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    There are different visa options available to international students to study in the United States. The type of education you seek in the United States determines the type of visa you can apply for. The different types of student visas available are F-1 Student Visa, M-1 Student Visa, and J Exchange Visa.

    The F-1 Student Visa is for international students to study at accredited US colleges or universities or to study English at an English institute. The M-1 Student Visa is for international students who are interested in vocational study or non-academic training in the United States. The J Exchange Visa is for international students in exchange programs, high schools, and universities study.

    An international student interested in obtaining any of these visas must have applied and been accepted by any higher institutions of learning certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Programme (SEVP). These schools that SEVP accredits will issue you forms that you will fill out and present while applying for the type of visa you need.

    Other application items you need to present in the process of obtaining a visa are:

    1. A non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) Form.

    2. A valid passport of at least six months validity.

    3. One 5cm by 5cm passport photograph.

    4. A receipt showing payment of $160 non-refundable non-immigration visa application processing fee.

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