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    Victor Omotosho

    Anyone can use a camera, though there is a fine line between an average photo and the iconic photographs we see in galleries and museums around the world. From stunning landscapes to busy cities and raw nature, every opportunity to shoot photography is special. Those studying photography already know this and that’s why studying photography abroad is a great opportunity.

    Studying for a photography degree is ideal for students who already have a passion for the subject but want to work on their technique, experience and career prospects. Universities are well connected, so it can also be a useful way to make contacts in the industry.

    Photography is a rapidly growing field that includes event photography, portraiture, artistic photography, photojournalism, and advertising. Some of the best photographic instruction comes from schools in the countries of Europe, and a degree in photography can be an amazing tool in job searching for photography careers.

    And as an international student, whether studying photography or any other course in Europe, you should be able to capture the best destinations vacation in Europe during your relaxation and visit to Europes beautiful recreational and tourist sites.

    One major benefit of studying photography abroad in Europe is the facilities, equipment and exposure you will have access to during your study experience

    • Royal College of Art – UK
    • Vevey School of Photography – Switzerland
    • Köln International School of Design – Germany
    • European Academy of Fine Arts – Germany
    • Rodchenko School of Photography and Multi Media – Russia
    • Academy of Fine Arts, Munich – Germany
    • Gerrit Rietveld Academie – Netherlands
    • Istituto Europeo di Design – Italyversity
    • Spéos Paris Photographic Institute – France

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