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    Au pair activities require standard professional training. There are series of assignment that you will have to encounter as an au pair, you need to be well trained, and not just depend on your own knowledge to deliver and discharge your duties very well.

    As an au pair, you are responsible for looking after someone else’s children. This is a serious responsibility, and should not be taken lightly. When you complete an au pair training course, you will learn about the fundamental principles of childcare, including:

    • How to care for children
    • How to stimulate childhood development
    • Childhood nutrition
    • Health and safety in the context of childcare

    Without this training, you might not:

    • Know how to communicate and interact with a child at his or her level.
    • Know how to facilitate childhood development through play.
    • Know how to react in an emergency situation involving the child under your care.
    • Know how to make a child feel safe and secure in your presence.
    • Know how to create a safe and healthy home environment for the child under your care.

    Host families, parents etc are always excited, comfortable and convenient when their au pairs are professionally trained. In other words, they feel safe in their hands.

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