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    Isabella Aghogu

    If you’ve been looking at tech and considering a career change, this post is for you. It’s part of a series on “how to break into the tech industry” with little to no experience. You should check out steps 1 and step 2 on this series of breaking into tech with zero experience

    Step 3: Revamp (or start) your LinkedIn profile to fit your new direction

    To get the attention of recruiters, you don’t have to be an expert. You just need to position yourself well to look like a good hire.

    Prune and refine your experience and make it sound as applicable as possible to the new industry by focusing on transferable skills. Add any new skills or courses, volunteering, etc. Remove any jargon from your previous industry if it might confuse tech recruiters/employers.

    Step 4: Do an internship to get relevant experience

    The way you’d land a big job is by collecting smaller pieces of experience to demonstrate your skills. You don’t need to have a relevant career or full-time job on your resume; a short-term or part-time internship looks good too.

    Remember that there are adult internships out there and you don’t need to be in college to get an internship.

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