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    Isabella Aghogu

    This is the final part of this series for people looking at tech and considering a career change.

    I don’t believe that there are any limitations and I absolutely believe that it is possible to “break into tech with zero to little experience. You should check out this previous series on breaking into tech with zero experience

    Step seven: Attend a coding bootcamp.

    You can definitely forge your own path but a coding bootcamp offers structure, support, and a much faster path from A to B. If you’re confident in the direction you want to take in tech, attending a bootcamp could be a smart move to level up your skills and land job placements.

    If you don’t think you can afford it, consider applying for one of the scholarships Flatiron School offers to students from diverse backgrounds and merit-based applicants.

    Take online courses in your spare time to try it out before committing to a bootcamp OR do an online bootcamp alongside your job.

    Step eight: Network

    Make use of your background by reconnecting with the contacts you developed in the industry. So if you’ve previously worked as a teacher, seek out the educators who are innovating in tech or go to EdTech-specific conferences. Look up your old colleagues on LinkedIn and see if any of them are working at companies that are hiring or if they can introduce you to someone on the tech side of what they do.

    I hope this series has been able to help you seriously begin to make sense of your inclinations towards tech and maybe take a bold step into making it a full time career with zero experience. Don’t forget to drop comments to let me know what you think!

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