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    Actually, there are many topnotch European countries where you can work as a nurse. Today, I’ll be focusing on Netherlands and Germany. These countries are very good when it comes to working as a professional nurse.

    1. Netherlands: Nurses in Netherlands are always very lucky as the country provides health workers with so many opportunities and benefits. To thrive well in Netherlands as nurse, you need to make a research on the requirements before you can be a nurse and be more acquainted with their modus operandis. I’m pleased to let you know that Netherlands does not support racism, so, you don’t have to be scared of being rejected or ostracized as a foreign nurse

    2. Germany: Germany is definitely not a bad option for applicants who are in need of nursing jobs. There are so many vacancies for nursing positions in Germany with beautiful opportunities, just like Netherlands. Furthermore, nurses stand the chance to enjoy conducive working atmosphere and blissful stay while in Germany. Also, attractive renumeration is not left out!

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