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    Software engineers are responsible for the development and general maintenance of software.

    They ensure that a software product does not go over the budget, does not exceed the given timeline and has the required quality. The following skills are required of a software engineer: Programming, Problem-solving skills, Learning agility, Time management, Leadership skills, Cloud architecture, and Data analytics and management.

    The average pay of a software engineer in Asia is $98,169 per year with an average of $17,561 as additional pay. This sums up to $115.730 as their average total package per year. Additional pay could include cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit-sharing.

    In Asia, one can get jobs as a software engineer in some countries depending on which of the following factors matters most to them: internet speed, security, cost of living, quality of living, health care, etc. These countries include Soth Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, etc.

    Putting all the factors into consideration, Singapore and Japan are the best countries in the continent for software engineers to find a job.


    Singapore is a sunny, tropical island in Southeast Asia. As a software engineer, one can be assured of great access to an internet connection because the country has the fastest internet speed of 60.39 megabits per second. It is one of the countries with low overall crime rates and can have a high cost of living.


    The Japanese territory is located in the region called Northeast Asia or East Asia. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, and the East China Sea. In Japan, software engineering is one of the best-paid jobs. Beyond that, the level of crime is low and there is quality healthcare provision alongside a professional working environment.

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