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    Isabella Aghogu

    If you’ve been looking at tech and considering a career change, this post is for you. It’s part of a series on “how to break into the tech industry” with little to no experience. You should check out this previous series on breaking into tech with zero experience

    Step five: Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

    The function of volunteering is similar to an internship, but opportunities will be unpaid and typically have fewer hours. However, you can do it on the side (like on weekends) to help ease into your tech transition by building experience and your portfolio.

    Try to volunteer in a way that aligns with your future goals. What industry are you interested in beyond just “tech”? Do you want to work for a software startup? In the FinTech industry? At the intersection of fashion and technology? Look for volunteer opportunities in that specific space. It could be at a nonprofit or any type of business.

    You could also ask your friends or family if they need tech help (e.g., building a website), or know someone who does. Now you have something in your portfolio you can use to start landing web dev gigs for other companies.

    Step six: Start a side gig

    There are benefits to tech gigs; You can make money, try out different types of jobs before you commit to a career track.

    If possible, you want to go after side gigs that align with your past experience (skills and industry) because it makes it faster and easier to land something.

    Remember to tell me in the comments how this information is helping with your transition!

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