you with mentors who may be able to offer you a long-term position in your desired field.

    Apprenticeship: An apprenticeship can provide you with on-the-job training, additional education in your target field and consistent income while you’re gaining new skills.

    Fellowship: A fellowship is a training program in which individuals conduct research and develop skills for use in the workplace.

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