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    The UK offers opportunities for international students to do internships as long as it does not take more than a third of their studies. However, part-time postgraduate students and those studying below degree level courses are not allowed to do internships. While it is easier to find an unpaid internship, one can still get a hold of paid internships.
    While there are many sites where one can gain access to available internship positions, one must be careful not to visit pages that are not valid. The following are the best sites to check for an internship opening in the UK.

    Social Media: Most, if not all big companies have a social media presence. One can leverage this to apply for a placement.

    LinkedIn. There are several pages and groups on LinkedIn that post-internship options regularly. This is a very good platform.

    Internship Portals: There are several internship portals in the UK where students can find and apply for internships. Some of the portals are student Circus, Milk round, TARGET Jobs: E4S, and Rate My Placement.

    Government Website: The official UK council government website posts full-time jobs, part-time jobs, paid internships, apprenticeships, etc., for the students. One can easily find and apply for internships in the UK for international students there.

    University: All universities and colleges in the UK have a placement cell. They can always suggest and help students with resources and documents.

    Company Websites: Students can directly check the company website and apply for paid or unpaid internships.

    Use your Network: If you have a connection in the United Kingdom, family or friends, use them to see how they can help you find an internship.

    Abroad Internship: Here are some organizations that help international students find internships in the UK: AIESEC UK, and Absolute Internship.

    The Intern Group, Beyond Academy, BUNAC, Placement Year International, City Internships, CRCC Asia.

    See opportunities here.

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