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    Web development deals with developing new websites and applications. It ranges from developing a simple page of static plain text to complex when applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. They are responsible for designing and upgrading websites and applications with the use of web technologies and many programming languages. Some of the skills to master to become a professional web developer are Analytical Skills, communication and Interpersonal skills, JavaScript Skills, and HTML/ CSS skills.

    While web developers can find jobs anywhere, several countries offer the best packages to them.

    1. the United States. Web developers in the USA receive an average salary of $73,760. They are therefore considered the highest paying professionals in the world.

    2. Germany. Germany offers an average salary of £41, 010 per year. They are well treated and are known for their credibility. After the USA, Germany comes into the picture in the payment and management of web developers. One must be well-skilled to secure a job in Germany as a when developer.

    3. Switzerland. Finding a job in Switzerland is not easy but they pay their workers very well with an average of $63, 546 per year. To build a career in web development, one has to begin as a junior software engineer with an annual salary of 100, 000 CHF.

    4. Australia. Depending on the skills and experience of an individual, the average web developer in Australia receives $60,290 per year. They ensure that the internet has specific functions.

    5. Denmark. Here, web developers are paid based on their experience and expertise. An early start up web developer with less than 2years of experience earns up to150, 052kr. The average sales are 343,817kr per year.

    6. India. They happen to be one of the highest paying countries for web developers with startups receiving RS 1,17500 and the experienced can get RS 8,50,000. Based on location, skills and experience, the average annual salary of a web developer in India is RS 300,000.

    7. Indonesia. Here, they have an average annual salary of RP 57567936 for web developers alongside other benefits of housing, transport, health, etc.

    8. Egypt. One’s experience is also put into consideration in Egypt. The average salary of a web developer is EG6,200.

    9. Kenya. Kenya pays a base salary of Ksh305,209 on 15 salaries. Employment is also based on experience and professionalism.

    10. Argentina. Web developers in Argentina are paid an average salary of ARS72, 789 per month. This comes with bonuses like life insurance, transportation, accommodation, etc.

    See opportunities for web developers abroad.

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