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    Victor Omotosho

    France is the ideal country for finding decent universities and earning scientific degrees not only for becoming a nurse but for many other professions. The list of reasons why France is the number one choice among international students has to do with the educational system. Click here to see some of the top Nursing schools in the UK

    As a European country renowned for its culture and progress of many branches of study, it doesn’t restrict international students to studying only in French language.

    For international students pursuing higher education, France is a popular choice. The low cost of tuition at public institutions in France makes it highly attractive and some of the higher education is financed by the French government, which makes it one of the reasons behind this. France has a large number of high-quality public universities, which means that local and international students can pay lower tuition rates than in other nations.

    Here are some universities to consider when planing your Nursing study journey in France.

    • Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University
    • IFSI Diaconesses de Reuilly
    • Institut de Formation Interhospitalier Théodore Simon (IFITS)
    • Aix-Marseille University
    • Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique School of Public Health
    • Sorbonne Université
    • Universite de Paris

    The nursing profession offers a diverse range of specializations, a flexible work schedule, and, most importantly, a lucrative wage. Therefore, begin your journey toward becoming a nurse today.

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