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    Au Pair Host Family Requirements

    Host family applicants who join the Au Pair in America program must:

    • live in one of the 180 “cluster” areas in the United States serviced by a Community Counselor.
    • provide an appropriate private room and three meals a day for the au pair
    • be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents fluent in spoken English
    • adhere to the program’s Host Family Agreement, which specifies that the host family:
      • limit child care to a maximum of 45 hours per week if participating in the standard au pair or Extraordinaire programs; 30 hours per week for the EduCare program. The scheduled hours may not exceed 10 hours per day or extend over more than five and a half days. At least one day off is to include the Sabbath if requested.
      • pay a weekly stipend based on the program option selected
      • give the au pair or companion one complete weekend off each month (Friday evening to Monday morning)
      • facilitate your care provider’s requirement to enroll in and attend an accredited post-secondary institution to fulfill her educational component requirement.
      • provide a minimum of two weeks paid vacation for each 12 month exchange term (prorated for extension periods of 6 months), in addition to regular weekly/monthly time off.
      • include the au pair or companion whenever possible in family meals, outings, holidays and other events
      • provide one-way transportation from orientation to the host family’s home
      • provide automobile coverage for the au pair/companion if she is driving your vehicle(s) and list her as an operator on your insurance policy to be fully protected
      • encourage the au pair/companion to return to her home country at the end of her 12-month visa term or, in the event she is authorized to remain for an extension period, at the conclusion of that period. Agree not to support her sponsorship for another visa status before her return to her home country
      • provide the opportunity (and transportation) for the au pair/companion to attend regular monthly “cluster” meetings with the Community Counselor
      • participate in an annual host family workshop planned by your Community Counselor
      • maintain monthly contact with the Community Counselor
      • have one or both parents or other responsible adult remain home during the first three days after the au pair or companion’s arrival to help train and acclimate her to child care responsibilities, the home and community
      • never leave an au pair in sole charge of a child under three months of age
      • sign an agreement with the au pair/companion upon her arrival

    For more details, check https://www.aupair.com

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